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This week we look at a modder who was closely associated with the making of cyberfaces and a modder who released most of his work for the original X-Box version of the game but still managed to create two wonderful versions of classic stadiums.


Veesmack is another modder here whose work is more familiar with users than the person behind it. Many of the cyberfaces he has made are included in the Total Classics mods such as Roberto Clemente, Duke Snider and Bob Lemon but later on he did create some very good uniform sets that he released only a few short years ago.

Compiled MVP Baseball batting stances wallpapers.

Screen captures of all 66 batting stances. This mod was made with roster makers in mind so that they can view the images without playing the game to see what the stances look like.

2011 Rangers Alternate Jersey 1.0.

2012 Miami Marlins Home and Alternate jerseys.


HardcoreLegend made many X-box users happy with his stadium and uniform releases he made for that game during the time Mvp 2005 first came out but his best work was his total makeover of Metropolitan Stadium in Minnesota because it put the EA version of the same ballpark to shame. The only regret is that besides the 1960's version of Sportsman's Park in St. Louis (shown below) he did not make any more ballparks.

1960's Metropolitan Stadium.

Early 1960's Sportsman's Park.

1954 New York Giants away uniforms.


Behind the Scenes


Tony3 is another guy that is closely associated with Total Classics as he provided audio work for that mod that of course is still part of it today even with the Legends of the Booth mod included with most Total Classics seasons now. He also created his own roster set called the Stats Roster that was available for download when the game first came out.

All of his mods can be viewed by following this link right here.

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This week we set our sites on a Latino modder who since the beginning has been behind one of the most popular and successful total conversion mods ever in Mvp Caribe and a modder who is a natural favorite of all Cincinnati Reds fans here.


Since 2007 when the very first Mvp Caribe was produced, HFLR has been the modder behind the organization and creation of this extremely popular mod that just seems to get better every single year. Baseball fans all over Latin America play this mod and the recognition it has received is thanks to the hard work by HFLR and the team of modders over at the Caribe web site.

HFLR's MLB Logos Update.

Emilio Ibarra Almada Stadium.

Yaquis de Obregon Uniforms.

WBC Caribe 2013.


All of Edtench's mods have had one thing in common and that is they all have been made with the Cincinnati Reds in mind. His renditions of the turn-of-the-century Reds uniforms have all been very accurate and unique as far as choosing uniforms for your game is concerned.

1900 Cincinnati Reds Uniforms.

1908 Cincinnati Reds home uniform.

1911 Cincinnati Reds Home and Away Uniforms.

Cincinnati Reds Retro Striped Uniform.

Cinergy Field Mod.

Behind the Scenes


AlexTony is another one of those modders whose mods were mostly released when Mvp 2004 was around but that does not mean that they are available today to be appreciated. Back when Total Classics was just getting started the modders who had their work included in that detailed mod would occasionally release parts of their work here on the website and if you click on the listing of AlexTony's mods you will see exactly what I mean. The Total Classics portraits that he made can not be downloaded any longer but they still can be seen in Total Classics Phase 10 today. His portrait work, logo and audio files have helped make Total Classics what it is today.

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hey y4l great read here,and thnx for the nod.Even tho i didnt have none of the mvp series i still looked at some of the mods and really enjoyed them.I find myself missing the modding and if 2k would have had the ability to have more open slots in thier game id probally still be working on unis.Guess thats the advantage mvp series had,u could make mods forever.Last night i was looking to see what changes teams were doing and looks like only a couple teams are making some changes(not counting the usual batting practice teams do every year)Its a shame no company took on the role of new BB games.Id love to see a company do what mvp did and with the potential graphics they could do now a days.2k was starting to get there,they had the potential but just couldnt get it all together so here is hoping,but thanx again for this post and thanx to all modders for every series we had and especially to trues because if it wasnt for him this site wouldnt even be available

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hey y4l great read here,and thnx for the nod.Even tho i didnt have none of the mvp series i still looked at some of the mods and really enjoyed them.I find myself missing the modding and if 2k would have had the ability to have more open slots in thier game id probally still be working on unis.

