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Here in week six we feature a modder who has made 1960's Total Classics a huge hit and another modder who is well known for his superior cyberface creating ability and helpful tutorial work over the years.


Anyone who has played a Total Classics mod from the 1960's are already familiar with stecropper's work. The baseball seasons from that decade are his favorites and we are fortunate to have five of the ten years from that time period in the the total classics collection. He has taken his time making these season mods and the result is some of the best total conversion work available on this website.

Total Classics *61 (with Sandman).

Total Classics 1962.

Total Classics 1964.

Total Classics 1967.

Total Classics 1969.

Cyberface screenshots of each 504 Originals in Mvp.

Cyberface screenshots of each 504 Originals in Mvp.

(For modders use.This is a compilation of Screenshots for the 504 different Cyberfaces that exist in the original Models.big file that comes with MVP Baseball 2005. This file is useful for several functions including easily identifying facial structures to use for Cyberface Modders. Two different links are provided here because each download is different from the other.)


We are lucky here on this website that we have some very good cyberface makers and Homer is among one of the very best there is. Much of his work can already be found in past conversion mods as well as Mvp 2012 and 2013. He has released individual cyberfaces as well as his cyberface packs that have been used with the BaseUp! Rosters. Along with his impressive work with cyberfaces Homer has taken the time to create instruction tutorials and videos for people who want to learn how to mod themselves but who are unsure of how to begin.

Audio Tutorial.

Mvp 05 Uniform Slots.

Homer's Cyberface Tutorial Videos.

2x Face Textures.

Nick Franklin Cyberface.

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Two more great selections here. Don (stecropper) was the inspiration for me getting into single season modding. After seeing what was possible the *61 mod, I decided to try my hand and modding a single season. The result of that exercise was TC1978. Don took the time to answer all my questions, and without his help during those early days, I never would have gotten TC1978 out the door and continued on to create more mods.

Homer's faces are great and I'm a big fan of his classic player faces. You can see many of them in the Total Classics mods.

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Here we go again another week and more accolades to the people who have contributed so much in here over the years, the Mvp modders. The two modders featured this week are well-known uniform creators when this website first started but for people who have joined in recent years their names will not be familiar to them.


We are very lucky on this website to have so many wonderful uniform modders and some have already been featured in this thread in the previous weeks. But Fizzjob, along with the next name to be featured this week, were among the first to focus on throwback uniforms for Mvp 2005 and their work to this day is among the best out there.

As I said, Fizzjob made a lot of throwback uniforms but his specialty was creating uniforms for the Chicago White Sox. He actually made every White Sox uniform from 1901 to the 1990's and that was no small feat. There's no way you can have all these uniforms he made for the White Sox in one game since there are so many. Because of this the White Sox have the most uniform representation out of any team in the uniform download area thanks to this one man alone. So if you are a White Sox fan and you have never heard of Fizzjob you need to check out the download area.

While his work was White Sox dominated he made many other uniforms also. Some of his work can be seen in the Mvp 12 and Mvp 13 mods.

Cleveland Indians Throwbacks.

White Sox Uber Theme.

White Sox Loading screens.

Chicago American Giants.

Oakland A's Throwbacks.

Chicago White Sox 1901-1920.


The main difference between Sandman and Fizzjob is that Sandman did not concentrate on one team almost exclusively. But like Fizzjob, Sandman was a modder who made the throwbacks as flawlessly as Fizzjob did. In fact the only problem was when these two were around and were making these uniforms was having enough uniform slots to place all their work. It was impossible. Sandman is also the co-creator of Total Classics *61 along with stecropper and if you happen to have an old copy of Mvp 2004 still around he has many throwbacks made for that game too.

1960 Washington Senators.

1963 Chicago White Sox.

1960 Pittsburgh Pirates.

1960 Cincinnati Reds.

1963 Los Angeles Dodgers.

1948 Cleveland Indians.

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The work of both of these guys is prominently featured in a number of the TC mods. Picking through their uniforms was like being a kid in a candy store. I'll take one of these and one of those and one of those.... :D

I couldn't wait to come in here during the time these uniforms were released Jim. Just when I thought I saw one that I thought to myself was my "favorite" they would come up with something else to change my mind.

One thing I never asked fizzjob was if he ever used all those White Sox uniforms in his game. :)

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Great choices to showcase this week Y4L. Obviously the work from these two men had GREATLY influenced my desire to create uniforms for this game. I was so surprised to see the attention to detail that these guys put into their work and seeing all of these throughout the Total CLassics series was a great treat and planted the seed for me. Next to Jim and Don (stecropper); the uniform mods from Sandman and Fizzjob, are the biggest influences in what continues to drive me to making mods for this great game. I'd like to think that guys like bctrackboi11 and myself took the torch for uniform modding and approached it with a ton of enthusiasm for classic and modern uniforms. :good:

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i don't think there are enough uniform slots to use all the white sox uni's he made.

