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* Bringing Back the Boston Glory Days *


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This dynasty is going to follow on the heels of the Red Sox winning the World Series in 2004 - ending the 86-year old "curse". I believe that it would be unique to have a 2005 dynasty going since most of the other dynasties on this site revolve around the 2007 season. I have had 2 other dynasties in the past, but they don't come close to what I plan on doing with this one. I had originally thought of playing this dynasty with the rosters that were present during the 2005 season, but I just felt that it would be more enjoyable and once again, unique, if I were to present a dynasty in which I try and bring back key players from that championship team. I always felt that retaining players like Cabrera, Lowe, Pedro, Roberts, would have provided the Red Sox a chance to establish a DYNASTY. I am hoping that this dynasty would be different from its real counterpart in that regard.

Another aspect that I have added to this dynasty is a progression gameplay. I have created a player called Raj Aryan and have provided him with a single-A pitcher ratings. My goal with this feature is to have a point system whereby winning games would net him certain points while points would be deducted for losing games. And at the end of each month, I provide an update on him, showcasing his stats and the points that he has earned. I would then use these points to add a pitch type, increase his current pitching ratings, and if he has enough points a possible call up to the next level. This is still a work in progress and I will be updating on this as I go. I am planning on presenting more frequently after the trade deadline - just to keep things fresh.

Also, I understand that playing 162 games (and hopefully some playoff games) can be quite tiresome on my part and can be quite tiresome (boring) on your part as well. I am sure none of you would want to see the same format being presented for every game. I will try my very best to keep all of you interested by utilizing some Photoshop skills that I have learned and some unique topics that I plan on discussing. Hoping that everyone would stick around and see if the ultimate goal can be achieved - winning back-to-back championships and really establishing a true DYNASTY with your Boston Red Sox!

Special thanks must be given to TyWiggins and RichK for their awesome utilities - Box Score Extractor and MVP SavReader respectively. I would also like to thank Trues for setting up this wonderful website, all the modders and members who have helped me or lended a hand in the 06 MOD, and JoeRudi26 for his invaluable tips on Photoshop and being a good friend. Anyway, all I would like to say is that just sit back and enjoy the presentations. Take care.

Basic Information:


ROSTER SET - Ultimate Roster 2.3

MODELS.big - completely redone to fit UR 2.3 by starting with the models.big that came with the game

DATAFILE - custom datafile; modified extensively and I am still tweaking here and there

SLIDERS - custom sliders; just like the datafile, I am tweaking the settings on this as well, more so on this than on the datafile

GRASS MOD - raindelay7's Universal Grass Changer/Big-O and Trues' Field and Grass Changer - I tend to switch back and forth between them

CAMERA ANGLES - custom pitching/fielding camera angles

GAMES - I will be playing every single game. I will not be simming/managing and nor will I be restarting after I have started playing

Game Setup:

Difficulty - All-Star

Fielding - MVP

Strikezone - Off

Hot and cold zones - Off

Pitch cursor - Fade

Hitter's eye - On

Raj Aryan Updates

Raj Aryan Introduction - Page 3

Raj Aryan 1st update - Page 11

Raj Aryan 2nd update - Page 30

Raj Aryan 3rd update - Page 40


05-15-2005 - Traded Wade Miller & John Halama to ATL for Marcus Giles, Kyle Davies, & Luis Hernandez

05-31-2005 - Traded Ramon Vasquez & Shawn Wooten to SD for Dave Roberts & Luis Cruz

05-31-2005 - Traded Mark Belhorn to NYM for Doug Mientkiewicz

06-15-2005 - Traded Matt Mantei & Jeremi Gonzalez to NYM for Mark Belhorn & Duaner Sanchez

06-20-2005 - Traded Matt Clement, Abe Alvarez, & Charlie Zink to NYM for Pedro Martinez

07-07-2005 - Traded David Wells to LAD for Derek Lowe

07-28-2005 - Traded Edgar Rentaria, Kyle Davies, and Marc Deschenes to CHC for Nomar Garciaparra and Matt Murton

[align=center]Boston Red Sox - Starting Rotation Analysis (2005 season)[/align]







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Game 1 of 162 : Boston Red Sox (0-0) @ New York Yankees (0-0)

[align=center]Red Sox spoil Yankees season opener with costly win[/align]


Strong pitching performance and timely hitting helped Red Sox win their first game of the season against their arch-rivals. The win though came at a big cost as David Wells separated his left shoulder and has been placed on the 60-day DL. The Yankees were also not able to escape the injury bug as their new ace, Randy Johnson, twisted his leg during the 6th inning and is lost for the next 10 days.

