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  1. Well aren't you a busy boy good work!!
  2. Isssooreeeaaaal
  3. What do you need these for? Just curiois
  4. Doesn't The Show already have OSFM?
  5. Amazing. Amazing.
  6. Yes, and I meant to say I have Reditor II, in addition to RedMC. Everything Ive done so far has been on Reditor II
  7. As some of you know I have been starting to work on a fictional roster for MLB 2K. An alternative league to MLB. That means a roster with no real players, teams, etc. Because I like the era best, I also decided to set the mod in the 1970's. It is still in the early stages. i have RedMC and have worked on making every fictional player from scratch, and coming up with all fictional teams. I am of course looking for help wherever I can get it. I know most of the best 2k Modders are busy working on the the mlb 2k17 mod. But if anyone is interested in helping with logos, jerseys, graphics, or anything at all, even just general modding knowledge, please let me know. UMachines has started on logos with me, but additional help would get this done even faster. Thanks!
  8. I have full reditor and redmc license also and can help with anything needed
  9. Thank you Jack. 2k Modding is really exploding right now in terms of graphics!
  10. That is lovely. Are you able to completely change wall colorings? Like, make it completely white, or black, for example?
  11. I'm going to say it: Thats better than MLB The Show 17
  12. Hey I am working on a fictional mod for MLB 2k

    1. Karelaf


      Regards, men you can pass the face of Jonathan schoop that I have is very old and looks very bad

  13. This is amazing I don't speak the language but i love seeing new mods being vested for MLB 2k