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Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 12-22

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I think the bottom line is that the radical side of ANYTHING is just bad news.  There are people today who are contending that they are doing the work of Jesus Christ, but they run their churches with a cult-like appeal and just cause all kinds of havoc.  In essence, anyone or group acting in this fashion aren't truly keeping to the faith as it was intended.  Man can really screw things up when we want to.

There is a saying that goes like this. Toleration is the best religion. And that makes so much sense. What it means to me is that I don't care if you happen to be Jewish or Baptist or Catholic or Muslim, etc, etc. Worship as you see fit and I'll do the same. It should be like that but we know it isn't.

I think the problem here is the use of generalities that label an entire group of people rather than a subset of the group.  That may not have been the intent (although I will not make any assumptions on this), but I can see how some would see it it that way.  Rather than saying "Muslims", it would have been better to say "Muslim Extremists", because in my mind, that is who you were really talking about.


Yes I was.

As for badmouthing New Englanders, you and I have had plenty of conversations on that, as I fall squarely in that group.  I've learned to just filter out those comments.  

They are all tongue-in-cheek remarks. If remarks from a Yankee fan is the only thing that entire region of the country had to worry about then they'd be very well off.

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Updated to 10-4

...It was the last full week of regular season games in baseball last week and again I got to wonder where the time went. Opening Day and the All-Star game seemed like five minutes ago. Baseball is so captivating that you lose track of time when you follow it. There is a full slate of games today and then the 2015 season will be in the books and the roller coaster ride known as the post season begins on Tuesday night. Hang on tight, it should be fun.

...I don't know about any of you but I survived this baseball season just fine without Derek Jeter being a part of it.

...I'm glad the Yankees made it back to the post season but if you think I am going around high-fiving every Yankee fan I see you should stop and think again. This is a flawed team whose offense always finds a way to shut down at the worst possible times. I don't want them to lose this wildcard game on Tuesday but it would not be a big surprise if they do. I'll put it this way. I wouldn't put any money on them.

...The Washington Nationals will be watching the post season this year at home or at a sports bar just like the rest of us but they made sure to get a lot of attention in baseball's final week anyway. Selfish loudmouth reliever Jonathan Paplebon got into a fist fight with selfish entitled loudmouth outfielder Bryce Harper because Harper after hitting a fly ball against the Phillies last week. The way the Nationals have been playing that was the most excitement they gave to their fans in the entire second half of the season. The Nationals punished Harper by telling him he couldn't play in last Monday's game against Cincinnati. Paplebon was suspended four games by the team and combined with his three game suspension set by major league baseball for hitting Manny Machado of Baltimore, the final period of his season was put in place one week before the rest of his teammates. And that brings up the question of whether Paplebon will be back in D.C. next year after putting a choke hold on their wonder boy? When you think of all the good guys in baseball Jonathan Paplebon's name never comes up in the conversation and the same can be said for Harper. As talented as Harper is he rubs a lot of people the wrong way because of his attitude and because of that quite a few players sided with Paplebon when they learned about that dugout fight. That's how disliked Harper is. When people side with a guy like Paplebon you know you are doing something wrong. I wasn't pulling for anyone in that fight. I was hoping for a draw. At least Harper's stupid grin on his face was wiped off for a few minutes. Should have punched him right in the jaw.

...Water was found on Mars last week by NASA scientists. That discovery led them to believe that there could be hope for life on that planet. Can you imagine if twenty or fifty or one hundred years down the road they actually discover people -or I should say Martians- living there? NASA would probably want to know where they been because they've stayed out of site of their Reconnaissance Orbiter. Who knows, maybe that thing makes a lot of noise and it gave them time to hide. Let me speculate even further. What if the males end up displaying some athletic talent? What if they are observed throwing extremely hard and running fast? The Red Sox would commandeer a space ship just so they could be the first to sign one. :D

...The Oakland Athletics hired a woman as part of the coaching staff for Oakland's Instructional League club which begins later this month. It's a two-week job that will consist of her of throwing batting practice, hitting fungos and generally getting in the way all the time. Whatever.  Maybe the Athletics should be more concerned with winning games instead of making statements.

...A Costco store in Los Angeles was giving away free Nutella waffle samples last weekend and if you have never tried them you should. They're fantastic. They are like Lays potato chips. There is no way you have just one. And it seems that is exactly what one particular twenty-four-year-old man in the crowd was doing. As fast as the store employee brought the Nutella out it was just as fast as this guy was hoarding them. Finally a guy in the crowd told him to just take one and for his unsolicited comment this seventy-eight-year-old man got punched in the face by the younger man and was hospitalized with a one-inch cut and swelling above his eye. The guy was charged with elder abuse and held on $50,000 bail, and he faces a maximum sentence of eleven years in prison if convicted. All because he was hungry. Costco acted quickly and had the police at the store within minutes to arrest the man and it wasn't a moment too soon because the guy was getting ready to move on to the free hot dog samples next. :D

...And this is why people hate lawyers. A few years back a photographer in Indonesia left his digital camera unattended and a monkey picked it up and started playing around with it. When he had it in his hands the monkey managed to take a few snapshots of himself while he appeared to be smiling into the camera. These images later on were included in a wildlife book and now animal rights activists have filed a federal lawsuit that the monkey who snapped those photos should be declared the photo's owner and receive damages for copyright infringement. Just when I thought I heard it all I find out again I was wrong. Maybe the photographer can counter-sue the monkey for using his camera without written or verbal permission. If this goes to trial will jury be made up of six humans and six monkeys? PETA is the organization that is behind this lawsuit and they're serious about this and they are sending out people right now to the island of Sulawesi to find that monkey so that they can bring him back to testify for the upcoming trial. These guys mean business.

...A winery tasting room in California was robbed last week at gunpoint by a man wearing a mask and an Elvis wig. The combination of disguises worked because he got away with four hundred dollars cash. Where the hell are you going to go with four hundred dollars? Maybe he was just desperate to get back to Vegas. Before he left he made sure the employee was comfortable as he locked him in a restroom and had him pick out his favorite bottle of bubbly to keep him company with. By the time the cops got there the guy was more than halfway drunk and the last thing he remembered the thief saying to him was 'thank you, thank you very much.' :D

...A disc jockey who got fired from his country-western music station in Denver is suing Taylor Swift because he was accused of copping a feel of her ass backstage at one of her concerts recently. According to the DJ what actually happened was that a colleague of his was backstage too and he was the guy who was boasting about groping her. A member of Swift's security team then kicked him out of the concert and when his radio station found out what happened they immediately fired him. I don't know which one of them was the one that had a grab at Taylor Swift but one thing's for certain and that is they really had to work for it because her back side looks like an ironing board. :D

...Part of the job of the China National Tourism Administration consists of compiling a list of names of Chinese citizens that have been accused of uncivilized behavior during their travels around the world. That's what happened to four Chinese tourists recently when they were trying to get home from Bangkok recently. Their flight home was delayed by eight hours and by the time their plane took off at 3:00 am they were more than just a little tired and upset and for anyone who has been forced to wait at an airport you can understand how they were feeling. But it's what they did as the hours started piling up is what got them in trouble with the folks back home. In the departure lounge where they were waiting they caused a scene by being disruptive to people around them as they were yelling and shouting and at one point started singing the Chinese national anthem as loud as their voices would allow them too. Unfortunately for them someone recorded it and now the tourism administration has added their names to that list and that is where it will remain for the next two to three years. This doesn't mean they can't travel but airlines and travel agencies can check this list at any time and in turn they have the option of refusing them service. Can you imagine if they had something like that in this country? The entire city of Boston would be on that list.

