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Mvp 2010 for Mvp 2004 Continued

Adrian Gonzalez slides into third base on Chase Headley's double and would score the game's first run moments later.

Seven strong innings by John Garland kept the high scoring Cardinals off the scoreboard. He was in command all day before tiring a little in the seventh.

Adrian Gonzalez takes this play at first himself.

Matt Stairs rounds the bases after his pinch hit home run in the seventh inning.

It was close, but the umpires got this one right. The runner was out.

No, this is not Adrian Gonzalez even though it looks like him. It's Tony Gwynn, Jr.

Tony Gwynn, Jr doubles down the third base line scoring San Diego's third and final run of the game.

The Cardinals have action in their bullpen.

Coming in to pitch the 9th inning for the Padres, Heath Bell.

Game over! Padres win 3 - 1.

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Now don't get me wrong, I'm glad there's a new PC game out and people here seem to be enjoying it. I don't own 2k9 and as of right now I don't plan on it. I really was going to get it, especially sinc

Man, Y4L, you need to turn some AA on in your graphics card settings. With a brand new system, there should be no reason for that many jaggies. :)

Mvp Caribe 2011 Continued Cecilio Garibaldi warms up for the Mayos de Navajoa in the late innings. The beginning of the end for the Tomateros de Culiacan: this errant throw takes the f

Posted Images

Another total conversion mod has been released by Jim825 and this one is the 1974 Total Conversion mod which can be downloaded on this website by following this link.

It should be very obvious to everyone right now what Jim is doing here and if you still can't see it I will fill you in. Jim makes his season mods his way. He takes his time doing them and he covers everything that needs to be modded in a TC mod in his own unique way. Because he's made so many of these now I do imagine that the steps needed to complete this task is committed to his memory now and making this mod was a bit easier than working on the 1951 mod for example. Also, if you noticed, no announcement was made during the weeks and months it took him to finalize this 1974 mod. Basically there are two reasons for it. First of all, there are some of you out there that if you knew about this mod being made you would be bugging this guy for a release date and you would not let up. Dshibshm may be gone from this website but some of you still display his mannerisms. Secondly, the surprise of announcing a new mod like this is always nice for the creator of the mod because the people that really love and respect what Jim does here are always sure to let him know how much he is appreciated. And Jim, you really are. Thank you once again for giving us another huge reason to stick with Mvp baseball.

Once again to avoid any problems please read the instructions Jim provides in his mod. Please have a fresh install (clean copy) of Mvp 05 and install this mod right over that.

This mod captures the 1974 season and how baseball was in the early 1970's. The uniforms in this mod are extremely well done and getting into this game brought me back to players I have not thought of in many years, like Jim Mason for example, who was the Yankee shortstop that year. All you got to do is look at his three year stats for the Yankees from 1974 to 1976 and you will see why I haven't thought of him.

The overlay for this game complements this mod perfectly. Nothing flashy or outrageous. It just provides you what you need to know and it doesn't take up too much of your screen. The ABC Sports logo really makes this overlay stand out.

The jukebox music is taken from the CD of the greatest hits of 1974 and there is walkup music featuring the Jackson Five among other artists. The selections that Jim chose for his jukebox were very diversified and they did capture perfectly what America was listening to in 1974. Please trust me on this. Because I have a confession. While I did grow up in the 1970's I am of the firm belief that that decade produced some of the worst music I have ever heard. I believe I only bought two albums in the entire decade, Van Halen in 1978 and Van Halen II in 1979. So, when I first got into this 1974 mod and heard this music I said outloud to myself "Jim, you made the game sound exactly like 1974 was," which of course is what he had in mind all the time.

If you are looking for another fun mod to play with familiar players on each and every team, this latest history lesson released by Jim825 disguised as a classic baseball season is the way to go.

Video: Hank Aaron just misses his pitch and flies out to right field.


Welcome to Total Classics 1974!

Ralph Garr gives the Braves an early 1-0 lead via this sacrifice fly that scored Phil Niekro from third base.

The Orioles got the bottom of their order coming up.

Hank Aaron makes this spectacular running catch to rob Boog Powell that ended the fourth inning for the Orioles.

