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Happy Birthday to Me!


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Ok, everyone needs to stroke their ego now and again, and on this day each year I feel like I have a free pass... :D

26 years ago today (12/17/1980), I was teh born. I think I'm happy with my life so far; but it certainly isn't where I envisioned it would be. I've got the basic things everyone needs though - and most of the stuff I want...so I really can't complain.

Anyway, I'll let you guys begin to wish me a Happy Birthday - since I know you're dying too...

:wishes: :party1: :l33t: :pals:

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Humbleness man, humbleness. :twocents:

Let another man praise you and not yourself. Words of wisdom :twocents:

And to quote someone else:

God, I can't believe I wasted 18 seconds reading this...

Happy Birthday, dude.


Actually, reading this reminded me that my birthday is coming up real soon. So I guess this wasn't a waste. Thanks.

I think on my birthday I'm just going to wear my dunce cap and look at the mirror and just boo myself. Booooo! You stink, boooooo!. :o)

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