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  1. I usually paste the text file on my desktop, then open the editor, go to uniforms, click on import, go to desktop, find the color fix text file, click open and it should save it.
    Is it really that hard to put this in both spanish and english? If he took the time to make sure, the roster was correct, he could add a changelog or read-me in english.
  2. My sentiments as well. Prayers going up.
  3. Yeah, in baseball I thought, three strikes you're out?
  4. I believe he mean't ' Super' .
  5. Ok, that's fine. But where is the read-me file, or instructions on how to install it?
  6. What is this? Just a portrait or what?
  7. Where is the franchise file? I've never seen it.
  8. Not to be sarcastic, be he is of mixed race.
    Superb as usual by DaSteelerz and Pena1
  9. Beautiful.... Glad to see stadium updates start to trickle in.
  10. Huh ??
  11. Why is Ian Parmley's portrait a picture of Alfonso Soriano?
  12. I appreciate the effort put forth from all involved. Still, disappointed the mod couldn't be finished like it was suppose to. MVP is still going strong, and has a great fan base, as I see new mods and additions being created daily. Only problem is, I don't own MVP, and was hoping MLB2K17 could quench my thirst for PC baseball. Hopefully, some parts of the mod will still be available at some point. Thanks again to those modders, trying to make it happen.
  13. What does the settings file consist of?