Well Don there was no way you could have or should have been ignored in this thread. You deserve it as much as anyone else here and without your work from 2k9 on up that game would have really suffered. Those people that play that game owe you a lot of thanks.

I just can't help but wonder if you owned Mvp 2005. Oh the possibilities! :)

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This week a very good Asian modder who has made mods for both the 2k12 game and Mvp and a former roster maker who has also made some very good looking minor league uniforms and our Behind the Scenes spotlight is on a modder who provided many of the portraits for the Mvp 2012 and 2013 mods.


If you ever wanted to use some of the colorful uniforms used in the Nippon Professional Baseball league there is a very good chance that Garfield8 has already made them for Mvp 2005 and he has continued that with the uniforms and title screens he has contributed for MLB 2k12.

For Mvp 2005

Yokohama BayStars Uniforms.

Hanshin Tigers Uniforms.

WBC USA Uniforms.
Note:2006 uniform version.

Seibu Lions Uniforms.

Tokyo Yomiuri Giants Uniforms.

For 2k12

2013 WBC Uniforms (Final.)

WBC Umpire Uniform.

WBC Stadium at AT&T Park.

Uniform PSD for Photoshop.


Aside from making some very stable and accurate rosters Grmrpr has produced some very good home and away jerseys for various minor league teams and very useful yearly LOC files help update the changes made in the minor leagues either by name changes or new logos.

2014 New Logo and Cap Picture Files 1.0.

2014 Grmrpr's Loc Files.

Charlotte Stone Crabs Home and Away Jerseys.

Huntsville Stars 2008 Home Jerseys.

Salem Red Sox Home and Alternate Jerseys.

Behind the scenes


We all know how popular the Mvp 2012 and 2013 mods were and that was thanks in part to the wonderful portrait work that Kst7584 did during those two years. His downloads include all the individual team portraits including minor league releases.

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This week two more names in the long list of talented uniform modders we have on this site. The first of these modders concentrated on WBC type uniforms and the second one came up with his own unique style of uniforms. The Behind the Scenes modder looks at someone who created some of the classic cyberfaces for the prominent Total Classics mod.


Some of the uniforms that Kerwal made that are listed below were included in the first WBC mod in 2009 and some were made from the European Baseball League. Because of who the teams are, some of these uniforms may be very unfamiliar to a lot of users here especially the ones that were made based on the European League.

Europa Team Baseball Uniforms.

This set includes uniforms from Spain, France, Germany and Greece.

Israel Team Baseball Uniforms.

Saudi Arabia Pre-Olympic Uniforms.

CTS Screen and Loading Screens WBC 2009.

Seleccion de Nicaragua (Uniform set.)


Arguably what hiheat32 is most famous for is his detailed tutorial on how anyone can make their own uniforms for Mvp 2005. This PDF file has been downloaded over 800 times since its release and his concept uniforms that are listed below feature new uniforms for every major league team so the user can pick and choose which ones they want in their game.

Hiheat32's Uniform Making Tutorial.

PDF file for anyone interested in creating their own uniforms.

Hiheat32's Concept Uniforms 1.0

LoneStar Concept Uniforms (Rangers and Astros.)

Behind the Scenes

Peter Bernard

The Total Classics series is the longest running mod on this website and a lot of the mod's contributors have unfamiliar names to users who have only been on the site the past five years or so. You may not be familiar with Peter Bernard but if you own Total Classics then you've seen his impressive cyberfaces that he has contributed to that mod. Some of his faces include Rogers Hornsby, Sandy Koufax, Duke Snider, Phil Rizzuto and Reggie Jackson. Peter Bernard is just another person that helped make Total Classics what it is today.

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The focus this week is on a modder who was responsible for a series of diverse and good looking click-to-start screens and a modder whose 1998 season mod was a welcome addition to the series of total conversion mods we have here and in the behind-the-scenes section this week we pay tribute to a modder who provided a lot of the classic cyberfaces that was used in Total Classics.


Dagger147 was a modder who made a variety of different click-to-start screens that were used by a lot of people here. He also wrote a tutorial on how you can make your own customized CTS screens (listed below.) His "screen pack" mods were a collection of CTS screens of different players that played for the same team.

