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  1. Mi dispiace ma non abbiamo quello che cerchi. Magari la prossima volta chiedi 'per favore'. Whoops, sorry! I thought this "speaking in your own language on an English-Speaking site" was a new trend and I wanted to join in!
  2. Man, you joined this site on July 4th. How could you be waiting for 5 months already? Oh wait, I know.... Time difference! That must be it, right? And I don't wanna be picky but 5 months? It's barely been 2 months since opening day.
  3. I haven't replied yet cause I think he may be talking about MVP (he has posted in the MVP forum) but I may be wrong.... If you're talking about 2K12, then DaSteelerz is right, there are no slots for walk up songs, only slots for songs that play in the stadium randomly. There's a tutorial that I wrote about changing music, somewhere on the forums.
  4. Patience. And Fraps lol I think I have collected about 25gbs worth of replays and in-game footage just to make a 1 min and 25 seconds-long video. Very kind of you, my friend. Although I think credits should go to everyone involved in here for our outstanding work. Oddly enough, the only work you can't see (well, hear) is mine lol
  5. Glad someone recognized that hahaha Loved Cornell. Definitely influenced my song choice for the vid!
  6. Not sure if you can use it in other games too, but what you can do is find the stadium inside the main game folder and rename it to another stadium of your liking. For example, if you rename the Polo Grounds stadium file to stadium_nyy.iff the game will load it instead of Yankee Stadium. I think the All Star game stadium is named stadium_als.iff, but I may be wrong... I have no idea what the Polo Ground file is.
  7. 4 messages and they've all been about complaining about this mod not being out yet. I guess someone has a lot of time on their hands and not a lot to say... @DaSteelerz That'd be like letting them win. Ignore them. Afterall, we don't have a lot left to do, why release something quick and patched together that might not be as high standard as our work always is?
  8. Close enough.
  9. Screenshots would be ideal. Do they look pixelated or just weird? Cause I remember a few weeks ago someone else complained in the shoutbox that the 4K skies pack looked pixelated.
  10. From a personal point of view, I think if anyone wanted to use my work that I uploaded here, I would have nothing against it, but a message asking for permission won't hurt anyone. I'm sure the answer will be positive nonentheless though, it's just the way I'd do it.
  11. You are way too hard on yourself, man. That face is brilliant. I didn't want to sound like captain obvious, but if that keeps the trolls happy, let them have it xD
  12. That's strike three. We've been too kind until now. Ban this troll.
  13. lol like they don't have enough modders already Yeah, it would. They are a completely different format from the rest of the audios in the game. The best we could do was to get rid of the annoying "See ya" guy. Although, if there was a way to mod the commentators' lines I'd first and foremost get rid of the JV Intro line and put some other badass line... that would also help the game feel brand new