...Not that anyone would want to, but to know what true frustration is like all you have to do is try to talk through a computer issue over the phone with someone who knows nothing about them except how to spell the word. You get nowhere fast and if you happen to break through and make them understand something they'll have you repeat it five or six more times just to be sure. This is what happened to me last week and just thinking back on it now makes the back of my head behind my temples hurt. It all started with an unexpected phone call that I received last Wednesday evening from someone I used to work with. He wanted me to come over to install CCleaner, a program that he used to have on his computer that he wanted back on because when his son-in-law worked on his system for him he uninstalled it for one reason or another and he wanted to have it back on to clear his history in his web browser. That's easy enough to do but naturally I made it hard on myself when I told him that in a browser like Firefox you can clear your cache any time you wanted to. And that's where the problem started...

       ME: First of all, what web browser do you use? I have Firefox.
       HIM: I don't have that, I have Mozilla.
       ME: That's what I meant. Now get into your web browser and click on "options."
       HIM: Ok, I found that. Should I try to delete that?
       ME: Delete what?
       HIM: Options.
       ME: No. And you couldn't do it anyway if you wanted to. Now when you are in there do you see the icon that says privacy?
       HIM: Yes I do.
       ME: Now click on it. Right in the middle of that box you will see something that says clear your recent history. Click on that and let it do        
                what it has to do.
       (He did it and he talked me through what the browser did and when it was all done he let me know.)
        ME: Ok, let me show you what you did when you cleared your history. Even though you don't have to do it, exit your browser and then get back
                 in it.
        HIM: Sure, give me a minute.

       (At this point it was taking longer than a minute.)

        ME: Everything ok there?
        HIM: Sure, no problem. I'm restarting the computer.
        ME: Why did you do that?
        HIM: You told me to.
        ME: No, I said exit your browser. Ok, look, never mind that. Get in your browser again. Now in the address bar click on that little arrow on the
                right. You should see no other addresses below that line.
        HIM: That's right, they're gone. What if I want them back?
        ME: Just go to the website again.

        I'll stop here. It went on for another ten minutes or so as I had to repeat myself. The only good thing was that I was able to talk him through this and that helped me avoid going over there in person to do it. :D

...Yeah, but you only turn 18 once, Dept: Well, you got to give her credit for planning ahead. A mother in England bought twelve bags of cocaine for her daughter's upcoming birthday this coming February because she and her daughter were planning on taking a limousine into London to celebrate her birthday and nothing says happy birthday as well as a dozen bags of cocaine. Regrettably new plans are now going to have to be made because the cocaine reserved for the girls special day is now in the hands of the police and it was all because of a routine visit. They came by to talk to the mother because she already had six previous convictions, including one for possessing amphetamine in 2010. When the police dog they brought started sniffing out the coke she admitted that she purchased it for her daughter's birthday. For the possession of the cocaine she was sentenced to a nine-month suspended sentence and two hundred and fifty hours of community service which she will not be paid for. Now she's going to have to go and make a cake or go out and buy one for her daughter when her birthday gets here but that just won't be the same. Nothing says happy birthday like cocaine in a limo. :D

...Where else but Florida, Dept: I have to say one thing about Florida and that is that they never seem to disappoint. You can always count on them to supply more than their share of stupid human stories on a weekly basis. Not even Massachusetts is close to them. A twenty-nine-year-old man from Port Lucie was trying to text his drug dealer because he wanted to buy some cocaine. The problem was he accidentally texted his request to the police Captain of the Martin County Sheriff's Narcotics Unit. I've heard of dialing wrong numbers before and this kind of falls in that category but this is ridiculous. The cops originally thought someone was messing with them until they realized this guy was on the level. So they agreed to meet him and instead of meeting up with Carlos the cocaine guy, two narcotics detectives were there to greet him instead. The guy was charged with one count possession of cocaine with the intent to sell and was held in jail on a $40,000 bond. And all of this could have been avoided had he just saved his dealer's number into his contacts. :D

...After years of people asking for the option to "dislike" a Facebook post they are finally about to get their wish. Right now Facebook says their dislike button is in the testing stage and depending on how the results of that go it will be available for all users. I am not a member of Facebook but I already can see problems with this because some people already take this thing too seriously. I remember reading a few years back someone getting killed all because that person unfriended someone. That person didn't like that at all so just to let them know how much they were upset by what happened they shot the other person to death. This dislike feature is going to start arguments and end friendships. It shouldn't, but that's what will happen.

...For some reason another Austin Powers movie is going to be made. If there was one series of movies that should have called it quits after the second one it's this one. :D

...A woman in Florida was arrested because police say she made up a lie about being kidnapped just so she wouldn't have to return to her job as a night shift nursing assistant. It must have been one hell of a hospital she was working at for her to do something like this. She was on her break one night and when she didn't return from it one of her co-workers got concerned and she called her up and the woman told her that she was being held against her will by her boyfriend. That's when the cops were called and five different law enforcement agencies spent a few hours looking for her until they found her unharmed. She was arrested for falsely reporting a kidnapping but there was a bit of good news for her in all of this because the hospital that she worked at decided they could go on without her and they let her go. Now she doesn't have to worry about going back to work.

We all know what she did wrong here. She made up too big of a lie to get out of work. You have to keep it short and simple. The best excuse I ever heard from from a former co-worker of mine when he called in sick one morning. "I'm tired" he replied, "and I'm not coming in today." How the hell do you beat that? :D

...I took a little trip to Aldi's last Friday afternoon because I have found that those people have the best Mandarin oranges that I have ever had. I can eat fruit all day. I had my back towards everyone while I was putting the cans in my cart and that meant that I did not see a mother with her little daughter coming down the aisle and I was only made aware of them when they were almost directly behind me when the kid decided to scream because she wanted candy and did not want to go home. Look, I know I am unsympathetic many times towards screaming children. That's because I don't have kids myself and partly the reason for that is because I don't like screaming, out of control children. I got as far away from them as fast as I could but no matter where I was in the store it was like I was right next to them. That kid had a set of lungs on her and she knew how to use them. I think the only one who wasn't bothered by her was her mother and that must have been because she lost her hearing at one point because she was around this kid too long. I didn't get everything I needed and I had to go back yesterday to get the rest. :D

...This one's going to be a tough one.