American League Team Logos CTS Screens.

National League Team Logos CTS Screens.

Note: While this is a very good collection of team logos made into Click-to-Start screens these were all made when Mvp 2006 was released and the template used here depicts the name of that mod. I don't know if it is possible to edit the text in a CTS screen but I thought that Dagger's work here was something to be seen again.

Dagger147's CTS Tutorial.

1024x1024 CTS Template.
This is a .psd template and it requires Photoshop.

St. Louis Cardinals CTS Screen Pack.


Andy82 is a baseball fan who lives in England and after talking for awhile about the possibilities of making a 1998 mod he then decided to do it himself and the end result was that he made a mod well worthy of being part of the classic season mod collection that is available on this site. To date his mod has over 1,300 downloads.

Total Classics 1998.

Total Classics 1998 Patch.

Behind the Scenes


Baseballfan is a modder who has been a member here almost since the site began and he is also another of the long list of modders whose name is not familiar with the typical user that comes here but is well known among modders, especially with the work he has contributed to the Total Classics mods. Baseballfans is responsible for making such quality cyberfaces such as Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Tony Gwynn, Roger Maris and Ernie Banks, which are all included in the Total Classics mod.

If you are a new user to this website or if you are someone who has been here for awhile and has not downloaded any of the classic season mods yet you may have noticed one thing. These mods were created and put together by the contributions of many people like baseballfans and it is the combined work of modders like him that made Total Classics what it is today.

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This week another Mvp uniform modder who showed great imagination with his concept uniforms and a modder who has made many cyberfaces for MLB 2k12 for almost two years now. Finally another nod to a modder whose work was mostly behind the scenes. He is a guy whose many cyberface contributions to Total Classics can not be ignored


FightingBillini was known for his particular brand of uniforms but not everything he did was based on concept uniforms. His green pinstriped White Sox uniforms that they wear in September to celebrate six months to St. Patrick's Day have not been attempted by any other uniform modder since their release and it is not hard to understand why because he really nailed this rarely seen uniform. It's sharp and looks great in the game. His other uniforms listed below are of the same quality.

White Sox Halfway to St.Patrick's Day Uniforms & St. Patty Day Concepts.
Four concept St. Patrick's Day uniforms included.

Cleveland Indians Late 90's Uniform Set v 2.0.

City Names Road Jerseys.
Road jerseys using the city names instead of the team names for St. Louis, Baltimore, Milwaukee, Los Angeles Angels and Philadelphia. This mod was made a few years before the Orioles decided to put their city name on their road jerseys.


For almost two years now Scottybilly has been quietly releasing some top notch cyberfaces for members here who play MLB 2k12. He has been so consistent at it that there are now ten full pages of his work uploaded for 2k12. The improvements he has made in that game are a distinct upgrade than the default 2k versions and the good news is for owners of that game is that he shows no signs of stopping.

2k version updated Cyberfaces final version.

Philadelphia Phillies Cyberface pack 1.0.

Miami Marlins Cyberface Mega-pack 1.0.

Tony Gwynn Jr. Cyberface Final version.

Josh Reddick Cyberface 1.0.

Behind the Scenes


Another cyberface modder who helped make Total Classics what it is today was 69Yanks. His version of a young Frank Robinson (which can be seen when using the 1961 Reds) is a good example of the type of faces he made. Some of his faces and other mods were uploaded separately but most of his work can be found on the player faces that make up Total Classics.

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This week our eyes are on another modder who contributed to the Total Classics series and someone who created two of the most underrated and under-the-radar fantasy stadiums ever made. The behind the scenes modder this week is another cyberface creator for Total Classics, which just goes to show you how much work was involved in creating faces for the many notable players on each represented team.


With over 1,700 downloads to its credit, tebjr's 1988 season mod has been one of the top downloaded mods on this site and anyone who has played only a handful of games with this mod will tell you it is one of the best conversion mods there is. It is very hard to say what is the best season mod available on the website because just like your choice in overlays or datafiles you will have many different opinions on what classics mod is the best. In the end it has to do with how you look at it and the 1988 mod holds up very well against any of the others.

