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  1. Classic 2K Rosters

    No problem, I can wait a few weeks because I will be busy until after the new year anyway
  2. Classic 2K Rosters

    Great. I am obviously planning on working on the rosters for the 1999 mod, but I was just wondering whether or not I should start now on that roster, or let you 'refine' it as you said ,and then get started. The best way to test the accuracy of the ratings is through simming seasons in season mode, and comparing the results. Either way this helps a ton
  3. Classic 2K Rosters

    Thank you! What we are working on right now is 1999. What in your view needs refining most?
  4. Dirt Infield

    RedMC supports MLB 2k12? I didnt think that was true
  5. Classic 2K Rosters

    Thanks so much for this. Can you PLEASE post MLB 1999, and 2000? The cyberfaces and uniforms are being created, but we need a roster to plug them into!
  6. Whats New In The Minor Leagues This Year That Needs Updated?

    Is there an unspoken agreement about mlb minor league teams having to have goofy names?
  7. 1993 Postseason Roster

    Can u post ingame screenshots please
  8. Reditor Ii [Mlb 2K12]

    cant get ahold of vlad, its been a few months
  9. Hey Hanny, you did a great job with the Yankees. I see they are complete. Will you try another team now?

    1. Hanny


      yes i try cubs now

  10. Triple Play Baseball Series!

    You just wait and see mister. You just wait and see.

    Brilliant Hanny, please continue!
  12. Compatibility

  13. Want a cyberface? Request here!

    Can someone try a Pete Rose Coach Cyberface?
  14. Triple Play Baseball Series!

    Looking forward to what?