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3 hours ago, marty65 said:

Well that was a capitulation, they just coughed it up  those last two innings. Showed no heart no resolve just coughed it up  without a fight. So sad to end a season like that 


Oh!!! So that means they played like the Yankees? 😀

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To me, this is one of the biggest plays in this year's post-season. What if the Giants had won? Would they have played the Braves tougher? The season series was 3 - 3. The Braves won the season series 4 - 2 against the Dodgers.



Wilmer Flores of the San Francisco Giants strikes out on a checked swing for the final out of the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers during the ninth inning in game 5 of the National League Division Series at Oracle Park on October 14, 2021 in San Francisco, California. The Los Angeles Dodgers beat the San Francisco Giants 2-1.

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Oh I agree completely mate. I said at the time that I believed we were very lucky. 

I was probably a bit harsh earlier, it just seemed liked they had “dropped their heads” and accepted the inevitable. Just a lot of disappointment on my end I guess. 

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I hate using injuries as a reason but I think we (the Dodgers) probably did remarkably well to win 106 games. All things considered, losing Dustin May early, then Trevor Bauer (I know he wasn’t injured but I would think they were hoping for more from him lol) Having Kershaw, Bellinger and Seager out for extended periods. Then losing Kershaw and Muncy right before the playoffs and Turner and Kelly (amongst others lol) during the playoffs. 
I suppose, all in all I should be pretty proud of their season not annoyed lol

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