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  1. Hi Pena1, I want to know what number of portrait You put benintendi, in your roster file since I am Working on his cyberface. To put the same face number as is normally done. thanks in advance, greetings
    Thanks Kccitystar, that uniform looks spectacular It looks very real, congratulations When you can do the same with the uniform Red sox boston
    Thank you man, although the NBA tools do not allow us to work 100% cyberface. We do our best.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Here they have the Cyberface C James McCann, detroit tigers New face for the mod 2k17. Id Face: 0675 Skin tone: 1 I hope you like it, greetings to everyone.
  3. Friend thanks to you for the compliment, this mod 2k17 will be the best of all years. I'm also contributing a little to this wonderful job with some new player faces. As everyone says, I think if it's worth waiting for
  4. Spectacular, wonderful, fascinating, congratulations Raiders this is a huge step for the mod 2k17, something never seen. You are a guru or something in the mod 2k. Thanks for all your contributions
  5. Wooww, DaSteelz what a wonderful job you are doing with that stadium It looks super great, congratulations I can not wait for you to release her soon, thank you, my friend.
    Thanks man very good work
    very nice man
  6. Version 1.0.0


    New cyberface 2k17 P Brett Anderson Cubs Credits to scottybilly for the edit of the texture I just edit the 3d model of the head Skin tone: 3 change it from within the game I hope you enjoy our work
  7. Hello scottybilly, here is the cyberface of Anderson Already finished, edited 3d model and beard greetings friend
  8. excelente todo en equipo funciona mejor para hacer un trabajo de calidad, algo me preocupa no hay noticias del roster y el pack de portraits para temporada que esta muy cerca ya
  9. El logo MLB 2K17, se ve muy bien con ese color dorado es algo diferente debes pedir algunos consejos a los grandes Modders del Global.iff como a Kccitystar, con la ayuda de él te aseguro que este sera un trabajo espectacular manin Felicidades por todo el esfuerzo y la dedicacion The MLB 2K17 logo, looks great with that golden color is something different You must ask some advice to the great Modders of the Global.iff As Kccitystar, with the help of him I assure you that this It will be a spectacular job Congratulations for all the effort and dedication
  10. que se vea como esto: That looks like this:
  11. maravilloso trabajo con el overlays se ve genial, me gustaria que movieras el overlays mas arriba a la izquierda de la pantalla o talves si podes ponerlo en la esquina inferior derecha como es originalmente los overlays actuales Wonderful work with the overlays Looks great, I would like you to move The overlays to the left of The screen or maybe if you can put it In the lower right corner as Is originally the current overlays