Now it is second baseman Marty Perez's turn to flash the leather. Here he stretches out as far as he can to rob Brooks Robinson of an opposite field single.

Aaron's at it again in left field. Rich Coggins has just singled and in his attempt to take the extra base is thrown out by a strong and accurate throw from Aaron in left field.

Mike Cuellar pitched very well today as he struck out five Braves including Dusty Baker right here.

Rich Coggins rounds third base in the sixth inning and scores on Bobby Grich's single that tied the game at 1 - 1.

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1974 Continued

Pinch running in late innings is reserve outfielder Rowland Office. Office did not score.

Boog Powell hits a long foul off of Phil Niekro but ended up grounding out. Niekro's knuckler kept the Orioles off stride all game as he pitched seven innings of 6 hit ball and only gave up one run. He did not get the decision.

Coming in to pitch for Baltimore, righthander Wayne Garland.

Davey Johnson of the Braves. There were four future managers playing in this game today between the Braves and Orioles. Johnson, Dusty Baker and Johnny Oates from Atlanta and Don Baylor of the Orioles.

Mark Belanger shows why he was one of the best shortstops of his era as he makes the long throw from shortstop.

Well they could not keep him down forever. Hank Aaron was 0 for 4 before he stepped up to the plate in the 11th inning and then he promptly hit a two run double as the Braves held on to win 3 - 1.

Bobby Grich grounds out second to first to end the game.

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Next in my Total Conversion Mod review thread is the latest (and last) mod for Mvp Baseball 2004 by piratesmvp04. PiratesMvp04 has made three total conversion mods for the 2004 version of Mvp Baseball and this third one here will update Mvp 2004 to the 2010 Major League Baseball season.

This mod is not hosted here on Mvpmods and is also not hosted on Mlbmods, but a link is provided over on that site for you to get it. The download link for Mvp Baseball 2010 (for Mvp 04) is right here.

What you need to do to install this mod is to first install a clean (unmodded) copy of Mvp Baseball 2004. Then, as the instructions say, install patch #4 which can be downloaded right here on Mvpmods by following this link right here. Once you are done applying the patch, install the mod. That's it.

One thing I did not like about the install process is that it did not let you know when it was completed. When you start to install this, it asks you where you want to install mod. After you specify where you want it to install, it lets you know that there is a second part to the installation that you must wait for. Finally, a status bar will come up and something is uncompressed. When it reaches 100% the status bar disappears and that is the last you see of the installation process. I just sat there for a good ten minutes waiting for some kind of confirmation that the mod was installed but nothing came. So I decided to check for myself by getting into the game. Yep, everything installed right and I now have the 2010 mod for Mvp 04, but this installer leaves much to be desired. PiratesMvp04 did provide a readme with this mod in .pdf format but no where in that readme does it cover the installation of the mod. All it really covered is what was updated in the mod, where to get support and his notification of him retiring from modding and who he thanked for helping him with this mod. All well and good, but nothing to help the user with the installation or what to expect.

The rosters are from April of this year so if anyone is looking for Stephen Strasburg here you will have to wait for an updated roster release if Pirates decides to do it. The stadiums and uniforms here in this mod look fine except for a missing texture on the first baseman's gloves which will be shown in the screenshots. The uniforms are especially impressive. The readme file said they were hi-res uniforms and that is exactly what was delivered here. They really stand out.

I was a bit put off by the player portraits. For example, CC Sabathia is still in his Brewers uniform in this mod and Mark Teixeira is portrayed in his Angels uniform. A lot of the players are displayed in their old uniforms but for some reason John Lackey, the free agent pitcher the Red Sox signed this past winter, is shown in his Red Sox uniform in this game. Which brings up the question if Lackey was updated why not these other guys?

In the game that I played to review this mod I saw a cyberface issue with the Padres. For some reason Adrian Gonzalez is being passed off as Tony Gwynn Jr. I'm sure it was an over sight but it was still something that should have been caught.

The jukebox choices for this mod were chosen very well and I got to say it's one of the best put together jukeboxes for this game yet.

Again as a reminder this mod is for Mvp baseball 2004, the game with Albert Pujols on the cover. Not Manny Ramirez.