Total Classics 1988.

Total Classics 1988 Schedule Fix.

1988 Logos.
Set of 1988 era logos for Tywiggins' Box Score Extractor.


There have been many fantasy or concept mods made and most of them have been of the uniform variety. Seven years ago CountryBumpkin had the idea to upgrade the ballpark of then Tampa Bay Devil Rays to an outdoor stadium. If you have not used this stadium in awhile or have never heard of it before you will be pleasantly surprised.

YBOR Park Day Version 1.0.

YBOR Park Night Version 1.0.

This Fantasy Stadium for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays was based on Paulw's and Hyman's Ebbets Field Version 3.0. Their classic Ebbets Field and surrounding areas of the ballpark have been repainted to look like Ybor City in the Tampa Bay Area, which is an historic area there.

Behind the Scenes


Rokcp99 also contributed to the making of total classics by creating some of the well-known cyberfaces seen in that game and in the early season mods from 2006 to 2008. He had a talent for making some very life-life faces and if you check out the individual mods that he uploaded you will find that to be true. You can view a listing of his mods right here

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This week we stop to recognize and thank two popular roster makers who during their active years on this website produced rosters that were so good it was hard to choose which one to use. And in our Behind the Scenes section we note the work of another cyberface creator from the Total Classics series.


Many people do not know this but Totte was not the creator of the Ultimate Roster set. He took it over from two modders named llcmac and HypnoxXx and the rosters were originally called the llcmac - HypnoxXx rosters. Later on they changed the name to Ultimate Rosters. Here is the page for the very first Ultimate Rosters. The link is long gone now but that was the first that anyone ever saw of the Ultimate Rosters.

Totte took over for the original two modders after they did not want to do it anymore and he made this roster set his own. He was on top of every transaction and you could be sure that if someone got traded the next version of his rosters would show the player on his new team. His last uploaded roster, version 8.1 has been downloaded over 45,000 times. That's how good his work was.

Ultimate Rosters v8.1 Plus Edition.

This is not a file that anyone should download and use now because it is out of date with all the personnel changes made in baseball since this was released. If you want to see how good the Ultimate Rosters were you can download the Mvp 2006 mod or the Mvp 2007 mod because both of these mods have his rosters in them.

Default Contract Values.

This is a decoded version of the contract.csv file that can be found in the progress.big file. This was designed to see if any modder would be able to crack the issue of having players being paid way too much money.


Swingin' Soriano was the creator of the Epic Rosters which was another roster set which was made during the same time the Ultimate Rosters were around. These rosters were just as good as the ones Totte put out as they were downloaded over 32,000 times and it came down to personal preference as to which one you decided to use in your game. I personally would alternate the rosters and never once had an issue with any of them. His pitching motion videos and batting stance reference tools (listed below) were invaluable for users who wanted to edit their rosters.

Batting Stance Reference Sheet.
Great file to have while editing rosters. Each and every MVP Batting Stance as a large picture, with both right and left handed stances. This file is in .pdf format.

Swingin' Soriano's Pitching Motion Videos.
Pitcher's windup reference videos.

Batter Walk Up / Music Ditties.

Behind the Scenes

Terminator Korea

Another modder who contributed his cyberface making skills to Total Classics was Terminator Korea. When you consider that Total Classics eventually expanded to 120 teams you could imagine how many people were needed to create cyberfaces for each team. His resume of mods is three pages long and much of his work can also be found in the Mvp 06 - 08 mods.

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This week, two modders who have made key contributions to the Mvp 12 and 13 mods with their portrait and roster creating talents. Also, the roster maker for the Total Classics series is featured as our behind the scenes modder.


Along with the portraits that Ar_key created he was someone who came out with a very good roster set from 2010 to 2012 that proved to be one of the most popular roster sets during that time period. The first four portrait links listed below were minor updates for the 2008 mod because at that time that was the latest mod available. Most of Ar_key's mods are his latest version of his roster set and even though these can not be used now the time and effort that he put in to making them has not gone unnoticed.

Philadelphia Phillies 2010 Portraits.

