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You can adjust that field as a global edit within MVPEdit.

Really?  Which field is that?  I've used MVPEdit since it came out and don't remember ever seeing it, unless it's one of those hidden ones that only shows up on the Global Edit pull-down menu, rather than being visible on the tabbed windows.

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Really?  Which field is that?  I've used MVPEdit since it came out and don't remember ever seeing it, unless it's one of those hidden ones that only shows up on the Global Edit pull-down menu, rather than being visible on the tabbed windows.

Yeah, it's in the drop down. GblEdit>Filter>Field>Top Prospect.

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Yeah, it's in the drop down. GblEdit>Filter>Field>Top Prospect.

Cool, thanks!  :hi:

After all these years, I'll STILL learning new things about MVPEdit!  ^_^

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Cool, thanks!  :hi:

After all these years, I'll STILL learning new things about MVPEdit!  ^_^

And I'm just truly shocked that I taught YOU something new. What's it been, four or five years that I've been bugging you for help and advice? :)

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And I'm just truly shocked that I taught YOU something new. What's it been, four or five years that I've been bugging you for help and advice? :)

You're shocked? So am I. Jim knows this game so well that if EA ever makes another one they'll go to him for help.

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Has anyone noticed that the stats in TC 1971 mod are from 1970 instead which accounts for a lot of player ratings being inaccurate. 

However the team rosters appear to be correct. I have all of the other Total Classics mods and this is a first. I am still enjoying this

one though :)

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Before I review this new NCAA mod I want to give you a little background history. I have been here a very long time and I have seen literally every single mod that has been uploaded to this wonderful website that Trues operates. But I have to admit this mod that I am about to review right now is the one mod that I never expected to see the light of day.


Please allow me to explain.


The idea for this mod goes back seven years to 2009 when the design of this mod first began. The guys who first worked on this mod back then were all in on it and they had some very nice ideas on what they wanted to do but it did not take long for the energy, desire and effort to die down and very quickly and very quietly the NCAA mod was dropped.


The very next year rroy0824 tried to revive this mod and unfortunately the mod suffered the same fate. Interest in the mod, great ideas, offers to help and for one reason or another the NCAA mod was dropped again. It was at that time that I thought we would never see this mod ever completed. I didn't mind because I know that life gets in the way and people get sidetracked.


But even though interest for this mod died down for a second time in 2010 Rroy never quite let the vision for this mod go away. So, for the past few years with the help from bctrackboi11 and the assist from many of our top modders on the website the NCAA baseball mod has finally been added to the Total Conversion mods library here at Mvpmods.


You can download the mod right here. This took a few years to make because these guys had to remove all 124 teams that were in the game (the major leagues and the three minor leagues) and replace them with 124 collegiate teams. As you can well imagine this took quite a bit of time. With 124 new teams that meant that 124 new uniforms had to be made and naturally each team had more than one uniform to choose from. Considering the work that had to be accomplished just to add teams and the uniforms that go with them I am amazed that this mod was released before Christmas.


Installing this mod is once again extremely easy to do thanks to Jim825 and his user-friendly installer. Install this mod into a clean (no mods installed) copy of Mvp 2005 and sit back and wait for it to complete. That's it.


When I finally got into the game I saw that it was well worth the wait. Do you have a favorite college team or do you want to see if a certain one is in the game? It's easy to find what you are looking for because the teams were put in alphabetical order so you can locate your desired team in seconds. They are in four divisions as follows:







For my exhibition game I picked the USC Trojans to play up against their rivals the UCLA Bruins and I had them play in Lindsay Nelson Stadium in Tennessee. I figured I would give them both a road game. I checked out the newly created college stadiums in this mod and there are a lot to choose from and they look like they will be very interesting to play in. There are some familiar stadiums in here too that are in other mods such as George Steinbrenner field in Tampa, the Yankees minor league stadium that hosts the Florida Four Classic and the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati that is the home for the Reds Collegiate Invitational.


The rosters for all the teams are fictional so if you are inclined to want to look up right-handed hitting shortstop Joe Coleman for the Seton Hall Pirates your search will get you no where. (Although if you look really close you will find there was a pitcher named Joe Coleman who played for seven different major league teams.)


The uniforms look fantastic thanks to bctrackboi. Check out a few of the teams before you decide on a game just to see for yourself.


The only thing that I did not like about this mod besides the Kanye West song in the jukebox was a glitch in the overlay that I was lucky enough to capture. It didn't last long but it got annoying. If it has anything to do with the overlay then all you really have to do is grab a new overlay and install it. I have no problem doing that since I never was ESPN's biggest fan.


I must assure you that this is a minor issue and it took nothing away from the enjoyment of my exhibition game.


I highly recommend this mod. It is a new twist on Mvp baseball that keeps this game fresh and alive.




Welcome to Mvp NCAA Baseball!





The overlay between innings looks very nice.




This is the glitch I was referring to. It would pop up from time to time.