Because this is the 2004 version the KATIE ROY trick will not work here. But don't worry, there's another code that will do the exact same thing. Create a player named NICK ROY and save it. Then you'll have all the stadiums, uniforms and players.


Welcome to Mvp 2010 for Mvp Baseball 2004


The pride of San Diego, Adrian Gonzalez.


Here's the missing texture on the first baseman's glove.


This Redbird got caught looking.


Laying down a perfect sacrifice bunt.


Albert Pujols would end up with two hits in this game.


David Eckstein is forced at second to end the fifth inning.


John Garland struck out eight in this game for the win including this one on Ryan Ludwick.


Albert Pujols gets drilled in the back by a Garland pitch.


Thanks for the review, Y4L, I didn't see it before. Yes, the installation process is complete as soon as the uncompressing dialog box disappears. I don't know how to make it final confirmation since that uncompressing happens separately from the main installer (to save space).

Just as a small correction, Stephen Strasburg is in the game. He's in the Nationals' AAA team.

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The lastest total conversion mod has been released by Jim825 a few days back and it is the 1975 Total Conversion Mod which can be downloaded on this website by following this link right here.

It is another welcome edition to the Total Classics experience that you can only have by downloading these fun packed mods here on this website. This also marks the first time in the history of Total Classics that successive years have been done. There are a lot of subtle changes on each and every team from the 1974 editions to what you see when you load up the 1975 mod for the first time. Take the Red Sox for example. Fred Lynn and Jim Rice were late season callups for the Sox in '74. Lynn played in 15 games in 1974 and Rice played in 24. They're not even on the 1974 Red Sox team. Jim "Catfish" Hunter was on Oakland in '74. You'll see him on the Yankees in the 1975 mod. Hank Aaron was a Brave in 1974. In '75 you'll see him in a Brewer uniform. Yeah, there's only a one year difference but there were so many changes. This 1975 mod is definitely worth the download!

The overlay is identical from the 1974 mod. It's the same ABC Sports logo that works so well with this time period. It's well done and professional. And the choice of music is once again classic mid-1970's top of the charts pop music. It's what everyone was listening to on their LP's and 45's at that time. Again, great job Jim.

Although no one will probably do it, I recommend that any of you who were not around during the 1975 season to have a baseball reference guide next to you when you are playing this (or any of) mod. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what you learn.

Thank you Jim for all that you have done.

Video: Jim Rice hits a sacrifice fly that drives Ken Griffey to the warning track.


Welcome to Total Classics 1975! (Now, I don't want to spoil it, but before you see this image you are going to see an image of a certain Cleveland Indians outfielder with one of the biggest Afros you will ever see in your life. It's my guess that this photo was placed there in homage of a particular stadium modder who has made updated stadiums for the 1970's mods and updated present day stadiums for everyone to download. This man's tireless work has kept MVP baseball alive and has renewed interest in this great game.)

Leading off for the Reds, their All Star thirdbaseman Pete Rose.

Give the Reds an opening and they take it. Rick Burleson overthrows first baseman Carl Yastrzemski for a two base error that allowed Cesar Geronimo to advance to third.

Geronimo scores Cincinnati's first run when pitcher Don Gullett hit a check swing grounder to first and Carl Yastrzemski threw home to try to catch the sliding Geronimo.

This angle shows how off line Yaz's throw was as Geronimo scored easily.

Joe Morgan made a fantastic diving play on this sinking line drive but at the same time he knocked himself out of the game and was replaced by utility infielder Darrell Chaney.

At the end of five innings it's a close one.

Johnny Bench can't believe he has been called out on strikes. Luis Tiant, although ending up the losing pitcher, pitched masterfully as he struck out seven Reds and was in total control the entire game.

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1975 continued

The rally that never was: Carl Yastrzemski tries to bunt Fred Lynn over to second base with no one out in the inning but ends up getting him forced out instead. Yaz was safe at first on the play but was erased on a Jim Rice double play that ended the inning.

This is what I mean about the overlay used here in this mod. Simple, precise, and not too loud. It fits right in with this mod.

How the Reds won it: Pete Rose (not pictured) lead off the top of the eighth with a single and he was replaced by pinch runner Ed Armbrister. Armbrister, of course, is well known to Red Sox fans who know the history of their team.

