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  1. Mvp 14 Support Thread

    The A's have officially signed a four-year player development contract with Triple-A Nashville. The Giants will now switch to the Sacramento River Cats Triple-A Sacramento. Maybe you can update this in the game?
  2. Mvp 14 Support Thread

    I should have screenshot the first time because now I am not having that problem anymore.
  3. Mvp 14 Support Thread

    I did what you said and replaced the stadium with MVP 12 or 13 and worked. Sometimes they would crash to the desktop after loading.
  4. Mvp 14 Support Thread

    Ok cool. I thought it was just me and maybe unzipped the files to the wrong directory.
  5. Mvp 14 Support Thread

    The A's stadium shows red and green error textures when I play it.
  6. Cyberfaces For Beginners

    CC needs some sleep.
  7. Cyberfaces For Beginners

    When will you releases these cyberfaces?
  8. Cyberfaces For Beginners

    I got it. Thank you.
  9. Cyberfaces For Beginners

    Export is grayed out. I can only click on open and import. Also, do I need to have the game running in the background while doing this?
  10. Cyberfaces For Beginners

    I installed your pack but I don't know what Yoenis Cespedes face number is.
  11. Mvpmods Subscriptions

  12. Is your MVP Baseball 2005 game crashing?

    Did turn it off and same results. Now I don't see MVP Baseball installed in my Add Remove Programs list even thought it's still installed.
  13. Is your MVP Baseball 2005 game crashing?

    Avast Antivirus, Xfire, Digsby and Winamp. This just started happening last week after I finished my dynasty and started a new season. I did install the 29 season game but I deleted it and started from fresh. Reinstalled the game adding 08_WS_release.TiT, theSpungos_2009_Uniforms-v3.01.TiT and the updated schedule for 09. When I tried uninstalling the game it wouldn't remove. I also checked under the add remove files and the game doesn't show up on there either after I installed it. So I just deleted the folder in the program files and I know that's not the right way to uninstall the game.
  14. Is your MVP Baseball 2005 game crashing?

    I'm having the same exact problem and I re-installed the game a lot of times to try to fix it.