...I am pulling the plug on Random Thoughts after ten years. It has taken a lot of my time during the week to write, re-write and edit each individual post and I think it is time to move on. To blame the lack of interest in this thread over the past few years would be wrong. That's how it's been all over this website. No one posts anymore. Just the other day on the front page I noticed that the last post made was fourteen hours old. That didn't happen years ago.

I really don't know why I started this back in October of 2005 and I certainly did not expect it to last this long. A combination of many things made this thread what it was. I based what I wrote on personal opinion, the heavy use of artistic license along with satire and humor. I did not want to write something week after week that had no humor or substance. I either wanted to make people laugh when they read this thread or have them say to themselves 'what the hell is he talking about?' Or both. :D

I had a private message a few years back from someone who is no longer here and he asked me where I got my ideas to write about. That was easy I told him. Newspapers, TV, internet sites such as CNN and the shoutbox right here at Mvpmods. You guys would bring up stuff in there that I wasn't aware of yet and then I would go off to read about it and before I knew it I had something else to comment on. Basically you just had to keep your eyes open.

It also helped me a lot to go to a few sources that never, ever let me down and always gave me something good to write about. I may hate David Ortiz but I loved writing about him. Nothing he did over the years got past me and I made sure to write about it all. Every temper tantrum, every time during spring training he would cry for a new contract, his steroid use, his loafing around the bases and the stupid things he would say when a microphone was nearby. This guy was a gold mine. I don't wish for anything bad to happen to the guy but at the same time I would not object if he had a constant pitter-patter of little defeats. Like misplacing his car keys for example or locking himself out of the house. Or getting deported. Stuff like that.

Commenting on what goes on in the states of Massachusetts and Florida helped a lot too. You can almost make a weekly thread on just what these people do. Florida is a congregation of inbred criminals who have no common sense and if any of you happen to live in Florida I am not saying this is what you are. I'm talking about the people down there who get arrested for the dumbest stuff imaginable. Massachusetts is actually a beautiful state to visit but that's where Boston happens to be so for me that cancels everything out.

I have taken some heat over the years (and recently) from things I have said in here and that's ok. They are just opinions and that means they are not right or wrong. I have never asked anyone to agree with me. All I wanted to have people do was read this each week and either laugh, agree with me or yell at me and tell me I'm wrong.

Well, that's that. For those of you that have been reading this all these years I want to thank you. And I can't leave without thanking Trues, the owner of this great website. Not once did he tell me what I can or can not say. He understood what this thread was about from the very beginning.

This thread was once over one hundred fifty pages long at one point and now it is down to sixty-five. I lost over half of the thread when we had the site upgrade back in April and I have no idea where those missing pages are now. I'm still hoping they can be recovered.

Thank you everyone. Will I miss doing this? You bet. Let's put it this way. I'm closing the door on this but I have not turned the locks yet.


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I will miss it and probably the Boston fans would have some peace :(    Y4L thanks, as you mentioned you express your thoughts and sometimes I disagree,  but I really enjoy to read your articles.

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I will miss it and probably the Boston fans would have some peace :(    Y4L thanks, as you mentioned you express your thoughts and sometimes I disagree,  but I really enjoy to read your articles.

Thank you Fiebre I really appreciate it.

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Aw, that's a bummer.  I've enjoyed reading the thread for several years and enjoying it for what it was--something semi-entertaining and "different" from everything else out there.   Some things got old--Boston stuff, Papi stuff--but I understood why they were written.

Here's hoping you enjoy the "free time" that you re-capture from not having to write this each week.

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Aw, that's a bummer.  I've enjoyed reading the thread for several years and enjoying it for what it was--something semi-entertaining and "different" from everything else out there.   Some things got old--Boston stuff, Papi stuff--but I understood why they were written.

Here's hoping you enjoy the "free time" that you re-capture from not having to write this each week.

Thank you pitchleague. I understand what you meant about the Boston and Ortiz stuff. But every time I told myself I would not write about them that week they ended up doing something that I could not ignore. :D

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The postseason has been exciting. As a Jays fan its been a treat to have a hrse in the race for the first time since '93.

Even better, no Yankees.


The new television season has been lackluster, although I'm enjoying Limitless. Great continuation of the 2011 movie.


I'm Canadian and I have zero interest in the NHL season.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian members.


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It has been a couple of months since I discontinued my weekly random thoughts and I have to admit I missed it somewhat. I'd like to try to make more of a contribution to this thread but I'd like to begin doing that after I get my knee surgery out of the way that I will get done after the first of the year, most likely in February.

Obviously, this "Christmas wish list" is not an original idea of mine but I have always enjoyed it when someone else made these lists so I decided to make my own. Feel free of course to add your own to the list!

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season from me to all of you!


My Christmas giving list.


Trues: a site upgrade without any problems attached to it.

Mvpmods.com: People that will come and talk about baseball. Or anything.

Mark Teixeira: to break his other leg right before spring training because he's a useless son of a *^#$%.

Brett Gardner: Remembering how to hit once the second half of the season begins.

C.C. Sabathia: Now that the bottle excuse is out of the way a new one that he can come up with to explain why he can't make it to the fifth inning anymore without giving up seven runs.

Yasiel Puig: A wife. That way he won't have to push around his sister anymore.

Yasiel Puig's sister: Concealed mace. So the next time she sees her brother she can give it right back to him.

Mrs. Zach Grienke: An affair or something to occupy her time just so she doesn't have to look at her husband wearing those new Diamondback uniforms next year.

Derek Jeter: A slap in the head. When you sign on to promote underwear that costs $100 a pair you deserve to get sued no matter what the reason.

David Price: A new cell phone provider because Carl Crawford was desperately trying to get in touch with him before he signed so he could tell him himself how "special" Boston was.

David Ortiz: A revoked Visa.

Jason Heyward: A history book, because when it is said and done Cardinal teams beat Cub teams. It's been that way for over one hundred years.

Chicago Cubs fans: Same thing. Because they haven't won anything yet.

The Boston Red Sox: Nothing. Because whatever they want they get anyway by crying or begging for it.

Star Wars fans: A life, since some of them are already doing a countdown for the next movie just days after the new one came out.

San Diego Charger and Oakland Raider fans: Teams to root for next year.

Odell Beckham, Jr: Cheap shot lessons from Ndamukong Suh.

Donald Trump: A filter for his mouth.

Steve Harvey: A pair of glasses.


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On 12/24/2015 at 4:02 PM, Yankee4Life said:

San Diego Charger and Oakland Raider fans: Teams to root for next year.