Ken Griffey (who singled Armbrister to third base) upends Boston second baseman Doug Griffin as he breaks up a double play and while this was going on, Armbrister was racing home from third with Cincinnati's second run of the day.

Pedro Borbon takes the toss from first baseman Tony Perez (not pictured) to force out Boston's Carl Yastrzemski in the 8th inning.

Reds manager Sparky Anderson has a quick meeting on the mound to discuss what to do with Jim Rice coming up.

Now coming into pitch for the Reds in the 9th, Rawly Eastwick. This was a good move by Sparky Anderson because Eastwick saved 22 games for the Reds in 1975, winning 5 and losing 3 with a 2.60 ERA.

It only took seven pitches and Eastwick earned another save by retiring the Sox in order in the ninth. Final score was Reds 2, Red Sox 1. Thank you Total Classics 1975!

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Hey Y4L,

As always...excellent presentation on this TC Mod review. Everytime a new one (or update) is released I look forward to reading and looking at your reviews. Great example with the 2 World Series Teams. I'm gonna definitely make some time this weekend to play a few games of this Mod. :good:


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All my screenshots from this thread have been deleted because my FTP account was cleared out when the site was supposedly going down. I don't know what I have to do now. This thread looks like *^#&.

I don't know what I am going to have to do. Maybe replay the games and put new screenshots up. Who knows? This is a bunch of mother *&()()%^*(^&() &*(^&*(. Damn. All my God damn work thrown away.

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Not too long ago the fine people running the MVP Caribe website released Mvp Caribe 2010, the latest installment of the ever-popular Latin version of Mvp baseball.

How big is this mod down there? Consider this for a moment if you will: Hector (HFLR) has been interviewed by one of the most popular newspapers down in Mexico about this mod at a press conference in the Yaquis de Obregón clubhouse with the team president and some players present. Wait, there's more. Hector was also interviewed by a reporter from TV Azteca and during the interview, two players (Adan Munoz of Navojoa and Luis Mendoza of Obregon) are shown playing Caribe 2010. Hector also got a phone call from the Yaquis de Obregón team and they asked him to throw out the first pitch in their playoff game down there against the Hermosillo ballclub. All this because this mod has taken Latin American baseball fans by storm. They can't get enough of it and it shows when the actual teams and players are stopping to take notice of it.

To download this mod you need to go to the Caribe website and download it. You can't do that without being a member there. When you download the mod you will also see something that says "MVP Caribe 2010 v1.0 FIX." Download that also because what this is is a roster fix for version 1.0. They also go on to explain in this update that this should not be considered to be version 1.1 because right now they are working on that update. This just goes to show that these guys who made this mod are on top of everything and are paying attention to every single detail contained in that mod.

I've been a big fan of the modders over on that site for a very long time and they never cease to amaze me. They are not well known around here as much as the modders are on this site and that's because of the language barrier. But try this mod out. The finished product from these guys is all you need to know.


Welcome to Mvp Caribe 2010!

Overlay of Caribe 2010. Whomever made this did an outstanding job.

Safe at second with a stolen base under a cloud of dust.

A great view of what the batter sees.

The Venados pitcher really had his breaking ball working good today.

Singling back through the box. No harm done though because no one scored that inning.

Out in front on a change. One of eight strikeouts on the day.

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Mvp Caribe 2010 Continued

In a still scoreless game, this Criollos runner breaks up a DP by this hard slide.

This error, a line drive that the Criollos first baseman could not handle, lead to a three run seventh inning for the Venados.

Alex Cora was called out on this play but as you can see it could have gone either way.

Try as he might, the Venados pitcher could not pick off this runner.

After a two run double, the 3 - 0 lead that the Venados had is cut to one.

The visitors cheer in their dugout as they push across two runs in the ninth to cut the lead to 3 - 2.

Game over. A 3 - 2 win for the Venados in front of their hometown fans!

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This is a very fun mod and colorful as well, all three of my daughters danced all night to the Latin Music that comes with teh mod, the day i tried it out. I recommend it to anyone looking for a change.

