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    Ive been out of it for too long.. but I guess ive never tried it on faces

  3. MLB2K12 Modders

    For me it will be minimal.. i might finally release a couple ENB settings and scrounge up a few things here and there.
  4. MLB2K12 Modders

    I didn't know you were a priest!
  5. MLB 2K17 Roster

    Schedule is attached to the roster file. It can be adjusted to be the same as the real life schedule. @scottybilly
  6. License REDitor and RED MC

    Be patient, he is very busy and last I knew he was working at 2K somewhere in Korea I believe.
  7. Crash on Draft Day

    Let's start with which roster you are using.
  8. Parc Labatt - Fantasy Home of the Montreal Expos

    Wow, this is exceptional.
  9. MLB 2K17 Roster

  10. MLB 2K17 Roster

    Version 1.0.0


    Here is the roster built from BSU's roster "foundation" by @pena1 & @headtrip47. This is not a perfect roster by transactions or attributes. This roster is a work in progress. Please do not complain that "So and so is this rating, and this guy plays for this team" But- what this roster does have is a REAL 2017 schedule, REAL PLAYER AGES, NO CRASHES, and other miscellaneous changes to the game. This roster is essentially a good starting foundation moving forward. Freely use this roster, but DO NOT edit this in any other method besides Ty's 2k Editor or REDITOR II (preferably REDITOR), otherwise you risk creating a crashing roster. This roster will not crash! Enjoy~ Thank you to everyone involved in the creation of this roster! Please - when asking questions about the roster, (or any file for that matter) do so in comment form. Asking in review form does not allow anyone to respond to your question and results in a bunk review.
  11. Cyberfaces For Beginners- MLB 2K-MOD 2017

    So worth it. You guys are doing amazing. Nice to see a team of cyberface makers.
  12. The community asks: Will the mod 2017 come out?

    The mod is still supposed to come out. @raidersbball20 said he is (possibly) working on some logos and then compiling. He has been very busy at work and stuff. Hopefully it will be compiled and released sooner than later. I would say 85% done. The roster we have will be an Opening Day-ish roster, needs more minor league guys and needs attribute updates. But it's solid. It does not crash, it has a real schedule, and it boasts real player ages. This is where the community comes in Grab this roster and edit it in REDITOR - or even Ty's Editor. Only these two. (Other programs or in-game editor causes the corruption) It will be released with the compilation of files when raiders is finished.
  13. VGS Network | MLB 2K17 Trailer

    And FFS we are still going to release content
  14. VGS Network | MLB 2K17 Trailer

    I couldn't have said it better. @Jim825 Yes it should have been presented differently, maybe not announced at all. But i'm having a hard time feeling guilty here. Who really sacrificed and spent precious time? The modders. The contributors. So if I'm supposed to feel bad because someone got upset that the "mod is late" or "now I have to mod this piece by piece because i want ALL IN ONE to save ME - the downloader - time", I couldn't care less. For the ones who understand - the people who are rational and sane - I apologize. But you already understand. And I appreciate you all... There are many factors about how we got here. Lack of help, lack of interest from the community, life things. Bad attitudes from users. Nothing is fun about working so hard on something just to check back and see people complaining about a free mod not being released. It's a bit disheartening when that's what you think of when you're busting ass. That's just my opinion. There are complainers and then there are those who take the time to learn how to mod and/or contribute. Most of this is directed at a certain crowd like NeosPC and not particularly toward the OP.