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Nice review and much appreciated.

You guys (and this game) deserve it.

There are enhancements in the works for TC61*, TC67, TC64 as well as TC69 at which time the TC61* & TC67 seasons will have properly aligned Stadiums for individual teams --- of course along with many other enhancements included to bring them more in line with the later Total Classics Full Season Mods.

If these are in any way as good as the updates that were just recently released for 1951, 1956 and 1978 then this will be something to look forward to.

And Yes, your memory serves you very well with why we intentionally decided to place player names on the back of those jerseys in those initial mods. However, they will likely be removed in the upgraded versions now that we have vastly improved overlays with information bars at the bottom of the screen that constantly shows players names.

Thanks Again for your review of these Classic Mods !

And that makes sense. Now with the option to install this Classic Overlay installer and with the option in that mod to have an info bar on the bottom of the screen, there is no need to have the players names on the back of the uniforms where they shouldn't have been in the first place. For someone like myself who has paid close attention to the progress of these total classics mods, I have observed the subtle changes you all have put in the newer mods (like this overlay option) that makes you want to go back and put this in the previous ones.

Great thread, I haven't bought 2k9 and reading those reviews I'm not going to. Furthermore, there's a reason why this site is called MVPmods...MVP2005 stands out as the most durable sports game I've ever played. It's always amazing the fun you can get from playing this "dated" game,and alot of the credit goes to these incredible modders.

Thank you. That's why I made this thread because it just seemed to me that Mvp was being cast aside even though this new game seems to conjure up a new "bug of the day" that someone stumbles upon. Hey, I want 2k9 to do well because maybe the mistakes in this game will not be in the 2k10 version.

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Not that I wish to do anything to sully paulw's wonderful work on these classic parks, as he's done more for classics than virtually anybody, but you may also want to check out the new versions of Yankee Stadium and Shibe (though, admittedly, the shibe download is currently down, I need to re-upload the corrected file). Anytime someone downloads a total classics TC, it'd be smart to check for updates in the download section to make sure you're working with the latest version.

I think I got it all for the 1956 season Sean because I have the updated version. Did I miss something in the download section?

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I think I got it all for the 1956 season Sean because I have the updated version. Did I miss something in the download section?

I think so Y4L, because at least in the screenshots here it's the old version of Yankee (day only) that paul and I worked on, and the old MVP version of Shibe. The newer Classic Yankee is available in 1951, '56, '61 and '67 versions (I believe), and once Shibe is uploaded properly that's scratch built as well.

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Sean - Your latest Yankee Stadium (Dec. 2008) is included in the TC1956 update. TC1951 actually includes a version from January 2009, since Paul sent me a newer version with a few slight tweaks for 1951. I didn't include your newer Shibe Park, because you listed it as "1970 Shibe Park" and I did see some ads (e.g. Datsun) that would not have appeared in the 1950's.

The newer Yankee Stadium is only available in TC1951 and TC1956 because Don never released updated versions of TC1961 and TC1967. That's why the older Yankee Stadium shows up in the screenshots for TC1961.

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Next up, the 1964 Season which can be downloaded right here.

Colt 45 stadium. Can you imagine how hot it was to watch a game here in the summer in Houston?

The Angel shortstop makes an error.

On target today. Called strike three!

Bob Aspromonte stretches a single into a double...barely.

Double past the third baseman.

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umm...when I click download file...it say file not found. Is the 61' mod no longer available?

There have been some issues with some of the Classics downloads lately. The file is definitely there. It's probably just an issue with the link.

I'll let Trues know about this.

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Next, the 1978 Season will be featured and that can be downloaded right here. This is another mod that had a recent tweaking and the newest version was uploaded on March 20th.

Seattle's Kingdome. The good thing about these mods is that if you really enjoy playing in the Kingdome, you can easily copy the Kingdome in your Mvp 2008 mod for example and use it there. Of course, backing up your original stadium that's there is recommended.

Getting out of the box fast.

A diving play by John Mayberry at first base to prevent an extra base hit.

Paul Mitchell of Seattle covers the bag on a ground ball to first.

A good bunt.

Between innings in Seattle.

Rick Cerone. In two years he would be traded to the Yankees to replace #15.

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1978 continued

Cutting off a hit that could have gone for extra bases.

Adding to the Mariner lead.

Sliding in safely to score.

Rick Bosetti makes a nice running catch. He was one of the few bright spots in the early days of the Blue Jay franchise.

The ball has just hit the third base bag and bounces up on third baseman Bill Stein.

Rick Cerone drops a third strike but is still able to throw out the Mariner batter.

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since when did the Yankees have Names on the back of there jerseys?

eh im confused :]

Go back and read the earlier posts on this thread carefully. Stecropper, one of the creators of the *61 mod, stated that they put the names on the backs of the Yankee jerseys as a way to identify the players for those on this site who are too young to remember any of them. He then says that the names will be removed in a future update of the *61 mod.