I also in an attempt to help someone install this mod, translated the install instruction to English and posted in that thread. I will see if i acn find that thread and link it to here also. (translation made by google, i just retyped it for the thread)

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Next up in this thread is Total Classics 1927 (Integrated version, Phase 1.) You can download this mod right here. Three people are responsible for the creation of this mod, four really if you count Sal, who made the first 1927 mod. Redeck and Dennis James created this mod and Jim825, who made the installer for it. If you happen to try this mod out and you enjoy it, a kind word of thanks should go out to all of these guys for their hard work on this.

Now, on to the mod itself. You may ask yourself why you should get this mod since you already have the 1927 mod which was released in December of 2009? As explained in the mod description, redeck and Dennis James picked out fifty of the best Negro League players during this time period and randomly placed them on the sixteen teams in the American and National League.

Now, I did not ask them why they put one guy on one team and a different guy on another team. That was entirely up to them. I did look at the rosters and the Negro League players are pretty well spread out. One thing I did notice is that the Negro League players did help the teams that they were on, especially the bad teams during the 1927 season. This is why I picked the '27 Red Sox to use in this game because they were dead last in the A.L that year (51-103) and the Negro League players from that era assigned to Boston made them a little better.

And that right there is what this mod is about. Giving you an example of how things could have been had baseball allowed black players in during the 1920's instead of waiting until 1947.

Another first for this mod is that it is a direct takeoff of a mod that has already been released on this website. Every time a new Total Classics season has been released, it has been a different year. Now fans of this classic series of mods have two ways to play the 1927 season. The way it really was or as Redeck and Dennis James so aptly put it: "had all things been equal."


Things look a little different already in Total Classics 1927, Integrated version.

Starting pitcher for the Browns, William Bell, Sr.

Bell showed he could cover his position well.

This play was ruled a single as the ball bounces away from the Sox thirdbaseman as William Bell, Sr scampers back to second.

This throwing error by the Red Sox second baseman lead to St. Louis' first run.

Red Sox pitcher Hal Wiltse doubles off the right field wall...

...as Alejandro Ohms bobbles it momentarily.

Browns manager Dan Howley argues in vain as Alejandro Ohms (not pictured) is called out on a close play at first base.

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Total Classics 1927, Integrated continued

Going to the bottom of the seventh, the Browns hold a slim 1 - 0 lead.

Bottom of the seventh inning now, Hal Wiltse has lost the plate. Here he walks his second person of the inning.

This was ruled not a catch and suddenly the Browns had the bases loaded and one out.

Too late, by one batter. Sox have their bullpen all warmed up but went to them a batter too late as St. Louis' Ken Williams hit a two run single to extend the Browns lead over Boston to 3 - 0.

The Sox don't quit: A blooper to right field puts men on first and second with one out in the eighth inning.

George Sisler, the greatest player in Browns history.

Bing Miller squeezes the ball for the final out as William Bell, Sr shuts out the Red Sox on six hits.

Disappointed Red Sox prepare to leave the field.

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Next up in this thread is Total Classics 1927 Phase 2 or as it is also known, Total Classics 1927 MLB/Negro Leagues. You can download this mod right here.

Now while this mod may share a similar name to the previous mod that was reviewed in this thread, this new mod by Dennis James and redeck stands alone by itself. With the addition of more Negro league players, there are now complete Negro League teams (like the famous Homestead Grays and Kansas City Monarchs) and there are also actual Negro League stadiums, a first in all of the Total Conversion mods. Many of the cyberfaces for the Negro League players were created by jogar, someone who can probably make a cyberface of the Invisible Man if he wanted to and the schedule for this mod was made by none other than Dylan. Each and every one of these guys had a huge hand in making this mod what it is.

One bit of warning if you decide to download and play this game. If you are not careful when you get into this game, you might end up learning something and God forbid that's the last thing we want to happen. You'll end up playing some games with the Negro League teams and you'll be familiar with some of the famous names there, like Satchel Paige. But there's so many more names you won't be familiar with and if you read about those guys you'd be surprised and impressed at what they accomplished. Some of the greatest players we never saw played Negro League baseball. This mod introduces you to the player and the stats behind the player. Reading about them is a whole other thing. I suggest you look at this book or this book if you want to get an idea who these guys were. There's also many more books on the Negro Leagues too.