Not Ram fans?

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This next little piece is for my friend Jim825, who no doubt was in front of the TV that day like I was. Unlike me, he cared about what happened that day because he was a Viking fan.

It was forty years ago today, December 28th, 1975 that the world first heard the term "Hail Mary" pass when talking about a desperation pass to the end zone. That's the date the wildcard Dallas Cowboys invaded Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minnesota for the second of two NFC playoff games that were played that weekend.

The day before on December 27th the Pittsburgh Steelers hosted the Baltimore Colts and the Los Angeles Rams hosted the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cowboys - Vikings game that day was followed by the Raiders hosting the Bengals in Oakland.

I still have very clear memories of this game. I was pulling for the Vikings because I could not stand the Cowboys. That is still true to this day. If you were a Cowboy fan back then you were guaranteed to watch them on TV each week. It was like an early version of the Sunday Ticket on DirecTV for Cowboy fans because that team got more attention than any other team in the league. And at that time there were some very good teams.

It was a defensive struggle throughout the entire game but with less than a minute to go Dallas got something going. That's when you had to pay attention because the Cowboys of that era were a very lucky team. Calls always went in their favor. And that was no exaggeration.

With less than thirty seconds left the Vikings were holding on to a slim 14 - 10 lead but Dallas was at midfield and you almost had the feeling anything could happen. Unfortunately it did. Roger Staubach went for broke and threw the ball as far as he could to Drew Pearson, who was running down the right side of the field. Pearson caught the ball for a touchdown but not before pushing off of Minnesota cornerback Nate Wright. When I first saw this happen on TV I saw a flag thrown and my first reaction was out of hope and not common sense. I thought the flag would be against Dallas because it was obvious that Pearson pushed off Wright for the catch but of course I was wrong. The referees called defensive pass interference and the Cowboys got their touchdown.

Suddenly the usually friendly place of old Metropolitan Stadium became angry. The referee that made the pass interference call against Wright was hit in the back of the head by a whiskey bottle. That one throw was more accurate than all of Fran Tarkenton's were for the entire game. The referee's name was Armen Terzian. Amazing how you remember the little details.

After the Dallas score the Vikings could not manage a miracle of their own and went down to defeat by a 17 - 14 score. At the end of the game when Staubach was interviewed about the play that won the game he told the press that he closed his eyes and said "Hail Mary." And so a new football phrase was born.

Youtube video of the play (excellent quality)

Game photos


The Vikings' Jim Marshall (70) got this sack of Dallas' Roger Staubach during their 1975 playoff game at Met Stadium, but the Cowboys' quarterback got his revenge on his final throw of the game, the famous/infamous "Hail Mary" play.


Dallas Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson walks into the end zone after catching a 50-yard TD pass from quarterback Roger Staubach during the fourth quarter of a NFC divisional playoff game at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minn. on Dec. 28, 1975. Efforts to block Pearson by Minnesota Vikings defenders Nate Wright (43) and Paul Krause (22) were futile and Cowboys won the game 17-14.


Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Drew Pearson (88),third from left, looks back to see referee Jerry Bergman signal touchdown after catching the famous 'Hail Mary Pass' from quarterback Roger Staubach (not pictured) during the final minute of a NFC divisional playoff game on Dec. 28, 1975 at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, Minn. Minnesota Viking defenders Nate Wright (43), Terry Brown (24) and Paul Krause (22), partially hidden, watch in dismay as Bergman signals the touchdown.


Minnesota Vikings cornerback Nate Wright falls down while defending Dallas Cowboys receiver Drew Pearson as Pearson traps a 50-yard pass between his right elbow and hip, giving the Cowboys a 17-14 upset of the Vikings during the final minute of the 1975 NFC divisional playoffs at Metropolitan Stadium.


1975 Playoff results

December 27th, 1975

Pittsburgh Steelers (12 - 2 in 1975) 28, Baltimore Colts (10 - 4) 10

Los Angeles Rams (12 - 2) 35, St. Louis Cardinals (11 - 3) 23

December 28th, 1975

Dallas Cowboys (10 - 4) 17, Minnesota Vikings (12 - 2) 14

Oakland Raiders (11 - 3) 31, Cincinnati Bengals (11 - 3) 28

January 4th, 1976

AFC Championship Game (At Pittsburgh)

Pittsburgh 16, Oakland 10

NFC Championship Game (At Los Angeles)

Dallas 37, Los Angeles 7

January 18, 1976 Super Bowl X

Pittsburgh 21, Dallas 17


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Yes, I was watching that game (I was 14 at the time) and I still have vivid memories of that play.  I remember the feeling I had, thinking that the Vikings were going to win, only to see the Cowboys win it at the end.  It was like a kick in the stomach.  During last night's Vikings - Giants game, they mentioned that it was the 40th anniversary of the play and they showed a replay of it.  Luckily, The Vikings were up 49-17 at the end of last night's game, so I didn't have to worry about deja vu.  ^_^ 

Last night's game was the first nationally televised Vikings game that I've seen them win in 3 or 4 years.  It seemed like every time there was a game broadcast in our area, the Vikings would lose.  It already happened with two earlier games this season.  Hopefully the Vikings can make it two in a row next Sunday night when they play the Packers for the NFC North title.

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2 hours ago, Jim825 said:

Yes, I was watching that game (I was 14 at the time) and I still have vivid memories of that play.  I remember the feeling I had, thinking that the Vikings were going to win, only to see the Cowboys win it at the end.  It was like a kick in the stomach.  During last night's Vikings - Giants game, they mentioned that it was the 40th anniversary of the play and they showed a replay of it.  Luckily, The Vikings were up 49-17 at the end of last night's game, so I didn't have to worry about deja vu.  ^_^ 


Jim, my kick in the stomach came one week later as the Raiders lost on the ice field in Pittsburgh.

I liked football as it was played back then. Now, not so much. If you sneeze near a wide receiver you get a pass interference call.

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Adrolis Chapman to the Yankees? Adrolis Chapman??? The guy who can throw 100 miles per hour??

And he's left handed. :yahoo:

Stay with me for a minute and you'll see why I have been smiling ever since the trade was announced.

The first time the Yankees visit Boston Chapman is on the mound and David Ortiz lumbers up to the plate. He takes his time because he owns the place, or at least he acts like he does.

Ten minutes later after he digs in he faces Chapman.

POW...a 100 mph fastball hits him right in the head.

You have your little fantasies I have mine. :D


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On NFL relocations:



Phoniness and fake sincerity can be seen in professional sports on all levels. You just have to know where and when to look. You'll see it in the newly-signed free agent who, with a sad look on his face informs his former home town fans that money was not the reason that he signed a six-year 200 million dollar contract with someone else. Of course not. That never entered his mind for a minute.

