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  1. stadium publicity

    nobody makes the stadiums for 2017 anymore sad and all star stadium
  2. faces bug

    yes when you start franchise all is fixed until you start moving player to triple A AND SOMETIMES WITHOUT ANY REASON ONE OR TWO GET THEIR FACE FIX UP is there a way to fix something some players
  3. faces bug

    why the face doesn't appear when you move the player from triple A to MLB
  4. did you test this rostes file pass june 8 the draft day and choose players???? and put them to play in franchise mode?

  5. roster free of crashes 8jun

    are there any roster who runs without crashing to the end of the season
  6. MLB 25-Man Roster (Accurate 8/30/2017)

    what are you gonna do about june 8 glitch franchise mode I'm looking for a franchise mode roster to play the whole season
  7. ROSTER 3/7/2017 MLB 2K17

    how to fix the crash in franchise mode you never test it?????????????????? how to fix the crash in franchise mode you never test it??????????????????
  8. Rosters V402

    when we gonna use it to play in franchise mode
  9. ROSTER 3/7/2017 MLB 2K17

    it crash in franchise mode it was a very nice job till there
  10. ROSTER 3/7/2017 MLB 2K17

    this one crash in franchise mode yes or no why upload something that is not going to work
  11. SunTrust Park 2K17

    tthank you so much that's beautiful its perfect
  12. Fenway Park 2K17

    wonderful beautiful thank you so much
  13. stadiums for 2017 req

    thanks guys for the effort I know you enjoy doing the mod things sorry for the total 2k2017 mod at least we can play some games with new thing you did this year
  14. stadiums for 2017 req

    I think theres not gonna be a 2017 mod for now anybody is working on the 2017 stadiums? just a question , so we can start franchise mode
  15. Want a cyberface? Request here!

    you're right but it was just a request since this thread is about requesting cyberfaces