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Merry Christmas Everyone


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I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and a happy new year!

Why am I still online at midnight? Jeez....

Anyways, I thought we should all come up with a Christmas memory, or discuss plans for this Christmas. For instance, I am going to New York to see some family. I can't wait for my laptop (Santa spilled the beans :D )

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I got the boy a laptop last Christmas

He did better this year :(

lol I got an mp3 player, but also some money towards a laptop. My parents said they'll take it away if my grades don't improve... :reading:

Hope everyone's Christmas is going well...my Christmas Eve sucked.

First, I forgot to request the day off (I have the few days before and after off for some reason though), so I had to work a rather long shift. It was busy as hell, getting yelled at by bitchy customers who wanted returns and took out their anger on me (and for once, I couldn't yell back at them because I love my job) and the store was a mess, and since I worked one of the later shifts I had to clean up. I was already tired as hell, and my family was in NY to see some family. My friend was supposed to pick me up, and I waited outside for half an hour and no one showed up. I call my friend, and his mom fell asleep (and she is extremely stubborn, there was no way she was gonna get up) so I had to walk home which took about half an hour and it was like 20 degrees out. I got home, and the bad part of the day pretty much ended then. But Christmas is great so far...

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Merry, Merry Christmas.

Everything was great.

Realized first hand how many people are out there hurting deeply around this time.

I go to a candlelight service and a guy behind me was weeping. Not crying, weeping. Almost wailing. I almost said something to him but was trying to figure out if he was crazy or hurting. By the time I was going to make a decision as to whether I should say anthing, the freaking service was over and he bolted. He came by himself. I was deeply saddened for about 2 hours afterward. I hate it that people have pain and hurt.

Other than that, my wife liked everything I got her. First, she's dumb enough to marry me, and now dumb enough to like anything I buy her. I'm living a dream. Merry Christmas. To our Jewish friends, Hope your Hannakuh was great.


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Merry Christmas everyone. I had a great Christmas. Got everything I wanted. My wife liked her IPod, my son loved his video games. I am now sitting in my new pajamas, slippers, and robe...surfing the net as they sleep. Sipping eggnog and watching Pirates of the Carribean...very quiet and peaceful.

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Sipping eggnog and watching Pirates of the Carribean...very quiet and peaceful.


Nice Christmas for me. Everyone liked their gifts, and I liked mine. I saw family (and Pirates of the Caribbean 2), and I got to have fun just relaxing for a while. I also ate a ton.

What's not to like?

Although, I have to admit that Christmas night is kinda sad... you wait for ever, and look forward to one day, and when it's over, it's kinda depressing.

Tomorrow's gonna be better, but it's still kinda sad.

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