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PC vs PC Gameplay Set-Up w/ Sliders

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This is to observe games only (not play) at the MLB level (not MiLB).   See downloads section for file.


How to set up rosters on your own for PC v PC play:  I discovered that no matter what pitching sliders were used, PC batters were just too strong and outcomes were producing consistently inflated scores.  Therefore, dumbing down the batters' attributes is necessary.  To set up your own rosters for PC to PC play:

  • Import roster to MVPedit
  • Choose Global Edit
  • Choose all ML teams (if you choose all teams, this will edit both the MLB teams and the Futures teams which are cloned players and will double edit those players)
  • In the "Modify" area, start with "Contact vs. L" and change the "Op" to "Percent".  Put (-33) in the "Value" area:




  • Do the same thing for Power vs. L, Contact vs R and Power vs. R.; go back to the rosters and you will notice significant difference for your batting attributes.  But that's okay.  For this mode, it's essential to get good results.  The PC teams will still get hits, including HRs.
  • Export roster to preferred folder or area on your computer and then place in the data > database folder to set as the default rosters for your game.
  • If you choose to, save the roster within the MVP game, something like PCvsPC.  Then you can swap your usual gameplaying rosters back in, but load these whenever you want to watch a PC vs. PC game.  That's it!


To play:  Place both teams you wish to observe on the MVP level (human controllers).  Advance to game.  Pause. Choose preferred camera angle.  Change both controllers to CPU.  Resume game.


Here is the modified slider set:

ADDENDUM:  updated 03/19/19 (changes in red)

( Place both teams on MVP Level):


Pitch Speed: 50
CPU Pitcher Ball Rate: -35
CPU Pitcher Fatigue: 3
CPU Pitch Control: -25
Bullpen Fatigue Rate: -50
Bullpen Fatigue Grace: 50

CPU Batting Contact: -43
CPU Batting Power: -30
CPU Bunting Ability: 5
CPU Foul Ball Frequency: 50

CPU Swing Frequency: -38

CPU OF Speed: -3
CPU IF Speed: -5
CPU Throw Speed: -2
CPU Throw Accuracy: -12
CPU Catch Errors: 27
CPU Catch Effort: 27

CPU Baserunning Speed: -5
CPU Runner Aggression: -25
CPU Runner Steal Speed: -6
CPU Runner Steal Delay: -25
CPU Steal Rate: 0

Runner Injury Frequency: 5
Pitcher Injury Frequency: 4
Batter Injury Frequency: 8
Fielder Injury Frequency: 11

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What exactly are you waiting for?  Sliders are subjective with any sports game.  You try them out and tweak them to your own liking/satisfaction.

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Sliders slightly updated (defense only).  Instructions added on how to set up your own rosters for PC vs PC play.

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Sliders updated.   Seems to help reduce the excessive no. of walks.  Sample box score attached here.



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Liking these sliders better.  Forgot to mention that the power and contact number for the batters was reduced by 30% instead of 33% this time around.  This in combination with the slider changes seems to be producing better results (especially less walks overall).  Attached a 2nd test here.... this also shows how the best of pitchers can be knocked around!



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Test #3 is convincing me this is the better combination of roster tweak and sliders.  Game included this beautiful robbing of a HR by Kepler.  (Man, wish wall climb would work for the human player)





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