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  1. Greetings. I figured I would let everyone know since I have already been receiving questions about it, I have in fact began work on a roster for the 2016 season. The new schedule for next year is already complete and I will began working on other updates throughout the winter and into spring as time allows. My goal will be the same as in years past with having a version ready for release by or before opening day. I have seen there is a new gear update as well as some other mods which is awesome to see! I would like to encourage any modders that are interested in helping with portraits or faces for 2016 season to use this thread to organize our efforts. I will attempt to help as much as possible by providing cyberface/portrait ID's for new or missing players that are not currently in the most recent version of this roster released for the total conversion mod. This should make things easier to keep rosters compatible with faces or portrait packs moving forward. I am sill not exactly sure how much time or effort I will be putting into this years roster, so things like updated stats through 2015 will be based on free my free time and energy. With the game naturally losing interest, my goal is to make it relevant for one more year so I personally have to have a good playable baseball sim on PC for 2016. I am nearing the point where I will probably break down and buy a PS4 just for The Show but 2K12's gameplay and mechanics still gives me the best and most realistic playable baseball sim with very realistic numbers. My stats for last year after manually playing 162 games were the most realistic I have ever seen...ALL manually generated stats were within the realm of reality and possibility minus my pitching staffs total number of walks over the whole season. However the number I had this year was a big improvement from prior years and was not too far from the realm of possibilty. This is something I will be focused on attempting to fix with this years' pitching ratings. I will also be looking into increasing the overall ratings of pitchers in general as things like batting averages and runs scored for teams are coming out higher than those in real life MLB. I am hoping to see more no-hitters as well given the fact we saw 7 last year alone in real life. Anything you are wanting to see included in this years' roster can be requested in this thread and I will do what I can to include or at the very least consider the recommendation. Also. if anyone can post information here on things like minor league team name changes or affiliation changes I would be more than appreciative as that would free up more of my time to edit other things. Thanks again for everyone's work and support to update MLB2K12. Happy Holidays baseball fans! -BsuFan
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