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This is absolutely amazing what you guys are doing! I have no idea how you can do this stuff. Thanks for all of your hard work. I now know why I bought this game 6 months ago.

BTW the 1988 one is awesome. I get to play with Puckett, Herbeck, Viola, Blylevyn and the rest of the boys. I'm now downloading the 1967 so I can play with Olivia and Killebrew. This is just flat out amazing.

Once again thanks for all of your hard work!

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Next up the 1969 Season which can be downloaded right here. This is another one of the mods that were talked about in this thread that is going to have a little tweaking done to it. But don't think for a second that this in an incomplete mod because it isn't. You'll be going against some good pitching in this mod. For a challenge, try your luck against knuckleballer Phil Niekro of the Braves.

Tom Seaver was another dominant pitcher in this season. Here he is facing the Padres.

Tommy Agee slides into third with a triple as the throw is wide.

Bud Harrelson throws the ball into right field as he attempts to force out the Padre baserunner.

Nate Colbert of the Padres. He was the first star of the San Diego franchise.

Colbert was a tall first baseman (6'2") but even with his height he could not keep his foot on the bag on this high throw.

This ball is just off the glove of first baseman Ed Kranepool.

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1969 continued

Seaver is dejected after giving up a homerun.

Tommy Agee steals second base.

Nate Colbert has to jump off the bag to catch this errant pickoff throw.

Ollie Brown homers, San Diego begins to celebrate.

Ron Swoboda of the '69 Miracle Mets. He was one of many heroes for the Mets in the World Series against Baltimore that year.

More games tomorrow.

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Hey Y4L, my the Tigers stadium(comeday) and (comenite) in 1988 won't work for me. I keep getting the mvp.exe error code. The ones in 1967 however worked and I tried to just copy those into the stadium folder of the TC 1988. I then went into the game to see if I could play a game at Tiger Stadium(the one you had under (comeday and comenite) and it still gave me the mvp.exe error message. Do you have any idea why this isn't working for me?

Edited by bwiggy33
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if you're replacing the stadium files and it's still crashing, then it's probably not the stadium. if memory serves me correct, you might be having a problem with the mike heath cyberface.


Thank you very much! That just totally saved me cuz since I'm playing with the Twins I'm gonna have quite a few games to play against the Tigers. It's also the stadium I was most looking forward to playing in.

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Next up is the 1951 Season which can be downloaded right here. This is a very unique mod as compared to the rest of the season mods out there in that this is the only mod that we have at this time that features the original sixteen teams in major league baseball. I was very surprised when this mod came out because I made a thread over two years ago suggesting this season for Total Classics. After I heard nothing else about it, I quietly dropped it and went on my way. I thought to myself that creating a mod with only the 16 teams would not have been possible. I don't think anyone was as surprised and happy as I was when this was released.

The Boston Braves turn a double play against the St. Louis Browns.

Down on strikes. Warren Sphan was very effective against the Browns today.

Braves Field in Boston.

Boston's Bob Elliot singles to right field.

Warren Sphan makes the play at first on this groundout.

The Browns pitch out just to check if the Braves have a play on.

Strong arm here on the Braves shortstop as he bobbled the ball briefly, but recovered to make the play.

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1951 continued

Sphan picks off a Browns baserunner.

Sherm Lollar of St. Louis got a hold of this one and hit it over the scoreboard.

Throwing the ball back in to hold this Browns to a double.

This was a perfect bunt that went right down the line.

Star outfielder for the Braves, Sam Jethroe. He won the Rookie of the Year in 1950 for Boston.

The Browns second baseman was in the middle of three double plays today and also played an errorless game. Here he goes far to his right to field a grounder and was able to throw out the runner by two steps.

St. Louis wins. They only did that 52 times in the 1951 season.

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Next up, the 1994 season which can be downloaded right here. The 1994 season was a huge disappointment for all of us who lived through that season but this mod created by Hory is the exact opposite. It shines in every aspect of the game. I believe that Hory said it took him about eighteen months to complete the mod and be satisfied to release it for download. All I can say is that it was worth the wait.

In case this is not included in the 1994 season version 2.01 release, I'll provide links for additional files for this mod. I am only giving these links just in case any of you do not have the latest update for this mod. (Hory released this mod and soon after that released an update.) Here is the link for the 1994 version of Yankee Stadium and here is the link for the 1994 version of Comiskey Park. Lastly, here is a link for the batter walk up music, 1994 style.

Ken Hill of Montreal covers first on this grounder and almost misses touching first base. He ended up recording the out.

Craig Biggio hits a gapper that the Expos outfielders have to run down.

The Astros barely get the force out at second base.

Expo pitcher Ken Hill bunts and is safe at first because of a wide throw.

Houston gets on the board as Steve Finley drives home a run as the throw to the plate is late to get the runner.

Olympic Stadium in Montreal. Also notice the different font style that Hory decided to use here. I personally think it looks great.

There goes Craig Biggio again with another extra base hit.

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