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  1. If you are able to could you upload one with the default schedule or could you do that for this one. The new schedule just isn't good for those who like to play more then 1 season if not thanks for your work anyway. It's a good job.
  2. I was wondering if it was possible for Wudi to upload his GREAT roster here but with the schedule that comes on the game since it messes my game up with the custom schedule after year 1 Doesn't have to be a whole new roster I would love just the one here http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7672 Thanks
  3. No not using beyondo or you could use this program http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7908 It will only effect the MLB 2k12 and you don't have to do it everytime you start up your game it's what I use
  4. Sounds great to me you do great work so even not perfect work by you is better then what comes with the game. Keep up the great work man
  5. gotribematt

    2013 Schedule

    http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=54860&page=2 Go to post 28 and download the Rar file in there It will have the schedule and rosters
  6. Is it possible at all to get this added to the game I think it would be great nothing special just the basic scoreboard
  7. Everytime I pitch after an odd inning the game crashes and shuts itself off. Anyone ever have anything like this the even numbered innings it works great but the odd I can't get the last out I have to simulate it to get through any tips or way to fix this??????????????
  8. Been waiting for these GREAT Work man
  9. Thanks for your work you do a great job really looking forward to the new parks
  10. I had the same thing I thought my old computer had finally reached its limit but then I updated the driver on my video card and it fixed the problem maybe try that. It couldn't hurt
  11. You may be ok I think what got me was when I first download the game from Amazon something went wrong on there server or something and when I went to install the game something went wrong and I had to install it again. That's the only reason 2k eventually gave me anther key that turned out not to be a working one either. After that I just said to hell with it and got a crack. If this is the first time you would change computers and have to use your key again you should be fine Otherwise I'm just as happy playing it after i got the crack and the forget beyondo tool I got on here
  12. The only thing I could do was get a crack for the game to be able to play. Neither Amazon or 2k were very helpful at all. 2k did give me anther cd key but when I tried to put it in it said that was not a vaild cd key and they refused to give me anther even though I gave them proof that's what it said from a screen capture. If it hadn't been a year after I bought the game I would have demanded my money back. But oh well. I found a way to get it running again I'm happy
  13. Never mind I found the instructions on how to make uniforms THANKS to the great modders on here
  14. I have been playing around with Jerseys I have found out how to change the color of undershirts and the such with the roster editor but what do I use to change the main color on the jerseys? For example I was going to make a dark blue jersey with the pinstrips for the Yankees if any of the modders can give me a program that would let me change this if it's possible that would be great Thanks
  15. I have tinkered with Jerseys on NBA 2k in the past and would like to on mlb 2k should I use the same programs? If not can some list the programs i should use.
  16. They were I think 2k exaggerated it a tad but on the game to me they just look bad. Maybe that's just me LOL
  17. Is it possible to make a whiter version of these to me the current ones on the game look a little well pissed color. if someone could make a jersey more like this for them I think that would be the last touch to this game. IF not thanks to all the great modders out there you guys do great work. I love that I pretty much have 2k13 on pc. Thanks a bunch guys
  18. OK so April 2012 I bought MLB 2k12 from the Amazon download center. A few days ago the motherboard of my old PC went out and I had to get anther PC. I downloaded the game again and installed it but when I went to put in the serial key it tells me its no longer valid I contacted Amazon they told me I would have to contact 2k, So I contacted 2k they told me I need to go through Amazon. Any suggestions on what to do now? Just thought maybe someone could think of something that I haven't any help would be nice. Thanks
  19. Get Kccitystar's indians jerseys it's on there
  20. I downloaded the Fictional Rays stadium and I love it any chance someone can edit more parks for other teams. I would at least love to have the AL central Thanks in advance if anyone could
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