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Mvp Baseball 2015 (Wip)

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Ten Year Anniversary edition

If you want to help post here saying what you can do, we need the following plus more
Frontend Art
Player audio
LOC text

We need real commitments, if you are going to have trouble finding the time to help, that's OK just do not volunteer

I can help with little of everything, I've been out of the game a bit but it should all come back

My main strengths are Portraits, Frontend Art, Packaging, & making tools to help others. I'm also very good at finding memory leaks that lead to the game crashing.


  • Preview/beta release on April 6, 2015
  • Semi-Final release after Pressbox releases headshots (need for Portraits & Faces). This release will be 99.99% complete. Pressbox did not release until July this year
  • Final release with year end tweaks on December 4th, 2015. This will be my final MVP mod. Those who have been around forever know I've always threatened a December 4th release date before. This time it becomes real

Please do not post unless you can help, it will help keep this thread cleaner and easier for us to follow

So far we have

Trues - Overlay and helping with Frontend Art

Kccitystar - Uniform work, and Frontend Art

thespungo - Uniform work, and helping with Frontend Art

daflyboys - Roster (MLB)
kyleb - Roster (MiLB)

jogar84 - every cyberface ever
Yankee4Life - LOC text work and much more
Homer - Jack of all trades, master of many

Krawhitham - Jack of all trades, master of at least one

What we need most right now is Stadiums, Faces, & Player audio, but we will take help from any and all modders that have released at least one mod

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Ten Year Anniversary edition If you want to help post here saying what you can do, we need the following plus more Roster Stadiums Uniforms Faces Portraits Frontend Art Music Player audio d

count me in..... just to wet people's appetites

Made some changes: 1 - Strange Talk - Climbing Walls 2 - St. Lucia - Elevate 3 - Chromeo - Jealous (I Ain't With It) 4 - Survivor - Eye of The Tiger 5 - Queen - Radio Ga Ga 6 - Tesla Boy - Keyboa

Posted Images

it looks like the rosters will be covered for this project, but I'm willing to handle all the contracts (length and $), to enhance the dynasty experience and the mod overall. I'm also great with the details for each player - I can make sure all the equipment is perfect and etc.

If I'm not needed, that's ok, but my specialty is making sure the little things are accurate in the rosters (just look at my MVP 13 The Show edition)

Also, I'd like a say in the soundtrack.

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Well, don't run away on the rosters. I might be able to set up the MLB initial set for 2015 since it will only require moves and setting up lines and rotations, but I seriously doubt I'm going to do the level of tweaking that I did the last few years. So if that negates me from the project and puts you in helping with rosters, GRS34, then that's perfectly fine.

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Good Luck Krawhitham and to all assisting with this 10th Anniversary Mod ! What a tribute to the greatest baseball game ever produced and heavily modified by the best baseball game modders ever to be assembled !

Truly an amazing run which actually goes back to MVP2004 ..................


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Cool, take lead on the frontend art. You will have a couple others that will want to help you.

Will you still be doing uniforms too?

Not this time around. Logos, of course, but uniforms directly, no.

I'm comfortable with Frontend stuff and I'll try to come up with some 2015 art this week

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realistically, I can handle all player equipment, stances / deliveries, contracts, potentials and other details for MLB AAA AA A. Basically everything except player ratings. I think if we split it up this way it can be more efficient. I'll be using MLB The Show as a reference

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Ten Year Anniversary edition

Yankee4Life - LOC text work and much more

Kraw, I have just finished collecting hi-res photos to be used for the loading screen images. I know the game only uses about sixty images so I grabbed 260 images to give you guys a lot of choices.

Now I see you have me for LOC text work. I've never done that before but I would be willing to give it a go. I just don't want to mess anything up for you all.

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Don't look at this post as anything else than what it is and that's just out of curiosity.

We are getting into the middle of January and the news on this mod has been quiet for awhile. I understand that people have many responsibilities and interests besides this but again, I am just curious as to what's going on.

Now let's get this damn winter over with!

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I have minor league rosters created for 23 organizations right now, so I feel like I'm cutting a good pace to have a very solid roster done by Opening Day.

My own self-imposed schedule:

Constant: free agent moves.

Mid-January: Bulk of minor league clubs finished. Update minor league affiliates in MVP 15 and MVP Edit.

February: Top 100 prospects labeled, AL and NL Futures clubs created. Check managers for accuracy. Delete retired/inactive players from Free Agents list.

Early March: Check all cyberfaces and portraits. Check photo list for errors/duplicates. Import stats from Lahman.

Late March/Early April: Roster cuts, fill up rosters with minor leaguers. Update player contracts.

First or second week of April: Finishing touches on lineups/rotations. Double-check minor league player ratings.

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