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I want to apologize to Kyleb for the lateness of my review for his Total Classics 1995 mod. I have been under the weather lately and I really only have been healthy enough at times to make another contribution to my random thoughts thread and I was only doing that between random sneezing. :D

I downloaded the 1995 mod the first day it was released but I only had a chance to play it today and it was so good that I had to review it when I played my second game this afternoon. It is hard to imagine that twenty-two years have past since this season played out and looking back on it, it really was a classic season. As Kyleb touched upon in his description for this mod the '95 season began late and it also began with a lot of hard feelings towards the owners and players because the fans saw them both at fault for the cancellation of the 1994 season in August of that year and also the World Series in October. And truth be told both of them were no better than the other.

It is hard for anyone who was not around back then to imagine an October without a World Series but that's what happened. But the worst part that the players and owners found out was that the baseball fans survived. They were angry, but they came through this stronger than anyone expected. People found other things to do.

What baseball needed was someone who could get the crowds cheering again instead of booing and they found one in Baltimore Orioles shortstop Cal Ripken, who, on September 6th in a game against the California Angels, played in his 2, 131st straight game as he broke a record by Yankee first baseman Lou Gehrig that many thought never would be broken. It took until the final month of the 1995 season but baseball finally made it back.

This is the backdrop that made the 1995 season classic.

Installation for this mod is made easy for you thanks to Jim825's installer. Just have a clean (unmodded) copy of Mvp '05 and then direct the installer where to go and that as the saying goes, is that. If I am making it sound super-easy it's because it is.

As soon as I got into the game I was hit by music I have never heard of and that was kind of surprising since 1995 is not a distant memory for me. Don't get me wrong, the choice of songs here are very good. It just that I never heard of Better than Ezra or Oasis before. I was still playing 80's rock back then. Twenty-two years later thanks to Kyleb and Mvp baseball I got introduced to 90's music. :D

There are a couple of things I want to point out in this mod because I think they need to be included in this review. First, the uniforms in the game. We have a new uniform maker here on the website and his name is BallFour. You may have seen his two threads on the main page. Along with resident uniforms Gods KcCityStar and Dennis James, his assistance on this mod was impressive. Any time you can get someone new to contribute to this great game it is always good for Mvp. I don't know which uniforms are his but if they are any like his minor league creations I am sure they look great.

Rising Sun is responsible for the overlay in this mod and this is one of the best overlays I have seen come through here in a long, long time. I provided a screen shot of it for everyone to see.

The portraits in this mod are fun to look at. They are not the standard MLB pressbox photos that we are used to seeing in other mods where the player is seated and we get a photo of his face. Not in the '95 mod. Bret Boone for example has his hat on backwards while sitting down, presumably in the dugout. it is a subtle touch but I think it makes this mod stand out.

I want to thank Kyleb and all the people who assisted him on this mod. You should be proud of your work. This one is a real keeper! Thank you.


Welcome to Total Classics 1995!



Here is a look at the superb overlay on TC 1995.







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Thanks for the kind words. I really do think this is the best mod I've put together. I took some serious time looking over stats for the 1995 season and then trying to replicate the results when simulating, even to the point of anomalies in that year - Albert Belle had a much better batting average against righties in 1995 than he did for his career, so I upped his ratings against RHP.

Another thing I really wanted to emphasize is just how good the best players really are. When you play against Greg Maddux, I want you to feel like your back is against the wall. His 1995 season was incredible and I want it to mean something when you play a game against him.

Hope everyone is enjoying the mod!

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Last week was a very good week for total classics fans here because Dennis James and Jim825 released another gem in their long line of season mod hits, this time taking us back to the 1934 season where the Gas House Gang was king and the Sultan of Swat was just about on his way out.

Although there are many total classics mods already to choose from this mod here is a unique one because it is the first mod from the 1930's. There is a lot of history associated with the 1934 season and in my opinion it starts with two people. First, Dizzy Dean of the St. Louis Cardinals. He may have given his manager Frankie Frisch a lot of grey hairs when he played for him but as Dean always said "it isn't boasting when you can back it up." And in 1934 that's exactly what he did when he went 30 -7 with a 2.66 ERA. Dean may have loved to laugh and have a good time but when he was on the mound he was all business.

But even while Dean was winning all those games the Cardinals were still in second place behind the New York Giants and this is where the second person comes into the picture. Bill Terry was the manager of the World Champion New York Giants of 1933 and he was feeling pretty good about the chances of his team repeating in 1934. During the off season he was giving an interview about the chances of each team in the National League winning the pennant and he analyzed each roster for the reporters, giving them what he thought were their strengths and weaknesses. Finally a reporter from Brooklyn asked Terry what he thought the Dodgers' chances were and his reply struck a cord in the entire borough of Brooklyn that Terry paid for dearly at the end of the season at the Polo Grounds. "Brooklyn?" Terry asked, "is Brooklyn still in the league?"

With two games left in the season their was a tie for first place between the Giants and Cardinals. St. Louis won their final two games at home against the Reds while the Giants were hosting the Dodgers -and hundred and hundreds of their loyal fans to end the season. The Giants were razzed as bad as they were when they played in Brooklyn and they never had a chance. The Dodgers won both games to eliminate their hated rivals and the Cardinals won the 1934 pennant. You have to wonder if Bill Terry had not made that off the cuff statement in the off season if things would have been different.

