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  1. Not possible. Unless you have already started a franchise / season, which will contain the rosters you started with. When you bring the rosters in this way, you are making them the default rosters. After you have loaded them, go into the manager's area. You should see them properly there.
  2. Sorry, I don't do cyberfaces or manage the ID nos.
  3. Re: W7, you looked at the first few posting in this thread?
  4. I recorded a full game to somewhat simulate how this could work .... acting like both managers. There's one drawback to this: since it is a PC v PC game, the PC could make a managing decision before you do (e.g., bring in a relief pitcher, a pinch hitter, pinch runner, etc.). It will also require the home team (game controlling) manager to be on his toes to pause for the visiting manager/team. But there is one possible solution to this latter point. Team Viewer would allow dual control on a computer, but I'm not sure how comfortable anyone would be with that. Largely we'd be a small group and I think we would trust each other during the game to only control the game. The other part is communication. If we are viewing the game in full screen mode (not sure if Team Viewer can handle that), then we'd need some type of audio communication, like TeamSpeak (I think it's called), but unsure if there's a fee with that. TeamViewer is free. Come to think of it TeamViewer might have audio/microphone capabilities. Alternately, I know you can put TeamViewer in "remote view only" mode, meaning the manager joining the home team computer can view only and not control anything. In that case, the home manager would need to be attentive and pause right away when the visiting manager requests it, because the game will move along quickly. I'll upload the video later once I get it conditioned and sized properly (from set up to finish it was only a hour). It wasn't a bad game either and I demonstrated what slight slider tweaking can do. The other consideration would be, as the team manager, have your lineups you want vs L and vs R and be familiar with your relievers so that not a lot of time is spent in set up and when looking around the bullpen for warming up and calling in later in the game. That is, you should know who your true middle reliever guys are vs. setup guys and closer, despite where they presently are in the roster.
  5. As mentioned numerous times throughout the threads, other than a scant few who somehow can play with W10, yes W7 or XP is your best bet. You can keep it "vanilla" and still do some minor modding (grass changer, updated logos). MVP 15 is going to get you more globally up to date cyberface wise (the models.big file contains those), so you could actually install 2 versions of the game, take the models.big file from your MVP 15 install and copy to your "vanilla" install. But like Jim said, you'll want to install all, if not most, cyberfaces made since that time. Then follow the instructions to install the rosters. Your only other alternative is to change every custom cyberface in the rosters to something between 901-915.
  6. No, when you're online you want to get the game in..... not necessarily make a night of it. Bullpen sliders would favor warming guys up and keeping them warmed up without any penalty. But they still need time to warm up even on maximum allowance. If we do this, the main interest would be set it up, watch the game play and make the subs as needed. That's it.
  7. No. I've been in a league previously and a fantasy draft is a headache. We'd be using the up to date rosters (end of season 19). It wouldn't be as necessary to get the critical files, really only the roster file so that coaching decisions would be made, as well as making sure everyone is using the same slider settings. Initially I"m thinking the interaction order/play would go something like this (provided all the files and communication tools are in place and the schedule is set) : Both "coaches" meet in the viewing platform (Twitch?) with the home team responsible for all controls and set up (set up and substitutions) in the game. It will be easy to keep an MVP level of sliders to play in this fashion. The visiting coach may want to run the game in windowed mode (easy to do) on their own computer just to look at subs and bullpen warm-ups changes easily. Communication ideally can happen with a headset/audio; video isn't necessary and can actually possibly slow down the frame rate on certain computers. I would assume that Twitch or whatever viewing mechanism we would use, would have a built in chat in case audio fails. Once both coaches acknowledge that the lineups are correct, the home coach starts the game, making sure it is started in MVP level of play and the proper sliders are loaded. The game is now viewed by both players. Both coaches are expected to give their full attention to the game as if they were playing. If the visiting coach wants a timeout, he would need to communicate that at which point the home coach would carry through and confirm what is wanted being careful not to sub in the wrong player. (We could get into setting defensive alignments, though keeping it minimal since that can slow down the game tremendously) Upon both agreeing the game can be resumed, the home coach resumes the game and play proceeds. So essentially, this is the PC v PC, with the home team controlling the action and both coaches making moves throughout the game. I would recommend downloading the PC v PC rosters and going to the thread for the set up and watching a few games to get a feel of it if you haven't already. It's not difficult.
  8. Search the forums. There's a thread on it.
  9. That would be good .... but fix the above 4 players minimally.
  10. The instructions are in the first post: To play: Place both teams you wish to observe on the MVP level (human controllers). Advance to game. Pause. Choose preferred camera angle. Change both controllers to CPU. Resume game (with the suggested sliders above).
  11. You're better off seeing if you can install and play the basic install on a W7 or XP computer before spending more money on the game. Chances are you can by a PC capable of handling the game for as much as you'd still pay for the game.
  12. You're talking about human vs. human games. This is somewhat different. This would not be an IP 2 IP matchup which is only for human matches. Twitch could be a way to broadcast your game that you play solo as far as I know. I'm just looking for those who are interested ... and maybe that's next to nobody.
