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  1. R4zoR is a CF messiah over at the NBA-Live forums. Glad to see he's here, he will be a great addition to this site.
    Looks good, but what does this mod do exactly?
  2. Got a question. What can be done about dark skinned players with white arms? I've noticed that on a couple of hispanic and black players. BTW this mod will be epic. Thx for all the time and hard work.
  3. Does Dusty Baker have one?
  4. How do you take screenshots on MLB2K12?
    Looks good, however you can change the original MLB2K12.exe icon, to Bautista instead of Verlander? Would tie everything together, thanks .... Also, is there any way to lighten it up? It's too dark, especially inside domed stadiums.
  5. Can you please post the read me on the front page in english?
  6. Can you get rid of the snarling baseball on the menu options? Don't care for them.
  7. No english?
  8. Just asking, but why are there 4 different files, and which one is the most recent?
  9. Decent roster, but a lot of AAA players are missing, and the ratings of some veterans are way too low. Joba Chamberlain is a 32 ??
  10. Looks good, but you might as well make a Progressive Field update while you're at it. Cleveland Indians American League Champions.
  11. That looks like Allen Iverson.
  12. Don't know what you did, but it's fixed now. Thanks.....
  13. Thx, appreciate the time you put in to make the game realistic. Much props KC...