New York Mets 2010 Portraits.

Boston Red Sox 2010 Portraits.

Kansas City Royals 2010 Portraits.

Waiver Portraits (for Mvp 2012 mod.)


Toleton was a modder who updated the logos of many minor league teams when a change took place either in their name, team logo and design or major league team affiliation. All of his updated logos were incorporated into the Mvp 12 and 13 mods along with logo changes on the major league level. His portraits that are listed below have all been included in the Mvp 2012 mod. Toleton is also responsible for creating special roster sets that concentrated on playoff rosters and updated All-Star Game rosters, both which were downloaded faithfully by users.

Portraits 2012 Pack 1.
A total of four portrait packs were made.

Miami Marlins Portraits 2012.

Seattle Portraits 2012.

2012 Blue Jays Logo Update Version 1.0

New MiLB logos for 2010.

Behind the Scenes


Capa was the modder who was involved in developing the rosters that are in the Total Classics mod. For some teams it was hard to decide who would make the final twenty-five man roster and Capa was the guy who helped decide these moves as well as setting up the default batting orders. A tough job considering how many teams were included in Total Classics. He only released three mods while he was here, all for the Xbox. They were a trio of Action Replay rosters so that someone with a modded X-box could use the Total Classic teams on that console.

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This week recognition is given to a modder who provided updated portraits to the last three modern day conversion mods that we made here and a cyberface modder who first became well known for his work in Mvp before moving on to 2k Sports baseball. And the Behind the Scenes modder this week is another guy who helped make the players in Total Classics look so good.


Philthepat was a modder who created updated portrait sets for existing mods that included photos of players that for some reason had their status changed after the mod was released. These were made after trades were made during the season and in the off season and with free agent signings. Each of these new portraits made the mods look a lot better.

August Portraits Update.

For Mvp 13

Offseason Portraits Update.

For Mvp 12

Missing Portrait Set #1.

Set of two. For Mvp 2008.

2009 Updated Major League Portraits.

For Mvp 2008.

Complete Portrait Update.

For Mvp 2008.


Many of the new members here know Zach from his excellent cyberface work in MLB 2k11 and before that he created stadiums for the 2k9 and 2k10 versions of the game. And even before he began lending his hand to improve the 2k Sports game he was creating some very impressive cyberfaces for Mvp Baseball. No matter what game he happens to be working on his cyberface contributions stand out in it.

For MLB 2K 11

Matt Kemp Cyberface.

Jimmy Rollins Cyberface.

Josh Hamilton Cyberface.

Ryan Braun Cyberface.

Cliff Lee Cyberface.

This particular cyberface is so good that it looks like a photograph.

Behind the Scenes


TheMadcap was another modder whose contributions included creating quality cyberfaces that were used in Total Classics and Mvp 06 and 07. His individual mods were all of Phillie players including the very first cyberface of Gio Gonzalez when he was playing in the Philadelphia minor league system.

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This week we look at a modder who created a very popular set of uniforms when Mvp first came out and a modder who basically did a little bit of everything. More on that later. Our Behind the Scenes modder is another in a long list of people who helped make the season mods in here look better with the cyberfaces that he contributed.


Not long after the release of MVP in February of 2005 Umachines began to create the very first full, redone, updated and improved uniform set made for this game. Unfortunately all of his individual mods (or packs as he referred to them) are no longer available for individual download with the exception of the one I have listed below. The reason for this is a lot of the mods up to a certain point in time in 2005 were not transferred over during the many server changes that have happened here. I am someone who downloaded his work when it was available for download and believe me this guy knew his stuff. A lot of his later work can be seen in the popular Mvp Caribe series, which is a big reason why that mod is so popular.

Toronto Blue Jays Pack 2005.

This is the only individual uniform pack made by Umachines currently on the website.

World Series 05 Special Pack.

Special updated uniforms for the White Sox and Astros.

LVBP- Full and Retro Pack for Mvp Caribe.

LVBP is the Liga Venezolana de beisbol profesional, the Venezuelan professional baseball league.

For MLB2k9

2k9 AL East Caps Set 1.2.

This is one in a series of six covering all thirty teams.

