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  1. He said that he got rid of them. It was espanol though. "Pienso lo mismo lo hice y lo quite ya no esta en el menu"
  2. Love it.. only thing im not a fan of is the crazy baseball logo on the menu selections. Everything else is perfecto!
  3. The size of the textures will always render down to native and would not have any issues when using the mod. You will notice more pixels but won't truly see it in that actual resolution. But it will still look like an improvement even in 1080p.
  4. We are encouraging anyone contributing to the 2K17 mod to gather up all of their content and put it together for an all in one mod which will be released around opening day. We would like it to be a full pack instead of ala carte this year.. It will be more fun that way. Sort of like getting a new game in a way.
  5. Buildings being added.
  6. Yes I plan to re-do Progressive soon.
  7. Wait until at least Opening Day
  8. I hope you like the new wall scheme Set to match the lighting and tone of this stadium. Apologies if the images are too large.
    MY BOY!
  9. What a pack! Very nice. It is worth a comment to say RED MC can import textures in any resolution! (hypothetically)
  10. It is seriously some good stuff. Great information.
  11. Let's get this party started
  12. For all the English speakers: MLB™ said: "My people here - I am retiring [for a while] I hope you liked the work I did this time and thanks to scottybilly for your work, as a team everything works better! Thanks!" I'm sad to see you go amigo. We will miss your contributions in the meantime. Thank you.