Not a chance. I think the only way anyone could have used all these White Sox choices is to install these in different mods. It can be done if you want to be creative about it. For example with the 1941 mod. Fizzjob has the Chicago uniforms from 1921 to 1944. Well it wouldn't be accurate but you can install as many late 1930's up to 1944 as you can in that mod and in the 1927 mod install uniforms from the 20's. Won't be 100% accurate but it can be done and somehow you'll get all these uniforms in different mods.

Y4L this is really another great post you've created a truly enjoyable read. It's really great to get some background on these modders and this site in general.

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoy this thread. There's a lot more to come.

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This week we spotlight a modder who was responsible for some of the nicest stadium mods for Mvp and for the first time in this thread a modder who has done all his work on the 2k Sports games in here.

Sean O

Sean O was (and I'm sure probably still is) a huge classics and baseball history fan and his love for the history of the game showed through on his work with the stadium mods that he made. To see examples of his work you need to go no further than playing just about any season of Total Classics play. A lot of his parks were released as individual downloads including many versions of Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium, the two ballparks that were his specialty.

Milwaukee County Stadium.

Wrigley Field 1961 (in Los Angeles).

Anaheim Stadium 1966-1979.

Sick's Stadium (Seattle).

Hadlock Field (Portland Sea Dogs).

Don Spa

Don Spa joined the website when MLB 2k9 was released in 2009 and immediately had a big impact on the new game that was released that year. While 2K9 proved to be the most problematic in that series, the uniforms made by Don Spa made that game look a lot better and for the next four years he made uniforms for each new release of the game. 2K gamers on this site have an incredible twelve pages of downloads to choose from. In later years Don Spa branched out into creating stadiums and they were as well received as his uniforms have been. This game may have gone through more than its share of problems but the contributions from Don Spa were not among it.

Cardinals Retro Uniforms.

Negro League set 1. (A ten set series of uniforms.)

2013 Athletics Turn back the Clock uniforms.

How to make uniforms tutorial Part 1.

How to make uniforms tutorial Part 2.

2012 PNC Park Pittsburgh.

Twins Target Field.

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Moving on in this thread we feature this week a modder that released mods for both Mvp and the 2k series and a modder who contributions to the modding community here were all minor. Read on to see exactly what I mean by this.


Mcoll86 is a modder who has been with us since the start of this website so it was a huge surprise for me to find out that most of the mods that he has made here were for the 2k sports baseball series. He has made mods for each release of 2K's baseball games and by doing that he has surpassed by far all the work he has done with Mvp Baseball.

Mcoll has made a full set of uniforms for both Mvp and 2K. His uniforms are based on the team's actual uniforms as well as ones he creates for them out of his own imagination. His work has been constantly downloaded by members here and his uniforms are among the finest for both games.

Mvp 2005

2X Uniforms with a different look (Set 1, updated.) (This is a four part series.)

Concept Jersey Series (Blue Jays.)

2005 AL Central Concept uniforms. (Set of six.)

MLB 2K12

NL West Uniforms. (Set of six made for all the divisions.)

1980 Atlanta Braves Uniforms.

2K12 Cap Template. Not for game use but for modding.

Modernized Retro Fantasy Mets Uniforms. (One of a complete set of MLB Fantasy uniforms.)

NL East Parks for 2K12.


When I said in my introduction this week that one of the modding contributions here were all minor I was talking about Bodhiball. You see, Bodiball's mods all had to do with updates and improvements for the minor leagues in Mvp Baseball. The uniforms that he made, the stadiums and the cyberfaces that he released each were made for AAA ball and below. At the time when the game first came out many people were updating the game on the major league level. Because of that Bodhiball decided to concentrate on what he liked best which was the minor leagues with a concentration on the Red Sox minor league system.

His work can be found in the Mvp 12 and Mvp 13 mods.

Ottawa Lynx AAA Stadium.

Connecticut Defenders AA uniforms. (Giants AA team from 2003 to 2009)

International League Jerseys Part 1. (Set of three)

Pawtucket Red Sox Uniform Pack.

Red Sox A Ball Uniform Pack.

Bowie BaySox AA Stadium.

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What this website has never lacked is talented uniform creators and this week two more of these modders take center stage. The first was by someone who created some of the first 2X uniforms seen in here and the other by a guy whose uniforms are still featured today.


Back at the time when Mvp 2005 first was released we were spoiled in here because we had two guys who were releasing a full MLB uniform set in hi-res 2X style. The first was Kccitystar and the second was, because of the amount of time that has now passed, a lesser known modder to people here now named Moser316. Moser had a series of threads that can still be found today that covered the High-Res Road Trip that he had that detailed the release of each of his team uniforms.

Moser only released uniforms for the 2005 season but as everyone well knows a lot of teams have changed uniform styles since then and a lot of these uniforms that he made are considered throwbacks.