For MLB2k11

All Star Game Special Set.

Big Shmooz

Big Shmooz was a modder who dabbled in many things. He made roster sets, cyberfaces, portraits and a very good datafile (listed below.) But what he was mostly well known for was saving time for thousands of users by compiling the uniform sets of the top three uniform makers during that period and packaging their uniforms up into one big download. This was so popular that the uniform set made by Umachines was downloaded over 32,000 times and Moser316 had his set downloaded over 25,000 times. KCcitystar had his uniform package downloaded over 6,500 times. You may wonder why there was such a low amount for his as compared to the other two but you have to keep in mind KC was the only modder of the three to upload his uniforms in one file. That's how KC's TotalMLB got its start.

Big Shmooz Umachines Uniforms Models.big.

Big Shmooz Moser316 Uniforms Models.big.

Big Shmooz KcCitystar Uniforms Models.big.

If anyone is interested in trying any of these mods out I recommend two things for you to do to for it to work properly. First you will need a fresh install of Mvp and secondly you will need Ultimate Rosters v 8.61 because that roster is required for each one of these mods. You can download that roster set right here. What made all three of these mods so popular was that Big Shmooz did all the downloading and installing of each set of uniforms that these three modders uploaded to the website and installed them into a copy of the game that he had and all the end user had to do was download this one file and they would have the complete uniform set. Needless to say this was very convenient.

Big Shmooz datafile.

Another popular choice for those looking to experiment with different datafiles.

Behind the Scenes


Cornny was a talented Taiwanese cyberface modder that created some of the most realistic cyberfaces that were part of the game. He mostly concentrated on Asian ballplayers and Asian mods but not all the time. His Johnny Damon cyberface he made after he joined the Yankees was spot-on. Same for the Daisuke Matsuzaka that he made. His full listing of his mods can be seen right here.

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This week we look at a modder that made Phillies fans in here very happy and a modder who has contributed so much to the MLB2k12 series with his work. Our behind the scenes modder is someone who contributed many cyberfaces for the season mods that we have here and with the help of another modder, created one of the most downloaded stadium mods on the website.


If you take a look at the list of mods that Kjuggs has uploaded to the website you'll see that most of them have been made with his favorite team, the Phillies, in mind. His unique Phillies concept uniform (listed below) is one of the best fantasy uniforms that has been made for the Phils or any other team for that matter.

Orioles Splash Screen.

MLB Team Select Logos 2012.

Phillies Concept Uniform.

Phillies Channel 17 Overlay.

MLB Network Overlay.


Picklebrad is a very talented stadium modder for the 2k12 baseball game but that is not all he has contributed to that game. He has also made some very good cyberfaces and different sky settings (listed below) for that game. His Total MLB Experience mod which is also listed below for your convenience has been downloaded over 5,000 times and is practically a must-have if you own MLB2k12.

For 2k12

Alternate Sky Textures.

PB's Total MLB 2k13 Experience.

All updated stadiums combined with adjustments made by other modders.

Tim Lincecum (Short Hair.)

Yankee Stadium 1.0.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards 1.0.

Behind the Scenes


Y2K created many cyberfaces that were used when the game first came out including a Randy Johnson one that put the default EA one to shame. His complete listing of cyberfaces and mods are right here. As popular as his cyberfaces were it was the teaming up he did with Hyman to make the 2005 edition of Yankee Stadium. It was downloaded over 6,800 times and it included all the ads that were at the stadium at the time along with many other improvements.

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This week we look at one of the first audio modders we had on this website and another modder who has made a lot of good looking cyberfaces for 2K11 and 2K12. Our behind the scenes modder is another of the talented people who contributed their time and talents to Total Classics when it was starting out.


Among the cyberfaces and portraits that he created here, 63Impala was one of the first modders here to work on the game's audio. His contributions can be found and heard in the Mvp '06, '07 and '08 mods. And if any of you have multiple mods installed on your system you may want to check out how good the portraits he made for the EA Legends and Heroes teams, which are listed below.

Mvp Legends Portraits.

Mvp Heroes Portraits.

Rogers Centre Audio.

