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  1. No, I havent. I had trouble with the game screwing up, so I'm not going to d/ld any mod conversions until MLB2K17 comes out. I have a clean install, so not going to jeopardize the game.
  2. Does anyone have the 2 portrait files CDF and IFF, for MLB2K16? I have the default files, because I had to reinstall the game, and the portraits are from the 2012 season, I'd rather use the last updated portrait files, until the mod comes out. Thanks...
  3. Can you go to UMachines AL West uniform set and answer the question I posted?  Thk you.

  4. What files are to be d/ld, just the uniform files, small logos, medium logos, large logos and english bootup? And what file is the Mike Trout startup screen, if I don't want to install that? Want to make sure, thx...
  5. Did you d/ld the official MLB2K12 patch 1.2? You can get it on this site in downloads. Mine use to freeze at startup, after the patch it didn't do it.
  6. The hats are black, but ok.
  7. This has nothing to do with the quote, unquote mod does it? It's separate correct? At least I thought it was. One more thing, U machines. Are the Astros hats suppose to be black or dark blue? They are black in my game, but the trim on the rest of they're jerseys, are dark blue.
  8. So far, so good. Looks great, will Detroit's fix be a standalone? don't need the rest of AL Central teams, and when are the other sets going to be released?
  9. Kinda looks like the editing program for NBA2K . Looks sweet, you guys have outdone yourself's .
  10. Pitcher Ryan Weber of Seattle is missing. They just called him up.
  11. What is this? No description or nothing. Is this a portrait file for 2K17?
  12. Aren't these for The Show??
  13. Welcome, and nice post. I'm sure most of the modders and people that keep this site viable, appreciate the kind words.
  14. I thought what I've been doing is a clean install? Deleting the game and reinstalling is not considered a clean install? Just asking...
  15. So I won't need the direct download version? It'll run through Steam? Because current game doesn't use Steam, I purchased from Amazon.