  13. Had a thought/idea about maybe some type of virtual league where you essentially would coach the computer controlled team (using my PC v PC rosters and slider set). Just not sure how to pull it off. Games certainly could be run by the "home" team after coaches set the roster and rotation, and let the game play out. That would be the easiest. The IP to IP function doesn't allow you to switch into a coaching/PC type mode, unless you get your manager thrown out and even then sometimes you keep control, so that wouldn't work. Alternately, I'm wondering how guys could meet up and possibly with the game running in window mode and some sort of chat mechanism (Twitch possibly?), one guy could control the action when the other manager wants to stop and sub in a player, reliever, etc. Make it like 1 or 2 games / week as scheduling matching times I'm sure could be a bit difficult. Any ideas and/or interest?
  14. Found errors for 3 pitchers. They should be corrected as follows: Also, Michael Baez, SDP, RP should have a different appearance. Consider cyberface 903, Dark Brown Hair/Facial Hair = none or first choice below that and lighter skin tone.
  15. Good luck Added World Series PC v PC for 2019 to the download area if you want to simulate WS games.
  16. No, that's fine, but it didn't work this year the same way for some reason. My understanding that in the original rosters both AS teams would be "clones" and what I found was that if you edited a player who was also on an AS team, it would double the edit you were doing. So, e.g., if you added 5 contact v L points to a player it would actually add 10. So I experimented with making a duplicate roster, then trading all of the desired AS players from their given teams to one of the minor league teams. Then I exported that minor league team, then imported it back to the main roster I was working on and it seemed to separate it out. For some reason though now, I can do it, but you can't play a season/franchise. You can play an exhibition game with the AS teams, but the season will freeze (where it didn't before). Also, I got to the point with the rosters that even if I left the AS as the "old" ones that didn't cause problems, I couldn't fill up the rosters with "Placeholder" players and simulate season/franchise with injuries, trades and/or suspensions off. It just got real odd this year and I have no explanation ..... and it's not the FA pool (I create a 1 player FA pool to test if that is a factor). I'll be writing a thread on how I did my roster creation overall and either attach or post links to the tools I use and charts I created based on stats.
  17. Or at the very least you'll have mismatched faces for certain players (e.g., White face on Black body or vice versa)
  18. Update to MVP 15, update all cyberfaces to date, install rosters as instructed.
  19. Version 1.1.0


    NOTE: THIS IS AN MLB ONLY ROSTER FOR PC VS PC PLAY ONLY! Rosters are adjusted for PC vs PC play only. If you attempt to play vs. the PC you may not get the same results. NOTE: The ratings for the main batting attributes (contact & power) are purposely lowered to play effectively like this. Do not contact me about this. NOTE 2: You can load these rosters, then save in game, then re-install other preferred rosters. If you do this, you'll have to then load your save to play PC vs. PC. INSTALLATION: place this rar file into the database subfolder (where your 19 .dat files are). DELETE the existing 19 .dat files first. Then, unzip/rar this file to this location. DO NOT SIMPLY DO AN OVERWRITE!! You can use this thread re: how to set up the game: **If you're going to give feedback, please make it intelligent. THIS WOULD INCLUDE IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. Leave a comment or question in the comments area if you need assistance, not in the feedback area. Thanks.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    These are SAV files only, meaning you need to place this in your MVP/documents folder in order to see it in game. These are the announced line-ups for each team. These are using the latest BaseUp! EOS rosters Version 5. Pitchers brought up had adjustments made accordingly. There is a SAV file for each team, depending on who you want to control, Washington or Houston. The game has set the next starter and I have no control over that, so make sure you pick the matchups you want.
  21. Here's basically what you want to do. (I'm not including the MVPCaribe uploads here): 1. Install the game and apply official patch #3. This will be your "base" install from which you can have many other versions of the game. 2. Copy this "base" folder and rename it to anything you like. 3. Grab one of the total conversion mods ... MVP 15 was the last, and some had trouble running it. If you don't like it you can repeat the process with one of the earlier versions. Follow the instructions to install to that copied folder, it's not difficult. 4. The latest rosters typically will crash if you don't install the latest cyberfaces. Otherwise, you'll have to convert all of the custom faces to one of the generic numbers (901-915). There is no full pack of cyberfaces .. you'll have to go through and download them. 5. Install the latest rosters with the instructions on the page..... again, not difficult. 6. PM me for more details and instructions before you do step #4.
  22. Final version is out today. After doing all of the pitchers' tweaks, here's how the rankings shook out: 1 HOU 2 LAD 3 CHC 4 BOS 5 WAS 6 STL 7 NYY 8 COL 9 TBR 10 CLE 11 PHI 12 MIL 13 CIN 14 ATL 15 MIN 16 SFG 17 MIA 18 NYM 19 OAK 20 SDP 21 PIT 22 LAA 23 ARI 24 CWS 25 TOR 26 TEX 27 KCR 28 BAL 29 DET 30 SEA Here's how it shakes out in each league:
    Thanks very much for all of your contributions this year!
  23. There's nothing stopping you from using other operating systems like anyone else is which has been talked about here ad infinitum over the years. As far as your discs, that's on you man. A 15 year old game and apps close to that old can't anticipate running on newer operating systems.
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