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New Year's Resolutions


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All of mine deal with routines and schedules:

1. Lose weight and get in shape via a regular diet and exercise routine.

2. Do a better job of cleaning the house, with a regular cleaning routine.

3. Finish my creative thesis and establish a regular daily writing routine.

4. Finish my graphic novel by June to shop around to potential publishers.

5. Apply for my doctorate by September.


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1. Now that I've been cleared to resume all activites, get back to the gym and take better care of my shoulder. Going almost two years without being able to throw or workout is not something I should experience again.

2. Kick *** at the new job so I will get promoted higher up the ladder. Step by step, I guess.

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If you go, you'll love it. I actually lived there.

Went for two weeks in 2002-ish. Gorgeous. I never left Oahu so I missed out on Maui (which I hear is spectacular). I'm not much into the tourist stuff, so Waikiki wasn't my thing. But the North Shore is fantastic - calm, quiet beaches...and hot *** surfer chicks.

Definitely in my plans to go back - this time to visit more of the other islands.

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Be nicer to Y4L.

See a Mets world series ;) (Though that ones not in my hands)

I agree with you on those. Also,

1. Get back in shape, since I had my cast on I put on a few extra pounds.

2. Graduate from the Police Academy in July.

3. Try to quit smoking again.

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