2005 Cardinals Uniforms.

2005 Texas Rangers Uniforms.

2005 Tampa Bay Devil Rays Uniforms.

2005 Cincinnati Reds Uniforms.

2005 Pittsburgh Pirates Uniforms.

2005 New York Mets Uniforms.

Royal Blues

Royal Blues was another guy in here that would post eagerly-awaited uniforms because every so often he would have extensive releases that had multiple uniforms included in one single package, as he liked to call his mods. Two examples of what I mean can be seen below. Royal Blues covered throwback uniforms and minor league teams and some of his work is also featured in the Mvp 12 and 13 mods.

Toronto Blue Jays History Pack.

(This history pack includes 26 uniforms.)

Milwaukee Brewers History Pack.

(According to the file description this history pack includes over twenty uniforms.)

Scranton/Wilkes Barre Yankees Uniforms.

1935 Detroit Tigers.

1971 Pittsburgh Pirates Home Uniform.

Omaha Royals Pack.

Tulsa Drillers Pack.

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I used Moser's High Heat uniforms and I used many of Royal Blues' uniforms in my early TC mods. Most are no longer around, as Dennis James has re-done the uniforms in most of my mods.

I recall when Mvp first came out there was a friendly debate going on in here with people that used KC's Total MLB uniforms and Moser's High Res Road Trip uniforms. Thanks to Mvp Studio I alternated many times.

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This week we showcase a modder that not many people knew by name and another modder who created a mod that made the Total Classics series sound just as good as it looks.


Salva was a stadium and uniform modder who has been member for many years but because he did not speak English many people knew little about him. That's because when he was here he would spend his time in a now-defunct area of the forum that was set aside for the Spanish-speaking members and those of us who did not understand the language did not go in there and the same held true for the Latino members in there who rarely left that part of the forum.

Salva's main concentration was stadiums, uniforms and faces from Caribbean League Baseball. These uniforms can also be found in all the various editions of Mvp Caribe but at the same time he released uniform and face packs here. Ironically the most popular mod he made had nothing to do with Latino baseball. His rendition of the Tokyo Dome in Japan has been downloaded over 1,700 times and can be seen in the 2013 mod that was released this past summer.

He may not have been a familiar name to the average user but the modding community in here they knew better.

The Tokyo Dome.

Seibu Dome.

Cuban Team Uniforms.

Leones del Caracas Superpack Vol. 1.

Cardenales de Lara Uniforms.

Caribbean Series Stadium 2008.


Patience and dedication are the first two words that should be used to describe this modder because his Legends from the Booth mod (listed below) took him three years to make and if you have not had the pleasure to hear what this mod is about it replaces the audio of the default announcers in the game with calls from Vin Scully, Ernie Harwell and Mel Allen.

While game audio is what OTBJoel is most famous for, most people would be surprised that he has released a series of classic stadiums over the years too, some of which are listed below.

Legends from the Booth - Complete.

Alternate Crowd Sounds.

Seals Stadium.

Bob Sheppard announces the Yankees.

Total Classics "Oldtime" Edition Overlay v5.0.

Seattle Kingdome.

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This week we zero in on a modder that during his short time here created some very useful utilities and another modder that helped organize and lead in the creation of the two new Mvp season mods that were released during the past two years.


Compmaniac joined here in late 2006 and the utilities that he made for this game were a huge help in modifying and customizing your game. He's not that well known today even though what he made is just as relevant now as it was then. But that's the purpose of this thread, to introduce quality work from modders that have been here in the past.

One of his most popular mods that he made was his base mod (featured below) where he was able to show in hi resolution dirty bases or clean bases, whichever you preferred. Downloaded over 2,000 times it just gave another dose of realism to the game.

All Screens Maker (4 different screens.)

Initial Splash Screen, CTS Screen, Loading Screen, License Screen.

Base Mod in Hi-Res (Dirty or Clean.)

MLB Vector Circle + Extras.

Mvp Baseball Game Resolution Changer.

Mvp Softball.

Note: As stated in the mod description this is not a completed mod and I always wished that Compmaniac would have finished it because he was on to something here. I've tried this mod out myself and it works very well. Back up your files as always if you want to give this a go.

Mvp Schedule Reader.


During the time after the Mvp 2008 was made there was always a discussion about making another season mod but after bringing it up at the beginning of each year and talking about it for awhile nothing ever came of it. There were still modders around to work on this game but what really was needed was someone to fill Krawhitham's role of being the project organizer and leader and without someone like that a mod of this kind would not be made.

Finally in 2012 a new season mod was made and it was thanks to Kyleb who put things together and who worked flawlessly with a very talented group of people that have produced two very impressive mods in the past two years. Each modder of course deserves credit for what he contributed because the mod would not have been the same without them but without Kyleb things would have not have come together.

Mvp 12.

Mvp 12 1x Uniform Pack.

Mvp 12 Walk-Up Music.

Cleveland Indians Minor League Portraits 2012.

Mvp 13.

Mvp 13 1x and 2x Uniforms.

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