Requested Audio Version 1.

Detroit Style

Detroit Style created many impressive cyberfaces for the MLB2K11 and 2K12 game that have been downloaded over the years. With four pages of downloads to his credit he created many of the most popular players for the users of that game. The featured cyberfaces below give a glimpse on how talented he was.

For MLB2K12

The MLB Experience (overlay.)

The ESPN Experience (overlay) v1.1.

Steven Strasburg.

R.A. Dickey.

Yu Darvish.

For Mvp 2005

MVP12 Portrait Pack v2.0

Behind the Scenes


One of the most visible aspects about any mod that has been released here is the uniforms that are put in it and Kapnkirk 13 was a big part of the uniforms process in the making of the Total Classics series. He did have a a few mods posted on the website but two of them are offline. This mod right here gives you a good idea of the things Kapnkirk did to improve the look of the uniforms during the time he was active here.

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This week a modder who supplied some very useful tools for people who wanted to create some mods for themselves in Mvp and a 2K modder who has created some excellent looking overlays for that game as well as portrait sets. Our behind the scenes modder is another member of the Total Classics cyberface team.


For people who have had the desire to create their own uniforms for the game MarlinsMS_35's popular jersey template has been a very useful tool to have. Since its initial release it has been downloaded over 2,000 times and all you have to do is take a look at the three jerseys that he released here you can see why this was a go-to utility for anyone wanting to do this kind of modding.

Kennyess' Bat Template.

Kennyess' Jersey Template.

Kennyess' WBC Team USA Jerseys.

Florida Marlins Concept Jersey.

Team Turducken Jerseys.


For owners of MLB 2k11 and 2k12 Raidersbball20's mods have been a welcome addition to their game for the past three years. It is very easy to see that his overlays, portraits and uniforms are very popular as they have been downloaded plenty of times. Raidersbball20 probably has the distinction of having the most detailed tutorial ever because the portrait packs for 2k11 and 2k12 that he released he created tutorials on how to install them into the game and posted them on youtube for people to watch and follow along. I do not own these two games but I watched one of his videos and I learned that there are a few more steps to install portraits in this game and his videos were very clear and detailed and explained everything. I am sure the 2k users here really appreciated this extra step that he did so they could use these mods.

For MLB2k12

AL/NL Greats Portrait Pack.

Orioles New Logo Overlays.

MLB 2K14 Logo Updates.

Rogers Sportsnet Overlay v2.

MLB 2K13 Overlay 1.1.

Behind the Scenes


Jscand was another contributor to the wonderful cyberfaces seen in Total Classics and the first season mods here. This behind the scenes section each week was created for people exactly like Jscand because he has been a member here practically since the website began and while he is not an active member any more his work in these mods stand out as well today as when he first made them.

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This week we thank a modder who created some very good game audio as well as uniform accessories and a modder who made some excellent fielding cams for the game. Our behind the scenes modder had an appropriate screen name to fit his cyberface making abilities as you will see for yourself.


Among his portrait and audio making skills, Rossmac7 made some very realistic first baseman's gloves (listed below) and shin guard accessories for batters (also listed below.) His additional work on Mvp baseball 2006 - the first ever modern total conversion mod we had produced three mods that I have listed below that improved the total look of the game.

First Baseman's Mitts (black and brown) Generic (no logo).

First Baseman's Mitts (black and brown) Easton Model (Easton Logo).

Red, White and Blue Batting (USA) Shin Guard.

Blue and Red Batting Shin Guards.

Sweet Caroline 7th inning stretch audio.

The mods listed below are exclusively for Mvp 2006 and should not be included in any other total conversion mod.

Mvp 06 Overlay.

Mvp 06 updated loading screens in 2X.

Update of Umpires Uniforms to Mvp 06 logo (fixed).


If you desired a different view when you were playing in your favorite stadiums the fielding cam views made by thasainted40 really did a fine job. If you are curious to see a total listing of the ballparks he covered please click here because there are a lot more than the ones featured here. Most of these mods were made before everyone used the Total Installer Thingy by Krawhitham and that's why he tells you to use BigGui to install it.