Welcome to Total Classics 1927 MLB/Integrated

The Black Baron pitcher was on his game in the early inning as he had the Giants out in front of his offerings.

This single up the middle sent the Black Baron runner to third base which set up Birmingham's first run of the game. Their lead however, would be short lived.

A weak throw by the Birmingham third baseman was not enough to force out this New York baserunner and the Black Barons immediately paid for this when George Scales of the Lincoln Giants stepped in and blasted a three run homer to turn a 1 - 0 deficit into a 3 - 1 lead.

Where else but in this mod will you run across a player named Spoony Palm?

Believe it or not, the Giants runner was out on this play as the momentum from the throw drove the first baseman into foul territory.

"Hit em where they ain't," Willie Keeler once said. And that is exactly what happened here as this Lincoln Giants hitter places the ball down the left field line, inches away from the foul line.

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Total Classics 1927 MLB/Negro Leagues, Continued

Another few inches this Giant pitcher would have had a Giant bruise.

Here is the aforementioned George Scales, hitting star of the NY Lincoln Giants. All Scales did in this game to torment the Black Barons was go 2 for 4 with two home runs and four RBI. The Giants as a team hit four home runs as they won 7 - 3.

The Giants were warming up their pen as early as the seventh inning but they did not go to it until one out in the ninth.

Birmingham stages a mild rally in the seventh as they pushed across two runs but any further retaliation was stopped by an inning ending double play.

Another walk to the mound for the Black Barons manager, who had to change pitchers four times today.

It's almost over. This Black Baron hitter has just been called out on strikes for the second out in the bottom of the ninth inning.

And now it is. A routine grounder to second ends the game for the Black Barons and a happy group of Lincoln Giants will leave the field victorious.

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Excellent review Y4L, thank you. I hope you had a good time with this one, we had a great time making it. And to note, the Stadiums arent "new" but rather they are less used stadiums that Dennis changed around as much as he could and added new banners and such to give you a nice feel of a new park you have not actually played in. I love what he did for this.

your write up has made me want to come on back and start working on our next adventure. Maybe this weekend.

thanks Y4L

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Thank you so much for your always great reviews. I also hope you enjoy our mod and all of the subtle things that really 'pull you into' the era. I really liked one of Dave's 1st suggestions of getting rid of the logos of the modern teams...and it snowballed from there in a good way. I personally love this mod and try to play at least 4-5 times a week. Can't get enough of it. Keep having fun with it Y4L. :clapping:

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hi guys, i finally bought MVP 05 off of ebay and I was wondering what big files do u guys suggest me to download to start the ''extreme makeover'' to make my game up to date...I would really appreciate this help to get started and I could then follow the updates on this tremendous site...sincerely yours, joe!

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hi guys, i finally bought MVP 05 off of ebay and I was wondering what big files do u guys suggest me to download to start the ''extreme makeover'' to make my game up to date...I would really appreciate this help to get started and I could then follow the updates on this tremendous site...sincerely yours, joe!

You are asking this question in the wrong topic.

And I have no idea what you mean by "big files."

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Since you posted in the the total conversion mod thread, I'd assume you'd want to know which total conversion mod you "need". Head over to mlbmods.com and check out downloads for the 08 mod in the DL's section. Read up there as it will tell you everything you need. Good Luck.

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The next mod reviewed in this thread will be the Negro League Baseball mod by Dennis James. You can download this mod by following this link right here.

This mod differs from the Total Classics 1927 MLB/Negro Leagues mod and the Total Classics 1927 Integrated mod that have been released previously. This is a full Negro League mod that features eighteen teams and two All-Star teams which are named the East and West All-Stars.

Installation of this mod was a breeze. All you need is a fresh copy of Mvp 05 and the installer does the rest for you. Once you get into the mod the first thing that gets your attention (not counting the excellent start up photos that Dennis included) is the music picked especially for this mod. If you close your eyes while listening to this music you can picture the Negro League players traveling by bus on dusty roads at night in order to get to their next game. The music captures an era long past and it perfectly fits this mod.

