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Echoes In The Bronx: A 1978 Yankee Dynasty


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From what seemed to be a tumultuous love/hate relationship for many years, and despite public turmoil in and out of the clubhouse; hirings, firings, and rehirings, Billy Martin and George Steinbrenner somehow always managed to be a successful tandem, and in 1977 would ultimately bring The New York Yankees their 21st World Series Title and calm the never ending storm that seemed to follow them wherever they went.

At least for awhile.

Steinbrenner never flinched to reach deep into his pocket to bring Billy the best talent, and being the fighter that he was, Martin wouldn't flinch to fire back if George put him against the wall and demand that he produce with it. Even at 11 years old, I personally remember this being one of the best 'soap opera's' on television at the time, even forcing General Hospital's Luke and Laura to take a back seat, especially during the summer months. What ultimately kept this machine in tact and firing on all cylanders was the revolving door of mega talent that kept stepping through the doors of Yankee Stadium to don the uniform, albeit usually via a hefty Steinbrenner paycheck. Nevertheless, George loved his Yankees and did what it took to put them in pinstripes, and with talent the likes of Reggie Jackson, Chris Chambliss, Bucky Dent, Catfish Hunter, Goose Gossage and Ron Guidry on the field, Martin at the reigns and Steinbrenner watching from his throne, the stage was perfectly set for another summer thrill ride of baseball with the Yankees taking a permanent spot on the front pages of most newspapers around the entire country.

If you were around during this time period, and were a baseball fan of any sort, you simply could not turn away. It was that good. Martin and Steinbrenner were 'household' news.

With hindsight obviously being advantageous, and now 31 years later, we know that George Steinbrenner would live true to his winning values with every breath that he took, year in and year out, never letting up, and never giving up in his efforts to put Major League Baseball's best product on the field each and every year. Just like the fight in Billy Martin, George Steinbrenner would refuse to lose, refuse to do it any other way than his own, and just simply flat out refuse to let the words "New York Yankees" be anything other than synonymous with pride and perfection. The proof is not only in regular appearances in the post season, but the fact that the Yankees would win a staggering 5 more World Series Titles after the 1977 season.

Which brings me to the year 1978 and this year's dynasty here at MVPMods.

I realize most members on this site are far too young to have grown up during this time period, but if you are reading and plan to follow this dynasty, I recommend (if you haven't already) watching the 8 Part Mini-Series called "The Bronx Is Burning" that aired in the summer of 2007 which depicts the surroundings (and personalities) of the entire Yankee organization during their run at the title in 1977. This film may help you to better understand the player's personalities and their failures and successes, and ulitimately how they prevailed to win it all, not only in 1977, but again meeting the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 1978 World Series to carbon copy the year before.

On a personal note, I cannot begin to put onto paper what these ball players meant to me at this time. They were bigger than life, they were heroes. The early 1970's Oakland A's, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Pete Rose and The Big Red Machine, Carton Fisk and the '75 World Series, and finally Billy Martin and the late 70's New York Yankees. The death of Thurman Munson in the summer of '79 will always be a dark spot in my memory. I've always felt truly lucky to have been able to see one of the grittiest and hard nosed ball players ever to step onto a Major League Baseball Diamond. I feel sorry for those who didn't get to see him play.

Without question, the 1978 season and the history of baseball itself is obviously well documented, and I don't have to rewrite it, but with the privledge of being able to go back in time via the Total Classic's mods, I've decided to present a dynasty from 1978. I'll update as time (and my schedule) permits, and try to keep it as comprehensible as possible. In other words, I'll do my best to capture a season that was played out 31 years ago.

As always, thanks to Trues and his staff, and each and everyone that has put forth his own efforts to make this a better game.

1977, Post Game World Series

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Echoes In The Bronx: A 1978 Yankees Dynasty

1978 MOD

Difficulty - All-Star

Fielding - Manual

Batting View - 5 Other Angle

Fielding View - True's Ariel 5

Strikezone - Off

Hot/Cold Zones - Off

Pitch Cursor - On

Hitters Eye - Off

Rosters - 1978

Sliders - Custom

Datafile - Trues, Mine

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I'm jumping in n this. i too must start a dynasty of this era. Thanks for the idea. This is fantastic!

Thanks man, can't wait to check it out. Hopefully I'll meet up with Houston in the post season and get to play in the new Astrodome you released! Great stuff. :)

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