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    Looks great, only thing is he wears a beard.
  1. WTF? No information about this file?
  2. That's what the Astro's are thinking as well. They want Verlander to start game 1 of the ALCS, and not have to pitch a rubber game of the ALDS.
  3. Yeah Y4L, those guys look like Grizzly Adams, LOL
  4. Nothing wrong with a well trimmed beard. They look sweet. Now the one's that look like Charlie Blackman's, I agree with you on.
  5. 1. Boston 2. Dodgers 3. D-Backs vs Indians or Astros in the WS I'm slightly pulling for Cleveland though, since they haven't won the series in 68 years.
  6. Not good, Sam Fuld isn't even on the A's roster, he's out of baseball.
  7. Nice work !!
  8. Thx for your efforts, however, somehow I wound up with 2 icons ( the MLB2K17 ones, not Miggy) Obviously I don't need them both, it's it safe to delete one of them as well as the old Verlander icon?
  9. I'll try it again later.
  10. Same for me. I'll wait until it's corrected.
  11. What do you mean Sun Life won't show up until a roster with updated changes emerges?
  12. Just wondering if any more stadiums are forthcoming?
  13. I usually paste the text file on my desktop, then open the editor, go to uniforms, click on import, go to desktop, find the color fix text file, click open and it should save it.
    Is it really that hard to put this in both spanish and english? If he took the time to make sure, the roster was correct, he could add a changelog or read-me in english.