Team owners are just as bad and maybe even worse. But NFL owners are in a class by themselves. These highway robbers in suits and ties have been threatening their hometown cities with relocation promises if they don't get what they want when they want it for years now. Ever since Al Davis first left Oakland after the 1981 season and got away with it they looked at themselves and said 'why not us'?

Why not us indeed. I grew up a football fan in the 1970's and the differences between where the teams were then as compared to now is a result of one thing: greed. Younger fans may find this interesting. I honestly find this disgraceful. Back then there were teams called the Baltimore Colts, the Houston Oilers and the St. Louis Cardinals. Because of pettiness and the never ending search for another dollar those cities lost their teams. Baltimore got a team back but by doing that Cleveland had to lose one and the Browns were out of the league for a few years because of that. Same for Houston although they were given an expansion team instead of a current one. The Cardinals went to Arizona and St. Louis was without football until 1995 when the Rams left Los Angeles.

The Rams were in Los Angeles for forty-nine years until their owner decided for some reason that Missouri was a better place to be. The fate of the Raiders and the Chargers has not been decided yet but it is the fans of those two loyal football towns that will suffer the most if they lose their team.

St. Louis is a city that got taken by the NFL twice and that was two times too many. They lost the Cardinals after the 1987 season and now the Rams. They wanted another NFL team so bad that they built a dome to attract one. Now after 21 years they have a state-of-the-art dome but without a team to play in it.

Over the years there have been many teams that have threatened to move. There were rumors and insinuations that the Vikings would leave Minnesota to go to Los Angeles if their demands were not met. They were. There was talk about the Bills going to Los Angeles or Toronto. The Falcons could have left Atlanta.

Rams owner Stan Kroenke could have built a new stadium for his team from the money that was in his back pocket. Kroenke happens to be the billionaire son-in-law of Walmart co-founder Bud Walton, so this guy does not need St. Louis to raise money for him for a stadium. That's a big reason why he is in Los Angeles now. Those people are spending their money so he doesn't have to spend his.

Where will the NFL go next? It's a safe bet that St. Louis will say take a hike. At least they should.

These are the same owners that gave Al Davis such a hard time when he made his first move back in '81. I find it ironic that they have now become even worse than Davis ever could have dreamed to be.


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Updated to 2-7

Special Super Bowl and football edition.

...I don't know about you but I am thrilled that today is Super Bowl Sunday. This is the most hyped sporting event ever and if you don't happen to fans of these two teams all you are really going to care about is if the square you bought in your Super Bowl pool pays off for you. The NFL Network bragged that it had 88 hours of Super Bowl coverage last week and maybe forty-five minutes of it actually had something to do with the game. They had live coverage of the Broncos landing in San Francisco and they almost made it sound like a CNN-newsworthy event. Here's comes Peyton Manning now. He's wearing a light blue suit. By the time the game begins tonight you're going to know all there is to know about when Manning has breakfast, what he has and why he says no to Cheerios.

...That's another thing that has changed for the worst too. The start of the game here in the east. 6;30 p.m. is kickoff and by quarter after seven I'm so bored with it that I check to see what's on the Hallmark channel. I have to get accustomed to them talking about the game right now and not Peyton Manning's opinion on Cheerios. Part of it is because the Raiders aren't in it but after all these years you'd think I would be used to that.

Years ago, and this is back when Oakland was good, the Super Bowl would start around 4:00 p.m. here on the cold side of the country. There's no reason why they can't start it at this time again because people will watch this game any time it is on. The halftime show back then wasn't as long either. Now each halftime show has to try to beat the one from the year before. I predict within ten years we will see these go over the one hour mark.

...If you are a fan of the Cleveland Browns you have to like how the off-season is going so far, although that will not officially start until around 9:30 p.m. tonight when we find out who won Super Bowl 50. They finally went out and got themselves a decent coach in Hue Jackson, a man who given the time, resources and patience can turn things around for that team. That is saying a lot because people are so used to quick fixes but that's what they've been trying to with this team for awhile now so why not give Jackson the time to do his job? He did a great job in Oakland a looked like the perfect fit there. I don't know why he was let go after the 2011 season. He was replaced by Dennis Allen and all the Raiders did under him was continue to lose. The second thing Browns fans can look at positively is that next month when the new league year starts Johnny Manziel will no longer be on the team and although Manziel can or will not realize it, this is all his fault. There were times that Manziel showed Cleveland how good he was and why he was a first-round pick for them but what he did off the field since joining the Browns overshadowed everything he did on it. Giving Manziel the boot was Hue Jackson's first move in his rebuilding process. Nothing like starting a new era of Browns football off with a bang. :D

...I think it's great news that the Chargers will be playing in San Diego next season and I hope that it will be for many more years after that. Those fans support them very well just like the Raiders fans do up in Northern California. If the Raiders leave Oakland I don't know if I will watch the NFL again. I've lived through this happening once already.

...Too Much, Too Little, Too Late, Dept: Oakland's Ken Stabler was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame yesterday. All I got to say about this is that is it about time and why couldn't this happen a year ago? Stabler has been retired for over thirty years now so there was plenty of time to get him to Canton so he could enjoy it personally. Stabler died last July of colon cancer and now a member of his family will have to represent him this year when his name is announced. It's good that he is finally in but it makes me wonder why they had to wait until now to let him in the door.

...Oh yeah, the game. I am an AFC fan and as a rule I root for their representative in the game unless New England is playing or if it is another AFC West team. So by default I am rooting for Carolina. What would really make this game worth watching is if Peyton Manning does something at the worst possible moment to make the Broncos lose. Throw a key interception in the fourth quarter, fumble the ball, over throw a receiver on a key third down play. I'm not picky. And if he wins or loses he'll still get his Papa John's pizza on Monday. :D

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Updated to 4-17

...It's almost hard to believe that baseball season began two weeks ago today. So much has been going on these past fourteen days and as usual some of it's been good to see and some of it hasn't. During the first week of play all the talk was about Colorado's Trevor Story. All he did was hit four home runs in his first three games and that was good enough for some people to hand him the National League home run title right there. He's calmed down a bit since then (three K's yesterday against the Cubs) but he's doing a great job for the Rockies and should hold down the shortstop position for them until Jose Reyes gets back, providing he doesn't beat up another woman along the way.

The team that I am pulling for to fall flat on their faces this year along with the Boston Red Sox are the Kansas City Royals. Yeah they won the series last year and if you forget that for one second they'll be only too glad to remind you. They'll even be wearing special gold uniforms on all of their Friday home games for the remainder of the year just to soak more money out of the farmers and rednecks and to rub it in the noses of every visiting team that comes to Kansas City. Not even the Red Sox when they finally won in 2004 came out with gold uniforms. 

Speaking of the Red Sox, why is David Ortiz allowed to wear a hoodie during the game when no one else can? 

