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The Madcap's Cyberface Previews Thread


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yeah, he looks a bit goofy but there isn't really much to work with when it comes to him. I think it DOES look like him, goofy or not, I like it better than last year's offering. I'm gonna try to tweak him a bit.

While I don't have shiny new pressbox photos of all the Phils prospects to work with I am still planning on releasing a face for the following: Happ, Bisenius, Carrasco, Cardenas, Harman, Drabek & Outman. I'd also like to do D'Arby Myers if a photo of him would present itself.

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I don't think the headshape is quite right for Haeger. Rauch looks pretty good, though.

Damn you are critical KG! Thanks though, I like the constructive crit. I whipped Haegar up quickly, it's an 04 style so I can't do nothing about it.

You want Rauch with short or long hair?

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