A big 3-run homerun by captain Jason Varitek put the Red Sox up 3-0 and handed the season's first win for Boomer. The game was filled with entertainment as the Yankees had chances of getting back into the game but only to hit into two crucial double-plays. The Red Sox pitching staff did an exceptional job and Boomer, though will be missed for 2 months, showcased his un-hittable curveball. Boomer's line read - 6 In. 3 hits, no earned runs and 3 strikeouts.

The Yankees southpaw pitched exceptionally as well, apart from that one error he made to Jason Varitek. Randy Johnson went 5 In. and gave up 3 hits and 3 earned runs with 6 strikeouts before twisting his angle.

After the game, our reporter caught up with Jason Varitek and Joe Torre who had these to say:

Varitek - "This is just the first game of the season and once again these fans have made it feel like game 7 of a championship series. In regards to that homerun, I was just looking for something to drive to the outfield and bring home that runner at second, but fortunately for me, I was able to get something up in the zone and just drove it for a 3-run homerun."

Torre - "Johnson pitched really well. He kept us in the game and that is all we can ask off of him. It is upto the offense to get it going and we just weren't able to deliver today. But credit must be given where its due and Boomer was just pheonomial. He pitched a gem of a game. Johnson had twisted his ankle out there on the mound and may miss his next couple of starts. We will know more once we get the results back."




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Thank you very much for the compliments. I plan on finishing at least 1 season.

Any ideas and/or suggestions to improve would be much appreciated. Thank you.

I should give a special thanks to JoeRudi26. He helped me with some key tips for using Photoshop.

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Game 2 of 162 : Boston Red Sox (1-0) @ New York Yankees (0-1)

[align=center]Rivera - A welcome sight for sore eyes[/align]


No one knows what it is with Mariano Rivera that riles up the Boston Red Sox, but they just keep on handing him defeats. With the score tied at 3 a piece in the top of the ninth with 2 outs, Manny Ramirez blasted a 3-run HR over the left field wall to give the Red Sox their second victory in as many days. The fans witnessed two key things out on the field today - a great pitching matchp and an unexpected walk-a-ton. Tim Wakefield and Carl Pavano were locked in as they displayed great pitching performances. Wakefield lasted 7 innings (120 pitches) over which he struckout 10 Yankee batters. Pavano was pitching great until an inflammed right elbow took him out after 5 innings. One of the most unusual things was the fact that Pavano walked 8 Red Sox batters over the course of his stay on the mound. He had allowed only 2 hits and struckout 6. For the second straight day, the Yankees have had their starter been taken out of the game due to injury.

Team's medical doctor has informed that Pavano has an inflamed right elbow and will be placed on the 15-day DL. With Johnson and Pavano both on the DL, the Yankees are hoping that game 3 starter, Mike Mussina can avoid the unfortunate curse that has attached itself to the team.

As for the game, the Red Sox got it going in the third when the pitcher started walking batters. The Red Sox scored 2 runs on bases-loaded walks issued by Pavano. The Yankees however answered back by scoring 3 runs in the bottom-half of the inning with Derek Jeter coming through in the clutch with a 2-run single up the middle. The Red Sox were able to tie the game up at 3 thanks to an RBI single from Mark Belhorn. The score would remain 3-3 until the top of the ninth when Manny Ramirez blasted his monsterous 3-run shot.


David Ortiz - "Wake was great and showed everyone why he is so well respected in the club-house. This guy is a fighter man. He came out there and pitched a great game to keep us in it. And thanks to Manny, we are up by 2 games."

Derek Jeter - "The Red Sox are playing such solid baseball that it is getting really hard to beat them. They have showcased great pitching, fielding and timely hitting. But it is only the second game of the season, and by the end of September we will once again be competing for a playoff spot."




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Game 3 of 162 : Boston Red Sox (2-0) @ New York Yankees (0-2)

[align=center]Moose on the loose but Yankees can't escape injury bug[/align]


The Yankees were able to stop their 6 game losing streak to the Boston Red Sox dating back to last year, but can't seem to find a way to keep their players healthy. The 3-1 win over the Red Sox came at a costly price as for the third straight game one of their key players was injured. With runners at 1st and 2nd, Alex Rodriguez smacked a base hit that he tried to stretch into a double. With an ackward slide into second base, A-Rod seemed to have injured his shoulder and will likely be placed on the DL. The extent of the injury is not yet known at this time.

Mike Mussina pitched a gem of game as he went 7 strong innings and gave just an earned run while striking out 5. He did get into trouble once but was able to get out of it without giving up any runs. Back to back singles from Trot Nixon and Manny Ramirez and a walk to David Ortiz had loaded the bases with no body out. With strong determination, Mussina was able to get Millar for an infield fly, struckout Varitek with a beautiful pitch and got Rentaria to fly out to left field. That was the only chance the Red Sox would have to get back at Mussina.

