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    Gracias amigos, @Jed@doomeater thanks you. MLBtm usted tambien es un man duro para hacer cyberface
    @scottybilly good job man! Congratulations
  1. Version 1.0.0


    New cyberface MOD 2K17 SP J.C Ramirez, LAA Id face: 2388 Skin tone: 7 I hope you enjoy Greetings to everyone in the community
    @scottybilly very good friend thanks
  2. Ok thanks amigos pronto viene esas cyberface
    @scottybilly wowww awesome man. Congrats
    @scottybilly thanks bro!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    Hello friends, here they have new cyberface SP Michael Wacha ST Louis For the MOD 2K17, I hope you enjoy it. thanks and regards
    Thanks man excellent
  4. Many congratulations friend you did a great job and of course is a good contribution to the mod 2k17
  5. @Jed Until now only with the Reditor II, can be done and I did not find the texture of the eyes, I still search. So for now we can not do anything. Another quick solution, is that you send the final file of the cyberface harper to @raidersbball20 and that he changes the color of the eyes, because he has Reditor II with his license.
  6. Friend install windows xp into a virtual machine and your problem will be solved. I so I did and now I can load the texture to the model in blender and edit at the same time is really good
  7. Hola amigo yo no tengo roster actualizado de esta temporada, las cyberface nuevas puede buscar la sección de descarga la mayoría están ahí. Yo estoy esperando el lanzamiento del mod 2k17 total y yo como parte del equipo mod 2k17 lo invito a que espere con ansias el lanzamiento de éste nuevo mod que será uno de los mejores eso se lo aseguro. Saludos bro!
  8. Thanks amigo por tus palabras
    @scottybilly Hello friend, now Longoria has a beard @Behindshadows thank you very much man