I don't think the Padres are as bad as their first three games showed (all shutouts) and while I don't think they can win the division they won't be pushovers either. The Yankees on the other hand are. I had no faith in them coming into the season and I didn't believe one word when the team was being praised when spring training was going on. I am not going to let this team give me an ulcer. I've had one of those and they are not fun and these guys aren't worth the time fretting over. And yet, that's what I'll do. I just hope I don't spend too much of my time doing it. It's nice to know that slugs like Mark Teixeira and Carlos Beltran will be off the books after the season is done but what worries me is who will be the next group of overpaid has-beens to take their place?

Let's see...now we can't have any catcher's collisions anymore and sliding into second base now is equal to betting against the house at a casino. You know you're going to lose. Best thing for a runner to do is take a right hand turn into right field so he doesn't get in the way of the shortstop or second baseman. Then hope for a wild throw. Because if you slide in the bag you're gone. Baseball made those two middle infielders as off-limits as the NFL has made quarterbacks. Cough by one of them and you got a fifteen-yard penalty. I'm afraid to find out what they are going to do to baseball next.

...Sometimes, well most of the time, those people at ESPN are ridiculous. The NFL schedule was released last week and when that happened every fan went to check for themselves how good or bad they thought it was. That's what I did when I made a beeline to the Raiders page to see first-hand how the NFL screwed them again. And they did because Oakland has to play three of their first four games on the road and three of their last four games on the road. Trust me on this you only see them pulling this with the Raiders schedule. Looking it over and mumbling and grumbling about it was one thing but then I read where some ESPN writer, who obviously had nothing better to do, wrote a piece where he gave his game-by-game predictions for next season. Really? And how the hell do you do that with a straight face? Of all the organized sports I believe that football is the hardest to predict week to week because of the high rate of injuries. Are the Patriots a different team without Tom Brady and a few of their offensive weapons? Of course they are. And you never know if one of them will be ready to play from one week to the next. The guy who wrote the article about the Raiders said they were going to lose the first game against New Orleans because Drew Brees "has not thrown an interception against the Raiders in 209 passes dating to 2003." So it's a sure thing that Brees will be playing? And if he does it's also sure that he won't throw an interception? It's also possible that a team can win a game without picking off a pass, something that the writer of that article would find hard to believe. I've never been someone that was into predictions. I just hope for the best and hope that they can win as many games possible. Of course if you look at it like that you wouldn't have a column to write.

...Johnny Manziel has a lot of time on his hands now ever since the Cleveland Browns told him to pack his things and leave. And every other team in the league that was smart enough not to draft him is avoiding him out of common sense except maybe for the Dallas Cowboys who would sign anyone just as long as it meant it would get a few more people to buy tickets to sit in their overpriced stadium. Manziel and a friend of his rented a $4.5 million house in West Hollywood for two days last week and luckily for the renters it was only two days. If it was more they would have ended up tearing apart half the house. They did manage to smash an expensive glass table and a bathroom door. Someone must have drank so much that they smashed through the door because they couldn't hold it. There was plenty of wine at the party and some of it people managed to drink. The rest was spilled on the rug in such large quantities that along with the cigarette burns, the rug has to be replaced. Along with all of this the broker who rented Manziel the house also found evidence of drug use when she went there the day after Manziel and his friends were to have left the house. She is demanding $32,000 from Manziel for damages but that's just a rough estimate. The woman who rented this house to Manziel now must know how the Browns felt when they put their faith in him. What the hell did she think he was going to do, have a Madden tournament on the PS4? If this guy keeps it up they won't even let him play in Canada.

...When you stop to think about it North Korea is really helping this country out and what's even better they don't know they're doing it. Those good ol' boys from Pyongyang have once again nabbed another American idiot who decided that hey, if I can act like a dumbass back home I can do it here. Wrong. Otto Frederick Warmbier, a twenty-one-year-old student from the University of Virginia traveled to North Korea on a backpacking tour and while he was there he decided to remove a political banner from the hotel he was staying at. The guys in those oversized hats don't like when that happens so when Warmbier was getting ready to leave the country they came up to him and told him not so fast, we want a few words with you. Warmbier's trial only lasted one hour and that's because it was getting close to lunch and they didn't want their bowl of rice to get cold so they got it over with nice and fast. Fifteen years of hard labor. Wham, bam, pass the chopsticks. I have no sympathy for this guy. Not one bit. And if someone asks me if I think that the punishment was kind of harsh I'd agree with them. But then I'd say what the hell is he doing there in the first place? There's no place to go backpacking here? Or in Canada? Any American who goes there and is detained there put themselves in that situation. And then they act surprised that they're held prisoner there. We just have to hope that North Korea never figures out that they are really doing us a favor. 

...Not too long ago two men from the Spokane, Washington area escaped from a nearby state psychiatric hospital. It caused quite a stir because both men were considered armed and dangerous. One of the guys was quickly caught fifteen miles from Seattle at a Starbucks when he went ballistic over what they charged him for his coffee. He's now back in his rubber room with a few extra locks on his door courtesy of the hospital. That was their way of welcoming him back. The other guy was caught on camera buying a bus ticket using a phony name but he was more resourceful then his buddy because somehow he managed to get out of Washington state and did not pop up again until he hit Massachusetts. To be precise, he landed in Boston and was picked up by Boston's finest when he was loitering outside Fenway Park on Opening Day last week. Criminals always make a mistake that leads them to being caught when they commit a crime and crazy people do something to draw attention to themselves to let people around them know that their elevator does not go all the way up to the top floor. This guy was walking up and down Yawkey Way screaming about how great the home team was but what did him in was that he thought the Orioles were the good guys. And even though some people tried to straighten him out he kept right at it until two cops that were observing him from a distance finally stepped in and pulled him aside for his own good before someone decided to shut him up by busting him in the nose. And when he started being belligerent to the police, they arrested him and took him away. It wasn't until they got to the police station that they realized who they arrested. And that's how the second guy got caught. One witness said that had he been rooting for the Red Sox instead of Baltimore they would have never been able to tell him apart from any other fan at the game that day. He hid out at the right place. He just picked the wrong team.

