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  1. jemyers1975

    Fielding camera

    Awesome thank you very much.
  2. jemyers1975

    Fielding camera

    hello everyone, I hope this hasn't been answered yet if so I am sorry. My question is what are the parameters for fielding camera such as the x,y,z, point of view ect. If anyone knows these could you please share the info. The batter and pitching views I understand just not the fielding cams. Thank you all very much.
  3. jemyers1975

    3 players Giants 2014

  4. jemyers1975


  5. jemyers1975

    Fox Sports Ohio Overlay

  6. jemyers1975

    Will MVP 2005 work on Windows 8?

    I have windows 8 on my system and I haven't had hardly any problems, the only thing I cant figure out is I cant get it to fit my full screen now any ideas?
  7. jemyers1975

    Mvpmods Subscriptions

    Id like to join the lifetime subscription but it wont let me pick payment options to go to the next screen it says error pick the radio to pick plan and i dont see a radio