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  1. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 1-17

    Happy holidays Mark, nice to see you around now and then.
  2. Some one could help me

  3. Fenway Park 1936-1995



    There are 6 versions of Fenway included in this file. 1936: Bullpens in foul ground, with a huge RF corner. Ads on the Monster. Sunny and cloudy versions. 1946: Bullpens added in front of the RF bleachers, seating added down LF and RF line. Sunny and cloudy versions. Usable for TC 1946. 1956: Lights added. Screen added to top of RF bleachers. Ads removed from the monster. Day and nite versions. Usable for TC 1951, 1956, 1961 and 1964. 1967: Monster changed to plastic (modern) covering. Day and nite versions. Usable for 1967 and 1969. 1978: Walls cover the top of bleachers. Scoreboard added to CF. Day and nite versions. Usable for TC 1978 and 1988. 1995: Scoreboard expanded in CF. Padding added to all field walls. .406 club and roof seating added. Day and nite versions. Usable for TC 1994 and 1998. Installation: choose the version you'd like to install (any file can be put in any version of MVP), and copy files to your mvp\data\stadium directory. Thanks to paulw for graphical work. If you enjoy these files, please consider donating to MVPmods. Your contributions help keep this great site running.
  4. Fenway Park 1912



    Fenway Park circa 1912 (accurate for Total Classics 1927) Installation: Place in your mvp\data\stadium folder. This will overwrite your existing Fenway Park installation. There is a sunny and cloudy version in place of day and nite. Thanks to paulw for graphical work.
  5. Total Conversion Mods

    Any questions about the parks Jim?
  6. Total Conversion Mods

    Here are the status of the 1927 stadiums: AL: Yankee Stadium: heavily changed Shibe Park: stock from EA Griffith Stadium: stock from EA Navin Field: changed, unavailable Comiskey Park: changed, unavailable League Park: done from Sean O Sportsman's Park: unchanged from '40s/'50s Fenway Park I: done from EA NL: Forbes Field: stock from EA Sportsman's Park: unchanged from '40s/'50s Polo Grounds: stock from EA Wrigley field: heavily changed Crosley Field: stock from EA Ebbets Field: done from Sean O Braves Field: done from Sean O Baker Bowl: done from Sean O So, Wrigley, Navin (tiger), Comiskey and Yankee Stadium are way off. Everything else is essentially stock from EA, or otherwise already changed.
  7. Total Conversion Mods

    And, mind, updating the .loc files with loclook wouldn't take all that much time. How about we open source '27 to completion? Well, everyone except me, since I'll spend most of the next month heavily sedated, but when I wake I want to see '27 done.
  8. not just phillies fans, man

  9. Mvpmods Subscriptions

    So the way to help the site survive is to remove all of your content from it? Be serious man. Trues isn't doing this to make a buck, he's tired of taking a $100+ loss every month because people don't donate. Whatever, it's your decision, I just can't help but lose a lot of respect for anyone who pulls their work, from one modder to another.
  10. Incredible Pc Hockey Game

    Thanks for the post apocalypse, it's great to hear of games similar to MVP that refuse to die. Dare I ask, has anyone managed to edit arenas? If I could play at the Boston Garden or Chicago Stadium I'd buy this game immediately.
  11. Total Conversion Mods

    If you're not modding primarily for yourself, what's the point?
  12. Total Conversion Mods

    Stop begging in general, or learn how to mod yourself. Simple as that, but please stop with this pity party.
  13. Total Conversion Mods

    Love it, glad to hear. I greatly prefer earlier to later at this point, can't wait to dig in.
  14. Total Conversion Mods

    I know I heard a little about the early stages of this, not sure if I ever fully heard the results. I look forward to release.
  15. Total Conversion Mods

    Use rolie's bloom mod, and it looks dramatically better.