Mvp Fielding cams Volume 1.

Mvp Fielding cams Volume 2.

Great American Ballpark Fielding cams.

Yankee Stadium cams version 1 fix.

Fenway cams version 1.

Wrigley fielding cams.

Behind the Scenes


I don't know if a screen name ever fit a modder so perfectly as FacetoFace, creator of cyberfaces for Total Classics. If you have noticed something over the past weeks a lot of recognition to the behind the scenes modders are to cyberface makers then you are correct. A lot of these modders did not release many individual mods and FacetoFace was one of them. Fortunately he did have one upload, a Roger Clemens cyberface that will give you an idea how talented he was.

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For eight months this thread has been updated once a week to show everyone here the wonderful work the modders on this website have done. Newer people to the website were shown some of things that are available to them in the download section and for members that have been here for many years this thread brought back memories of the modders featured here and the fine work by them during their time here.

This week highlight our last group of modders. Including the three modders for this week, a total of eighty-five modders will have been covered in this thread and it is my hope that each one of them know how much their work was and always will be appreciated here. The modders have always come first and that is something that Trues originally said when this site began way back in February, 2004. With the popularity of Mvp and later on 2k's baseball games modders knew they could come to this website knowing their work would not be taken or used in any way without permission from them.

Not every person who has made mods has been singled out to be put in this thread. Please do not think that because someone did not make this thread it means that they were being ignored. I spent many hours going through the download area looking at all of the contributions. At the same time I did ask for anyone out there to nominate someone if they wanted to but no one did. Therefore I am satisfied with everyone who made this thread.

A special thanks goes to Jim825 who had the idea for the behind the scenes section that has been done each week since December. It really was a pleasure showing the work that they did because those guys are probably the most anonymous modders we have here.

And here we go for the final time.

This week we recognize and thank two cyberface modders who made many of the faces for the modern conversion mods, although one of them was a real jerk. (You'll have to continue reading to see exactly what I mean. Trust me.) Our behind the scenes modder is another person who contributed to the enormous job of cyberface making in Total Classics.


Thr33nil was another in the long line of cyberface creators we have been fortunate to have here. A lot of his work can be found in the Mvp 2006, 2007 and 2008 mods. He made many cyberfaces and among his best work was Boston pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka back in 2006 that was almost a perfect likeness of him (see below.) No matter what face he was creating at the time his work was the same quality on every one of them. This is one of the reasons why those three mods were as popular as they were.

Daisuke Matsuzaka cyberface.

Alex Gordon cyberface.

Adam Jones and Jeff Clement cyberfaces.

Rafael Soriano 2X cyberface.

J.J. Putz cyberface.

The_Jerk (also known as khinske)

Some long time regulars know this modder a lot better as khinske but for reasons known only to him he changed it to The Jerk, which explains why I referred to him like that in my introduction. It didn't matter what his name was because the bottom line was that he knew how to make cyberfaces. His work, just like Thr33nil's, was a part of the first three modern day total conversion mods here. Featured below are some examples of his best work that he uploaded and I am sure that if this is the first time looking at any of these you will agree that the likenesses to the actual person is uncanny.

C.C. Sabathia and Bartolo Colon cyberfaces.

Jeremy Bonderman, Joel Zumaya, Craig Monroe and Curtis Granderson cyberfaces.

Brian McCann and Dan Uggla cyberfaces.

Rich Harden and Nick Swisher cyberfaces.

Francisco Liriano and Johan Santana cyberfaces.

Behind the Scenes


It is very hard to imagine how different Total Classics would have been without the proper uniforms and cyberfaces that were put into it to make it as realistic as possible. A lot of cyberface wizards were needed before the completion of Total Classics. You must consider that there were 120 teams that were made for this unbelievable mod and each team had 25 players on it. That's 3,000 faces. Not all the players were given cyberfaces but a good number of them were and it took people like Cankey and the others mentioned before him to complete this huge part of the mod. He did not release many individual mods and many of cyberfaces were not even uploaded separately from Total Classics but his work, along with everyone that worked on that great mod have not been forgotten.

Thank you again to all the modders!

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