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  1. It probably screwed up something in my registry, causing it not to load properly.
  2. Yes. The saves folder is inside the user\appdata\roaming. When I open it, I see all the files, but when I open the load saves in game, the files aren't there. It may not have been necessary, but I was making sure the crashes didn't occur again. I can add the CF's, that's not a problem, I have them in downloads. It crashed because of that mod, and continued to crash after I removed it, so I had no choice but to uninstall and reinstall the game.
  3. Have a question, that maybe one of you hard working modders can help me with. Just these past few days, I was having problems getting to MLB2K12 to run properly after installing the Frontend Bautista updates, #1 and #2 and the Overlay 2K17 Black 3.5 Final Version so I deleted the files and the game, and ran a clean install back to the default version of the game. When 2K17 is eventually available, it should install directly over the original game, and there is no need to d/ld all the CF's, accessory mods, rosters, jerseys, etc.. They are included in the mod, correct? However, I saved the saves folder found in %appdata% from the previous game with my profile, sliders and updated rosters, but when I start the game and go to load them, they aren't there, and they show up in the saves file, when I open the %appdata% file. What gives? Hopefully I won't have anymore problems, I really like this game, and the mods are icing on the cake. I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64 bit, if that makes a difference. Thx.
  4. Thx. I think it may have had something to do with the Total Frontend 2K17 Bautista Edition #1 and #2. That was the last mod I installed. The Overlay_static_preload.iff file from this mod (MLB Network) causes my game to crash to desktop after I pick teams to play. I loaded the default file, and it doesn't happen. Anyone else having problems with this mod?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I got it to work by repairing it in uninstall or change a program.
  6. Yeah, I updated the drivers, but never had a problem doing it before. I have the Direct Download version purchased through Amazon, no Steam. I guess I'll uninstall and reinstall, I hate doing that, because I have all the mods already incorporated in the game, correct rosters, uniforms, stadiums, etc.....
  7. Thanks for the reply, tried that, still no go.
  8. I didn't fool with the date. It shows the current date every time I load the game. I'm using the 2K17 interface with Joey Bats on the loading screen.
  9. How can I tell it's the roster, when the game won't even start? I click on the 2K12 icon, a black box appears for a couple of seconds, then disappears. I took the roster out of the saves folder, and it still does it. Maybe it's something else.
  10. Tried that, it's not the jerseys. Don't know what it could be. I did create a couple of players, but I don't think that would cause the issue. I'd hate to un-install the game, and re-load it. Hate re-installing all the mods and patches, very time consuming.
  11. Nope. Didn't fool with rosters at all.
  12. I played this yesterday, and now all of a sudden it won't load. Only thing I added was D-Backs jersey mod. What could be the problem? I click on the exe, it loads in a small window, then kicks me to the desktop. Perplexing to say the least.
  13. Looks confusing, but thx for the tip nevertheless !!
  14. Is it really necessary to un-install the game, to add this mod? I really didn't want to. I'm running the game currently with the MLB 2017 logo with Bautista loading screen, if that makes any difference. I would just assume I can add this mod on top of it correct? Thx guys for what you do, with this game.
    What jersey does this replace?