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  1. Russell Martin

    Glad to see you back my boy!
  2. High Res Skies

    Looks really nice at all times of the day cycle. Finally found time to test all the different times of day yesterday. I'm impressed! Adds a whole new element to the game... these skies look great!
  3. 2K HD Textures

    Break time is ovah
  4. 2K HD Textures

    They look beautiful, eh? I am glad to have pena back on the site. I hope we can keep him around.
  5. 2K HD Textures

    These are looking very promising! I like! Like I said in the chatbox, I could always use help with stadiums if you're interested. PS, download the new Dodger Stadium (I've updated most textures in higher resolution on that park)
  6. 2016 NCAA Rosters

    Very cool
  7. Global Update

    So much detail in this
  8. Gamepad/Controller Used/Using For MLB 2K12:

    I use the Microsoft Xbox One gamepad with a Wireless adapter which works great. You may have to install the driver manually to get it to work because Microsoft is awesome. Just FYI. Or you can connect via any high speed USB cable as well. I'd suggest a nice 6-10 footer. I found a fabric reinforced 10 footer for ten bucks on Amazon, or the wireless adapter is like 20ish.
  9. Whats New In The Minor Leagues This Year That Needs Updated?

  10. DaSteelerz Stadium Updates 2.0

    Hey everyone, I decided to scrap the old thread for the archiving and start fresh with a new one. A lot is going on and changing in my life at the time with a new job and baby. Mod wise, it's break time after a really great end to the season for the sport! I plan to work on some new stadiums and fixes over the winter and releasing a stadium pack with stadiums that have focus on the environment in the park. (Could always use help with ads from someone with a very keen eye!) But I guess what I'm saying is that there may just be a few photos here and there being uploaded instead of stadiums. It will be better like that, I think. We have a lot of content that can be compressed into a 2K17 mod potentially as well so if you're bored and stuck inside this winter, or wherever you are - let's get modding some stuff! Make Opening Day Great Again?
  11. The Show 17 Cover Reveal

    What about a game and a Limited Edition Steel Book Limited Edition New Era Hat Digital New Era Hat for use in Diamond Dynasty 11,000 Stubs Gold Season Starter Pack (Mission Starter for Gold Item) Diamond Season Starter Pack (Mission Starter for Gold Item) 1 Sponsor Pack 10 Standard Packs 31 PS4 Themes Not that I would pay for it all. But I'm not forced to.
  12. MVP NCAA Baseball

    I might finally buy MVP.
  13. The Show 17 Cover Reveal

    Haters gonna hate... lol.. I guess anything right now is just speculation anyway. Awesome cover, I love me some Griffey.
  14. Tropicana Field 2K16

    There's no way to turn on the lights. This problem is unfortunately on 2K's end.