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  1. I'm late to the party lol .. many thanks for the post Y4L. To the community this game really gave me hours of joy modding & playing and it always makes me smile to see this game and mvpmods alive and well .. A few guys from the Xbox scene I'd liked to mention that I had the pleasure of modding with Gordo, bryan_hayeszo & Hollywood165561. And a guy I never got a chance to work with, and really wish I could have, but he was legendary for us modded console guys "themewin". With the new season upon us I think I might hook up the old mod box and take a trip down memory lane Thanks again guys !!!!!
  2. Been a while since I stopped by .. I'm glad to see this post revived. The fact that this community is still going says a lot about this game and the community behind it. Keep it up guys long live MVP!!!
  3. Following up on daflyboys answer the first thing you have to determine is where the game is stored normally it's either your F or G drive; what type of dashboard are you using? I have UnleashX on mine, so assuming you have the same go to file explorer in menu and check which drive the game is stored on it should be titled "MVP Baseball 2005". If you don't use UnleashX check the drives using your FTP program. From there whatever mod you're installing should have a read me file to tell you exactly which subfolder you have to import the modded files into. Just remember to backup the stock file before you mod it. Hope this helps.
  4. Hey Bryan I've attached the three files I found dealing with audio, the txt doc walk up replacer might have what you're looking for & there's a;so some line codes and batch file discussion in the readme(s) in the rar files. Hope this helps, if you need anything else just hit me up 462_NHL07AsfStudio.rar sx_asf_to_wav.zip read me_walk music replacer.txt
  5. Man good to see you back, I still use your xbox mods to this day. I think I have the string cmd on my other computer I'll look and see.
  6. Y4L this is really another great post you've created a truly enjoyable read. It's really great to get some background on these modders and this site in general.
  7. Well this is definitely bad to hear . . . hope dude is back soon. As far as this site being dead it obviously doesn't have the traffic and conversations of the past but there are still a few of us around. I try to visit as much as possible, never was much of a poster but I have truly enjoyed the people and mods from this site. (Wow that last sentenced sounded like a eulogy statement). Anyways, quick random thought . . . This World Series was, and really this September and Playoffs, truly amazing some really great classic games. I think I can safely say Game 6 will go down as one of the greatest games of all time, and is definitely one of the new classics for this new era of baseball. Staying with that "New Era" theme what "DJEagles" said as far as this site has me thinking, as old as MVP is the few of us that are still actively around are still finding a uniqueness to MVP that is still lacking in the current available Baseball games on the market. Now, I'm an old school gamer my first home console was an "Magnavox Odyssey2" so for me a game has to be more than some pretty images to be considered the best, because I've seen and played 'em all. Now this is just my opinion, but while this generation of "sports games" have been some of the most beautiful I've ever seen they also have been unquestionably lacking in gameplay feel, except for NBA 2k11 and 2k12. So with that said, I think I can safely see myself modding and tweaking MVP at least throughout the duration of this console generation and maybe even the next.
  8. Ok people, still no Y4L, so I'll drop some random thoughts for another week ... After a crucial error in game 2 and no post game interviews Pujols pulls a Mr. October in Game 3 this is why I love baseball ... What a college football weekend; both Wisconsin & Oklahoma got knocked off, the new BCS rankings should get real interesting ... So in the NFL today a lot of new Qbs are taking the snap, but I want to focus on what's happening in Miami, I think it's pretty sad that the Dolphin's ownership is basically making it "Tebow Day" I really hope new ownership takes over this team soon ... This one is for Y4L, so the Raiders traded for Carson Palmer and many are saying he could be the next Jim Plunkett I'm not quite sure of this move it seems more video gamish to me ... Talking about video games will EA ever have another gaming year as their '05 titles, this year is considered by many to be their best all around sports titles year by far; I personally play MVP and the NCAA & MAdden titles on the regular even though I own a PS3 and have the '12 titles Until Next time folks
  9. Well even though I don't post regularly in this thread I do read it, as I consider it my sunday digital editorial . . . so to keep in the spirit of this thread I'll drop a few "random" thoughts ... With Texas making it back to the World Series is this their Year. ... With the BCS revealing their first ranking tonight I once again wonder why we're deprived of a playoff with the FBS, being a FCS grad I can attest to the fact that a playoff system is the best system. ... Talking about playoffs do you think we'll have a NBA season this year, I'm predicting they'll be back after christmas. ... Recently picked up a LCD TV, and hooked the old mod box to it, loaded "MVP baseball" and was pleasantly surprised to see it was in 720p this game just keeps amazing me ... Talking about "MVP baseball" it's amazing but this game is still the best by far and it's because of the little things. OK, I've run out of things to say; looking forward to Y4L's return
  10. Great Work on this mod. Really experiencing some nice hit variety with these it refreshing to say the least.
  11. Man everytime I see one of your mods i start getting that feeling to mod again . . . legendary as usual nice work.
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