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  1. hin_kiagami

    Scoreboard Overlay+status in game

    guys, i remember this mod here on mvpmods this overlay and status in game, but i cant find can someone send me? if you have it
  2. hin_kiagami


    What is? I was curious now
  3. hin_kiagami


    release day?!
  4. hin_kiagami

    Need some tips on hitting Home Runs

    just up power slide for user. I use 35 for user slide
  5. hin_kiagami


    somenthing like this?
  6. hin_kiagami


    guys, sorry ask this here. I just want to know, its possible to activate inside edge for all times? i try do manually, but the times dont have money enough. Using franchise from bsunfan all time start with inside edge, but in final season you need put back for all times again. :/ sorry for my english
  7. hin_kiagami

    2015 Chicago Cubs CyberFaces

  8. hin_kiagami

    Javier Baez Cyberface

  9. hin_kiagami

    Enhanced crowd sounds

  10. hin_kiagami

    Wrigley Field 100 Years