...Any comparison you think I am trying to make between an armed and dangerous mental patient and Red Sox fans is....uh, let me get back to you on that one. :D

...Ever hear of Greyhound, Dept: Here's another sob story about a family of Muslims moaning and groaning about being mistreated. I'll wait here so you can grab a Kleenex and then I'll continue on with this narrative. The family in question is demanding a formal apology from United Airlines after being removed from a flight at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. The airline states that the reason why they were taken off the flight was because of concerns about their child's safety seat which did not comply with federal safety regulations. In other words it was too big and bulky and it was a hindrance to the other passengers. The only regulation this booster seat met was for the Muslim family themselves. They didn't care about anyone else on the flight except for the comfort of their future bomb maker. United didn't put up with it and they told them so. Good for them. If anyone had an oversized safety seat that they didn't care got in the way of other people the airline would have removed them too. But these people believed that the only reason why this happened was because they were Muslim. You know, you really got to feel for these people. They're always picked on. They never bother anyone. Right? :D

...This one's kind of shocking. There's this little girl from Detroit who at the age of seventeen is all of 4-foot-8 and weighs 95 pounds. From the description of her you wouldn't think she would be capable of putting a hurting on anyone over the age of four but as the saying goes don't judge a book by its cover. This little munchkin goes by the name of Roksana Sikorski and she will be quite busy for the next ten to twenty years because that is how long she will be in jail for attempting to kill her entire family because her twenty-four-year-old boyfriend said it would be a good idea if she did it. This girl would have fit right in with Charles Manson's little family. Their little plan got all messed up because as she was cutting her brother's throat with a fish filet knife he was able to get away from her and while he was running away he screamed like he never screamed before and hopefully never will again. Once the whole family and everyone within a three mile radius woke up, Sikorski dropped the knife and ran outside to her boyfriend and the two lovebirds got the hell out of there as soon as they could. They didn't get far because the whole neighborhood was awake and the police quickly apprehended them. If she serves her full twenty years she'll be thirty-seven when she gets out. What I want to know is how someone that size is going to survive a prison term? A strong wind could throw her twenty feet if she doesn't watch it. And as she'll find out the inmates will throw her even farther than that.

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Updated to 6-19

...Today's a special Father's Day edition of Random Thoughts and I'd like to begin with a salute to all the fathers who are members of this website and all of your fathers too. Dads get the short end of the stick on their "days" compared to the mothers. Moms get flowers and jewelry and are taken to a fancy brunch or a dinner. Dads get a toolset or a new weed eater and if there's any food involved its a burger on the grill. So happy father's day to all of you. I'm not a father myself but I can appreciate how hard this job is.

...Today's also a special day for proud papa Jerry Remy, who was elected Boston's Father of the Year for the third year in a row. Remy's got one kid in Massachusetts state prison serving life without the possibility of parole for killing his girlfriend. His youngest son was arrested for indecent assault and battery after groping a woman at a South Boston sports bar. And not to be overshadowed by her brothers, Remy's daughter was arrested on a multitude of charges that included disorderly conduct, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest, wanton malicious defacement, and misdemeanor breaking and entering. Not bad for one night. It's no wonder why Remy and his Boston family values continues to win this award year after year. :D

...It's a good thing that Remy and his wife stopped after three kids. Who knows what the fourth one would have been capable of?

...Death by Selfie Dept: And I mean this literally. Not too long ago a fifteen-year-old boy from India got it into his head to take a selfie while holding his father's .32 caliber pistol. You can guess what happened next. Somehow the gun went off when he was trying to take the picture and he died soon after from the gunshot wound to his head. And I'm sure you thought all the stupid millennials were only here in the United States. I think at the age of fifteen you are supposed to know better and not handle guns for any reason but at the same time don't let that stop you. All that matters is life, liberty and the pursuit of your next selfie. Because of one lousy and fatal decision on his part his career of answering your tech support calls will never come to pass.

...If there is anything good about Twitter I have not been able to find it yet. It causes arguments, people have been fired over comments made on it and worst of all it gives a voice to people that really have nothing intelligent or constructive to say. Here's a perfect example. The promo billboards for the new movie X-Men: Apocalypse  from 20th Century Fox has the villain of the movie (Apocalypse) strangling Jennifer Lawrence's character (Mystique.) Keep in mind that this scene was from the movie and not from real life and the police were not called as soon as the guy let loose of Lawrence's throat. But that didn't stop people from running to twitter to complain about violence towards women. Fox of course immediately removed the billboards and apologized for being so insensitive and also said that they would never condone violence against women. Unless of course they happened to be blue. It is nice to know that these people with no lives and common sense were so worried about the rights of a fictional character.

And here is the billboard photo that got them all in a knot. Remember, this is not real life. Have any of you watched that old movie called Old Yeller ? At the very end of the movie the boy has to shoot the dog. He didn't want to but he had to. If twitter was around then they'd have wanted someone to arrest that kid.


Now don't worry about poor Jennifer Lawrence. The millions they gave her made her neck feel better.

...Baseball, baseball and more baseball, Dept: The only enjoyment I get out of watching the Yankees this year is from highlight videos that I find on Youtube but as bad as this year's team has been they still are only 5 1/2 games out of first place. Something to consider...I look at Eduardo Nunez having a great year for the Twins (.318, 9 HR and 25 RBI) and I compare him to Chase Headley (.260, 3 HR and 14 RBI) and it reminds me of how impatient the Yankees are with their young players. If you don't play like an All-Star within the first couple of weeks they write you off. Nunez would've looked good at third...I watched that Jayson Werth interview that he gave on the field after he had that game-winning hit and I said to myself that this guy must not have shaved or got a haircut since President Obama was elected to office back in 2008....I'd love to have the chance to shake Rougned Odor's hand. I guarantee you quite a few pitchers would have loved to have the chance to punch out Jose Bautista too...The Cleveland Indians look like they are for real this year...Mark Teixeira says his knee is feeling much better and is aiming for a return to the Yankee lineup on June 24th. It's always nice to have a .180 hitter get back in there. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if he doesn't make it through the month of July without getting hurt again...Why do these sportswriters want the Yankees to trade one of their three star relievers? We have some good people coming up from the minors and we are dumping some bloated contracts at the end of this year and next year. Patience is the key but that's something these people have none of...And I would not let Adrolis Chapman go for any reason. That is a golden left arm.

...Just for Gordo, Dept: Skip over this part if you don't want to read some obligatory Yankee ranting. This is a ball club that takes one step forward and three steps back and  calls it progress. They are the worst hitting team I have seen since the 2013 Yankees and that's not saying much. A rally for that team was two walks sandwiched around a strikeout and a double play. While I like to blame it all on Mark Teixeira I know that it is not even close to the truth. You have to actually be out there playing to have any impact on the team and as I write this he's in the middle of another extended vacation away from the team with all expenses paid by the Yankees. They must love that. He's hitting .180 this year with three home runs and twelve runs batted in. Even David Eckstein put up better numbers than that and they didn't have to pay him twenty-three million a year like the Yankees are dishing out to Teixeira. There is a chance that he will have to have surgery on his knee and if that is the case it will end his season and his Yankee career. If there is any mercy for Yankee fans that is what will happen.

   It is frustrating seeing your favorite team playing like this but it's even worse knowing it is their fault. They have a lot of contracts that no teams would touch while they were sober. They are the ones who have put themselves in this position. It's tough watching baseball this year because the Yankees are playing like the Cubs used to and the Cubs are playing like the 1998 Yankees. If they finish above .500 this year it will be a miracle.

