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  1. What is this? Please provide a better description as well as screenshots for your uploads. "Created faces" is hardly a description.
  2. lmao nice... aw shucks @raidersbball20 could not have done it without @pena1 with all his hard work on all of the 3D model work. Amazing job and it's just beginning!
  3. I'll be completely honest, there is virtually zero support for that game, currently.
  4. The dates for franchises and the home page will be updated in the new 2K17 mod if that's which dates you mean.
  5. Looks really good Scotty, nice work
  6. Just a cinematic video not just gameplay. It will take some creativity.
  7. Unfortunately I won't have much time to take on any more work right now... creating videos and all that stuff would be the main part of the work.
  8. Well don't scrap your franchise - just adjust your 40 man roster...
  9. Don't you open-ended wink at me and leave me in suspension sly dog
  10. Nice job, I enjoy the screens
  11. (sic) Play by play: "Last year's MVP... Justin Verlander..." Umpire: "STRIKE!!!" *Cheers*
  12. I am just wondering if there is anyone willing and able to do some video editing or a "video compilation" if you will for the MLB 2K17 mod. Anyone have some skills in this area?
  13. just for fun working on boston here's a screen'er three. new enb setting, going for more of a natural look.
  14. Yes a more advanced engine in some ways. Most of the mods are drag and drop so it makes it nice. But I imagine MVP with how much content it has and different massive overhauls it would be a bit complex. Of course I'm not speaking in experience... I owned it for PS2 and loved it. You have to consider operating systems play a little happier nowadays as computers more are popular for gaming. As for the mod, thanks for coming to our defense and all but we know how many good people are looking forward to playing it and I hope you guys feel like it's worth the wait.. of course it is... because it's free lolz.. can't wait to release it and play it myself guys! Think of that, too