Kevin Millar's solo shot in the 7th was the only run of the game for the Red Sox but they did get a strong pitching performance from Clement. Making his debut in a Red Sox uniform, Clement made a huge statement by striking out the first 6 batters he faced but wasn't able to control some of his pitches as he walked 5 batters over 5.1 innings.

The Red Sox will head for Canada for a three game series with Toronto while the Yankees face of against the Orioles.


Joe Torre - "I am happy that we got our first win of the season. Sometimes it always seems to be the hardest one to win. But it is definitely overshadowed by the loss of A-Rod. We are going to take a look and see how he is going to be tomorrow and we will go from there. But it is very likely that he will have to placed on the DL."




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man you are using a early **** verison of MVP 06 mod.

I know. I had been playing with the 06 final with all the up to date rosters and was kind of tired of that. So I just went back to the beta version of the 06 mod (ILF) and want to play through the 2005 season.

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Game 4 of 162 : Boston Red Sox (2-1) @ Toronto Blue Jays (2-1)

[align=center]Offense leads Red Sox to victory[/align]


Manny Ramirez and Jason Varitek led the Red Sox to their third win of the season on a day where offense was abound. Varitek got it going in the first with a 2-run RBI double to put the Red Sox up by 2. Ramirez would later cap off the fourth inning with a grand slam off of David Bush. That gave the Red Sox a 6-0 lead and a win was all but certain. But the decision by Terry Francona to let Wade Miller finish off the 7th inning after throwing well over 100 pitches backfired, and the Blue Jays tied the game up at 6 thanks to a three-run homerun by Erick Hinske. But the Red Sox would capitalize on a costly error committed in the top of the 8th inning to give them a 8-6 lead and eventually the game.

Justin Miller kept the Blue Jays in the game by showcasing a strong pitching performance as he pitched 4 innings and gave up 1ER and struckout 6 with no walks. Wade Miller was a throwing a great game until that fatal 7th inning when he gave up 4 earned runs. He made hitters swing at some of the nastiest of pitches that anyone had ever seen. Timlin earned the win as he pitched 1.2 innings and Keith Foulke came in the ninth for the 3rd save of the season.


Terry Francona - "Everyone did their job and we ended up winning a tough battle which didn't have to be. I should not have forced Miller to go back out there for another inning when he had already reached 100 pitches. But he definitely kept us in the game for our offense to take charge."

Eric Hinske - "It definitely hurts when you come this close and then end up losing the game. This Boston team is surely a special team and we as a team like the challenge of winning the division by getting past this Red Sox and the Yankees."




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Game 5 of 162 : Boston Red Sox (3-1) @ Toronto Blue Jays (2-2)

[align=center]Extra-inning thriller ends with a Blue Jays win[/align]


Frank Menechino delivered a clutch RBI single to LF to give the Blue Jays their first extra-inning victory of the season. A strong pitching performance by Gustavo Chacin and timely hitting by Koskie and Menechino tied the 3-game series at 1 a piece. The Blue Jays got the offense going when Koskie delivered a two run double off of Red Sox starter Bronson Arroyo to make the score 2-0 in favor of the Jays. The game would stay that way until the bottom of the 7th when Vernon Wells hit his second triple of the night to score Shea Hillenbrand.

The relentless Sox tied the game up at 3 in the top of the 8th which was capped off by Manny Ramirez's 3rd HR of the season. Johnny Damon doubled to start of the inning and after an Edgar Rentaria sac fly to move Damon to 3rd, Ramirez belted a monster HR to cut the lead down to 1. Jason Varitek later tied the game up with an RBI double to bring home Big Papi Ortiz. The Blue Jays would later win the game in the bottom of the tenth inning when Frank Menechino delivered an RBI single after Hinske had trippled in his fifth at-bat of the day.

Though a total of only 7 runs were scored, the fans witnessed a lot of hits (27 hits) and exceptional defense to stop the runners on base from scoring. Jeremi Gonzalez turned to be a very valuable addition to Boston bullpen as he threw for 4 strong innings and gave up only 1ER. The Blue Jays starter, Gustavo Chacin was remarkable as well as he went 6 innings and gave up 5 hits and had 4 strikeouts.


Terry Francona - "This is definitely a tough loss to follow, but one should not constrain himself to a single loss. No team is going to win all 162 games in a season. We need to start concentrating on the games that are ahead and enjoy the fact that we will be home soon."

The rubber game of this 3 game set will be played tomorrow night as John Halama (0-0) faces of against Roy Halliday (0-1).




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