...This took place in Florida. Where else, right? A man shot his brother to death over an argument over a cheeseburger. Really. It wasn't over money or over a woman. It was over a cheeseburger. Ok, maybe it was a char-broiled one instead of a McDonald's one but it was still a cheeseburger. I can recall one time when I was a little kid my parents took my sister and I to a drive in and I had to use the restroom between movies. When I got back all my popcorn was gone, courtesy of my sister. I will be happy to inform you that she is still alive and walking around today. There has to be something seriously wrong with you when you can get mad enough to reach for a gun and shoot anyone over a burger. If this keeps up will require background checks for cheeseburger purchases.  

...The disease known as being politically correct appears to have no borders because recently some of the easily offended individuals in our country expressed their outrage over a commercial in China. In it, a black man who appears to be an artist has paint all over him and he is approaching a beautiful young Chinese girl. She smiles at him and then sticks a laundry tablet in his mouth and shoves him into a washing machine. When she opens up the washer a young Chinese man comes out wearing a clean white shirt. That's where the cries of racism came in. I think we call all agreed that a commercial like that would never have been made in the United States. Can you imagine the makers of Tide  doing this? Neither can I. So forgive me if I am not concerned at all about a commercial that was intended for Chinese consumers. I just don't get why people who live in this country have to involve themselves in this. What should they do, boycott Chinese laundry products? That'll teach 'em. If it were the other way around and we made a commercial that people in China found offensive we'd probably say too bad and mind your own business. Maybe that's exactly what we should be doing here.

    See for yourself right here. And the next time you go to China let them know what you think. I'm sure they'll listen.

...Last week really was a week to remember and all for the wrong reasons. And what would the odds have been that two separate gruesome events would take place in the same city? The first was an assault by a crazed Muslim on an Orlando, Florida night club and the second was an attack by an alligator on a two-year-old boy at Disney World. Could both incidents been avoided? Who knows? In one way you can compare Muslims to alligators because both are natural born killers. Last Tuesday night an alligator snatched a small child who was wading in the water about a foot from the shore. The boy's father jumped in the water and tried to pull the child from the gator but was not successful and rescue crews that included the Florida Fish and Wildlife spent the entire night searching the man-made lake that the gator was living in but were able to find nothing. I can not imagine the anguish that family is going through right now and especially the father. Today's father's day and instead of celebrating that this man now has to go through the rest of his life without his little boy.

It got me wondering why aren't the people down in Florida given free reign to shoot these bastards on site? Make some luggage out of them instead of giving them the opportunity to do something like this again. Shoot them right between the eyes and call it a day. At one time alligators actually were listed as an endangered species under a 1967 law that preceded the 1973 Endangered Species Act. Not anymore. Conservation efforts have now allowed their numbers to increase and as a result the alligator was removed from the list in 1987. So this is our fault. By turning a blind eye to these reptiles their numbers have increased and now they are even more dangerous. I am not in favor of wiping out species of animals that are on the endangered list for no reason at all but I am in favor of killing off the ones who make a habit out of eating people all the time like the alligator and the crocodile.

...I don't think this is a rush to judgment on my part to reduce the population of these reptiles since there are an estimated 1.3 million alligators in Florida. The way I see it that is way too much. And I don't give a shit about their animal rights. They gave that up when they attack people and small toddlers. Put yourself in the shoes of those two parents who now have to go back home to Nebraska without their little boy. I don't even care to think about the nightmares those two will be having in the coming weeks, let alone years. They've got their own guilt they have to live with too. There are "No Swimming" signs at the lagoon where this took place and no one else was in water besides this little boy. This is what they are going to be living with from now on.

...This terrible tragedy was preceded by a few days by another one in Orlando when a crazed Muslim man opened fire on a gay nightclub and the result was the worst mass shooting in American history where almost fifty people were shot to death at the hands of another ISIS supporter living here in the United States. Oh I know what people are going to immediately tell me. The guy that did this was born here. Maybe so but his family is from Afghanistan so I am sure that more than once it was drilled into his head that America is an evil country. This was in all intents and purposes a suicide mission by this man and just to make sure that there was no confusion on anyone's part as to who was behind this he called 911 during the attack to pledge allegiance to ISIS. After the incident was over the Police Chief of Orlando said that it "appeared that he was organized and well-prepared." Of course he was. If there is one thing that ISIS does well is train their followers to be cold-blooded efficient killers and until and unless we come to grip that Islam is a violent and vicious religion, these tragedies will continue to happen.

I am someone who believes that Muslims should not be permitted in our country and that they should not be allowed in for quite a long time, say for the next one or two hundred years. Muslims do NOT like the USA therefore there is NO reason for them to be coming here. The only reason why they want to come here is to apply for welfare. And these Muslims here in the U.S. that the FBI has currently on their "watch" list should not be watched any longer but rather be rounded up and sent back to Syria or Iraq or wherever their families are originally from.

I can hear it now especially from the twenty-something college age kids who have been trained to look for and believe that everything in our country is racist. I don't hate Muslims and I don't want to harm them. Hell, I don't want to harm anyone. But I don't like them or trust them or want anything to do with them. That is because of what they have done for the past fifteen years or so to our country and other countries around the world. If you can't understand that then you are so blinded by political correctness that the simple act of thinking for yourself is something you have not done in a long time and the sad part is you don't even realize it.

I was amazed -well no, not really- to still see support for Muslims after that night club attack. What worried me was when it was announced that it was the worst mass shooting in our history was that there was a Muslim out there somewhere planning something just to break that record. But still, let's remain politically correct here. For those of you in your twenties you probably have a good fifty or sixty years left to live. It concerns me to think about how much progress the Muslims will make here because you all are sitting back allowing it to happen. The only way some of you are going to wake up and realize what is going on is when some Muslim goes on a shooting fest in the town you live in while screaming out Allahu Akbar over and over again and he ends up seriously hurting someone you know. And I don't want that to happen to anyone in here. That is about as clear as I can make myself here.

I know not all of them are bad. No one has to twist my arm to make me believe that. But consider this:  About eight or nine days ago the person behind these killings was a free man in Orlando. You could have walked past him on the street down there and you would have never known you were close to an ISIS member. How many more do we have to be concerned about before these people are dealt with?

...Enjoy your father's day everyone. I hope it is a nice day weather-wise and be safe. Take care.




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Hi Y4L, thanks for your special edition! it's always interesting to read your opinions, as I said you  in other occasion, sometimes I agree in others not.  This time I agree about the alligators/crocodile problems that also occur in my country, and also as part of a country who with a lot of inmmigration I agree that we should permit only people who really respect and work for the country that open their arms.


Best Regards!


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