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  1. Oh I'm fine with Miggy, I was just wondering if that was final or not to answer your question, after what went down last season I would vote for a Cubs player. And if I have to pick one, I'd go with Rizzo cause he's partly Italian. (Biased, I know lol ) Instead if we wanted to make @Yankee4Life happy I'd say "let's honor Big Papi"
  2. Did we already pick our cover player? Or are we gonna have a poll?
  3. Sorry KC, I mean paying DLCs... you're right that when they're done right they're awesome but... Most aren't. Nothing wrong with updates being released every once in a while
  4. I don't think it'd look good if we were making money off of using sponsors in the stadiums without any consent and most importantly music without any sort of authorization.... Plus then it wouldn't be for everyone: this way (free) it is. Trust me, it's better this way. Sounds a lot like DLCs and I HATE DLCs lol Vegans will be happy ;P You're the people's (or cows'?) hero
  5. Not really man, everything will be included in the final package. If you want you can download the faces and unis that have been released so far, before the mod is released, but they will be included in the final release as well. BTW Nice to see the cheering cow survived the stadium makeover
    Brilliant stuff as usual my friend. Buen trabajo como siempre
  6. If you guys know of a program I can use to record videos from a videogame which doesn't leave watermarks, then I could do it. I use Fraps, but it leaves watermarks and it doesn't look that good.
  7. "Strike three and this game is history!" I don't know where that file is, I have an idea but the audio editor won't let us listen to audios from play-by-play and since there are like millions of lines, I have no idea what to do. I could replace every line that's about the length of the infamous JV line, but that would be trial and miss and it would require time that I currently don't have.
  8. Glad you got it working!
  9. I wish... It's like looking for a needle in a haystack while being blindfolded. We need someone to tinker with the audio editor before we can do that
  10. But he clearly stated he's saying "something that's actually true" so he must have said some relevant stuff LOL Funny how he can tell us what's true and what isn't, btw...
  11. Try to go the safe way and do the drivers thing first, so you won't lose anything
  12. Usually you can roll back the drivers to the previous ones. If the game worked with those, you may wanna try that. Not sure it'll solve anything, but it's worth a shot! You would obviously be able to go back to the updated drivers if nothing changes.
  13. Man, if it's not a roster issue, it sounds like something got corrupted inside the game files, therefore I'd suggest you do a fresh install... do you have the CD version or the downloadable version? Or did you update your GPU drivers lately? They can cause some weird issues.
  14. Why didn't you say that sooner? I'd have suggested you go play RBI Baseball, since you don't like the Show and you apparently don't care about our mod anymore. You do know that 2K12 does actually a very good job at being a realistic PC baseball videogame without a total mod added to it, right? You talk like you can't play the game without our mod. News flash: you can! Nobody is saying you should keep your opinion to yourself, but show some respect for our work and the time it takes to complete it. You don't know the work that goes into it and you don't know what goes on in our lives, which, I repeat, are more important than any bloody mod. Since you obviously don't know anything about these two things and you can't show any respect, then I suggest you shut up. Or what about you learn how to mod the game and help us out? We're always in need of new volunteers. (I underlined this word because, once again, I'd like to point out that we do this without earning one single dime, therefore I have no idea why we should be forced to release it on a hypotetical release date we mentioned in the beginning. Nobody says we HAVE to release it either.) I wonder what these silly things we bitch about are. It's not like we're not releasing the mod because one CF has short hair when it should have long hair. You keep saying that you don't care, yet I bet my ass you will be downloading this mod as soon as it comes out.