As stated before, there's eighteen teams in this mod and some of the teams you'll know already. The Birmingham Black Barons are in this as well as the famous Homestead Greys, Kansas City Monarchs and Pittsburgh Crawfords. Ask the casual fan if they can name some teams in the Negro League and chances are they'll name a few of those teams. But look further into this mod and you'll find other teams like the Memphis Red Sox, New York Lincoln Giants, Atlantic City Bacharachs, Cleveland Buckeyes and the Hilldale Daisies. Some people may have heard of a few of these teams but probably not a lot. In the exhibition game that I played I used the Cleveland Buckeyes and the Hilldale Daisies.

Before I played this mod tonight I did not know of the existence of a baseball team named the Hilldale Daisies that played in the old Negro Leagues. But later I learned by some research that they played their home games in Darby, Pennsylvania which is west of Philadelphia. This was why I chose them. Because I never heard of them.

My game with the visiting Cleveland Buckeyes and the hometown Hilldale Daisies were packed with some famous names and some odd ones too. One thing about the Negro Leagues, they had nicknames down pat. There was a pinch hitter for the Buckeyes named Old 45 Scotland. The starting pitcher for Cleveland was a man named Crooks Allen. I had no idea why he was called that but I'm guessing it was for all the breaking balls he threw. He ran into trouble in the first inning but settled down quickly. Former American League player Harry "Suitcase" Simpson was on the Cleveland club as well as Sam Jethroe, the NL Rookie of the Year in 1950 for the Boston Braves. Judy Johnson was on the roster for Hilldale and from all I heard about this guy he was one of the best.

Each team had familiar players that caught your eye but to me the more obscure ones that I never heard of peaked my interest. I mean who the heck was Old 45 Scotland? Why was he called that and where did he come from? A trip to Amazon.com to get a book on the history and players of the Negro Leagues is not out of the question. Dennis James has given us a history lesson disguised as a total conversion mod.

Enjoy the trip back to the era of blues and jazz music and some of the best baseball around. I know I sure did.

Thank you Dennis and also to everyone who helped him with this.


Welcome to Negro League Baseball

Here is the overlay for the Negro League mod. Stylish and classy. I like the fact that pitch counts were not included in this overlay because back then no one would have known what a pitch count was and if you bothered to explain it to them I would imagine that they'd laugh in your face.

This Buckeye second baseman saved the team at least three runs today with his glove. Down 4 - 0 at the time, his diving stab forced out the Daisies runner at second to end the inning. Had he missed the errant throw from the third baseman, two more runs would have scored.

Nothing like keeping your eye on the ball as this Hilldale hitter shows here. Also, note the dirty and game used baseball that is being used in this mod. It's just another subtle addition to make this mod as era-correct as possible.

For the second time in this game Hilldale has the bases loaded against Crooks Allen. In the first inning they all came in on a grand slam home run. The game is still 4 - 0 at this point and Allen needs to get out of this with as little damage as possible.

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Negro League Mod Continued

Somehow Allen gets out of the inning with no runs scored. A pop up and two strikeouts do the trick for him. Here he records the second out with an off speed pitch. 4 - 0 Hilldale so far.

Bottom of the fifth now and Mr. Crooks Allen has just given up his second home run of the game. True to his word, Dennis has removed all the fireworks from the game and all the other nonsense that goes on after someone hits a round tripper. All you'll hear is the crack of the bat and people cheering as their hometown hero circles the bases. It's the way it should be.

And right here is where Crooks Allen of the Cleveland Buckeyes left the game and took a shower. This well placed opposite field double drove home two more runs and at the end of five innings the score stood 7 - 0 Hilldale.

Remember when I said earlier that the Buckeyes second baseman saved them at least three runs in the game? Here was where he saved run number three. With two out in the last of the sixth, Hilldale had runners on second and third and he dove and caught this line drive by Biz Mackey to end the inning. This play also jump started Cleveland offense. And if you look close in the stands you will see some famous people taking in the game today.

Hilldale pitcher Jesse Winters throws wildly to first base as he try to pick off Suitcase Simpson. Simpson made in all the way to third base and scored on a single. Cleveland also tacked on two more runs to make it 7 - 3 Hilldale.

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