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New gear for 2k20

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Hey guys. It's time to update the gear and accessories for the new 2k20 mod. Debsterfan is nowhere to be found so I am going to try to figure this out myself. Problem is, there are only limited choices for each piece of gear so I am trying to get a poll of which brand and style most players wear for cleats, batting gloves, bats, mitts and catchers equipment. So far Huruache, UA Yard, Adidas Afterburner and New Balance are what I'm thinking but I want to hear your voice on this. Thanks guys for your help.

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Just now, picklebrad said:

New WIPs for the Global. Just started back to work so very minimal time to mod. It's coming along though. What do you guys think?

Friend, impressive as always the details are very noticeable, congratulations and thank you for your work that will make the game much more realistic

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11 hours ago, picklebrad said:

Nuevos WIP para el mundo. Acabo de volver a trabajar, por lo que el tiempo mínimo para modificar. Sin embargo, está llegando. ¿Qué piensan ustedes?

mlb2k12 2020-05-27 21-48-58-60.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-05-27 21-50-21-51.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-05-27 21-51-14-69.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-05-27 21-53-14-53.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-05-27 22-04-36-44.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-05-27 22-16-08-37.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-05-27 22-16-11-43.jpg

mlb2k12 2020-05-27 22-22-58-13.jpg

excelente bro algo que llevamos años esperandolo


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37 minutes ago, FreddyMarquez said:

Para cuando lo terminas??? eso es algo esperado y los batting gloves o guantines

English only in here please. Thank you.


And these shoes make me want to play the game just to look at them. They look wonderful.

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