Well, that's a little background for this year in baseball and you can download the mod right here so  you can try it out yourself. Again, and this is for the new people only, you need a clean copy of Mvp 2005 on your hard drive where you can install the mod. Jim has once again made the installer and as always it is very user friendly.

Once you get into the game the first thing that I notice is the jukebox music in the background. If you say to yourself that this music sounds kind of melancholy and downhearted then you're right. 1934 was right in the middle of the Great Depression and there was no money or jobs to be had. Lou Gehrig hit .363 with 49 home runs and 166 runs batted in in 1934 and he lead the American League in each of these categories but he was still forced to take a two thousand dollar pay cut in 1935. I'd be melancholy if something like that happened to me too.

The uniforms in this mod are exquisitely created and tailored by the master himself, Dennis James. He has a way of giving each classic uniform a modern but at the same time throwback look. I don't ask how he does it. I'm just appreciative and grateful of his work.

The two team I picked were the New York Giants visiting the Cardinals at Sportsman's Park. I saw why the Giants had such a good team with Mel Ott and Bill Terry in their lineup and Carl Hubbell on the mound. And every member of the Cardinals were a tough out. They were not champions for nothing.

I give this mod the highest rating I can give it and I highly recommend spending some time in it. Thank you very much Jim and Dennis!


Welcome to Total Classics 1934!






In-game overlay of TC '34. I like how the baseball in the overlay is not too big or too small but manages to stand out on its own just the same.




It's between innings and it is a close one between the Cardinals and the New York Giants.



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With the exception of the first ten years of the twentieth century, the Total Classics team have covered every decade of the last century apart from the 1930's. Last year's Total Classics 1934 welcomed the depression-era decade into the group of total conversion mods. Last week thanks to Jim825, DennisJames71 and Kyleb they released the latest edition of the Total Classics family, Total Classics 1939.

When you go to the download page to get this mod you'll read a brief history of the 1939 season. It was a pivotal year for baseball. One Yankee leaving the game under mysterious circumstances (Lou Gehrig) and another one emerging as a star in his own right (Joe Dimaggio.) Hall of Famers Lou Boudreau and Ted Williams were rookies in 1939 and Hall of Famers Tony Lazzeri and Heinie Manush both retired after the 1939 season.

But most of all this season was about a man who only played in eight games that year and hit .143. Sick as he was, somehow Lou Gehrig still managed to knock out four hits before benching himself in Detroit on May 2nd, 1939. He would never play again. Gehrig was such a special player that in that same year he was elected to Baseball's Hall of Fame in a special election.

So with a little more history about the 1939 mod to think about it's now time to get into the mod to see what it's about. Installing these mods are exceedingly user friendly. If only all installations for every computer program would be so easy we would all be better off. For novices who are new to Total Classics, you will need a clean (unmodded) copy of Mvp 2005 on your hard drive. Unzip the mod and run the explodeme.exe file and point it in the direction of the unmodded copy of Mvp '05. Then sit back and let the installer do what it needs to do.

The familiar team of Jim and Dennis did their usual fine work on this mod but this time they were assisted by Kyleb. Kyleb's impressive resume includes the 1995 and 1997 Total Classics mods as well as being the head modder for the Mvp 2012 and 2013 season mods.

While always in the background the jukebox music always has your attention and that doesn't matter what mod you are playing. The selections here have a bluesy and big band sound which was of course indicative of the period. Four of the selections are from Artie Shaw, a popular band leader and clarinetist of the time.

Everything in this mod is above scale. The uniforms look wonderful and I have to say that the research done to acquire the correct stadium select screens have to be commended because I have looked for some of these myself on my own and they are hard to find. Nothing about this mod like the player portraits, cyberfaces, team logos, TC 39 overlay, etc are lacking in anything. It is one of the best mods around and that is saying a lot compared to the other great ones that have come before it.

This mod has been out a week but I have been so busy playing games in it that I have not done a write up until now. I chose the Philadelphia Athletics to play against the White Sox in Chicago. The combination of the wind blowing out, good hitters on both teams and two struggling pitchers (Nelson Potter for Philadelphia; 8-12 with a 6.60 ERA in '1939 and Thornton Lee, who was 15-11 with a 4.21 ERA in '39) was a recipe for a slugfest. And that is exactly what happened as Chicago came back to win the game in the bottom of the tenth.

I have a habit of saying that such-and-such a mod is one of the best around. It may seem repetitive but all of these mods have a few things going for it that you will find in every one of them and that is attention to detail. That alone makes the Total Classics series stand out above anything.

Download Total Classics 1939 today! Thank you to all of the modders who were a part of making this mod so good beginning with Jim, Dennis and Kyleb.

Video File.

Luke Appling hits a bases loaded triple in the fifth inning.



Welcome to Total Classics 1939!









Seventh inning stretch at Comiskey Park.






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